Brian Dianis Appointed Village Trustee in Algonquin

Brian Dianis and Algonquin Village Attorney Kelly Cahill from Village of Algonquin social media

Apart from starting late, special meeting Tuesday night went as planned with no one objecting to Dianis’ appointment due to his “partisan” and “divisive” record from 2018 through 2020

Cal Skinner and “Correcting” were right

Friends of McHenry County Blog reported last night’s special meeting at the Ganek Municipal Center in Algonquin went as planned, and no speaker during public comment raised questions/concerns about Village Trustee designate Brian Dianis’ Twitter and FEC activity.

Apart from 1 speaker on an unrelated topic, Village President Debby Sosine formally placed Dianis’ appointment in nomination through Village Trustee Jerry Glowgowski, and the 5 trustees approved it with advice and consent unanimously.

Dianis was immediately sworn-in by Village Attorney Kelly Cahill of Zukowski, Rogers, Flood and McArdle:

Algonquin Village Attorney Kelly Cahill administering oath to Brian Dianis from Village of Algonquin social media

From the desk of John Lopez: Both McHenry County Blog Owner/Editor Cal Skinner and commenter “Correcting” predicted accurately there would be no objection to Trustee Dianis’ appointment last night at the Algonquin Village Board meeting, and they were right.

I predicted similar multiple times, including pointing out while I do not agree with Dianis’ pro Democratic Party tweets and financially backing over a dozen Democrats going back to 2018, he has 1st Amendment protections to say and do as he did just like anyone else.

But as the seasoned poker player would say when a round of betting has “checked around” (everybody “checks”, no one bets additional money/matchsticks in an entire round of betting), someone missed a bet by not showing up last night to exercise their own 1st Amendment rights concerning Dianis’ stance on national issues.

According to a Friend of the Blog, only one Republican precinct committeeperson was in the audience watching the Village Board meeting, and he is a regular at Village Board meetings.

As for Dianis’ tweets themselves, there is more to write about, not so much what Dianis himself has said and done, but compared with recent news about other Americans exercising their 1st Amendment rights in social media or online fundraising contributions (and Dianis has done both) coming back to haunt them.

For now, I genuinely wish Trustee Brian Dianis well as he begins serving the unexpired term of Debby Sosine as a trustee, after his 4-year absence from the Village Board.


Brian Dianis Appointed Village Trustee in Algonquin — 22 Comments

  1. I guess the people on this blog didn’t want to have to change their underwear to attend.

    You can all shut up now.

  2. No Because, I’ll shut you up tho.

    How’s your PFLAG chapter going?

  3. John, I don’t deserve credit for predicting nobody would show up, but I did say Dianis would be appointed.

    Cal was definitely right though.

    He was right on both counts.

    Cal predicted nobody would show up.

    I was a little doubtful towards Cal that NOBODY would show up but did expect it to be a very lousy turnout.

    Put another way, I saw it going one of two ways: either nobody shows up or a very lousy turnout but truth be told I kind of leaned towards the latter (really, not even ONE person?).

    I said the *board* did not expect people to show up and that’s why they only scheduled the meeting to be 5 minutes.

    It was a foregone conclusion.

    I know how government meetings work lol

    bred winner, who is consistently wrong, was the one who expected 20-30 people to show up and speak and was utterly perplexed why the meeting was only scheduled to be five minutes long…

    I recently started using my contempt of bred winner as motivation while working out.

    When lifting, I think of how wrong he is to do more reps.

    When sprinting, I imagine myself chasing after him screaming “YOU’RE WRONG YOUR’E WRONG YOU’RE WRONG GET BACK HERE AND ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG!” and when I do vertical jumps I visualize myself dunking a basketball on him.

    I know you like to exercise.

  4. **bred winner, who is consistently wrong**

    LOL – its always fun when correcting and I agree.

  5. Also, for all the loud brash talking on this here blog, it sure is amusing that not one person spoke against Dianis during public comment.

  6. The Bred Winner is usually right, correct, a winner.

    Unknown is what amount or what percent of registered voters in Algonquin even knew about the 7:25 PM agenda item yesterday. It was not covered in the June 8 nor June 9 editions of the Northwest Herald. But, BUT, even if they knew they likely would have been OK with approving the guy at the 7:25 meeting.

    Why? Voters in Algonquin Precincts overwhelmingly supported the doofus, senile, plagiarist, alleged rapist, grossly incompetent Democrat Joe Biden and his mope VP candidate Kamala in the 2020 election. Biden/Harris won 57 precincts and Trump won only 11.

    Apparently, Algonquin has been shifting toward supporting Democrat presidential candidates. In 2016, the grand liar, thug, email scandal ridden Hillary Clinton won 37 precincts and Trump won 31.

    The big shift in Algonquin voting started sometime after the November 2000 election. In that one, Bush won 64 precincts and the dope Al Gore only won 2. Algonquin had voted solid Republican in 2000 and rejected the former Vice President of the Clinton/Gore 1993-2000 Administration.

    Something’s going on in Algonquin. It is being Chicagoized.

  7. Disagree, bred winner.

    This blog wrote like 8 articles over the course of 4-5 days.

    People who read this blog knew about it.

    People who follow the Dundee Township GOP knew about it because they posted about it.

    I directly challenged the Dundee Township GOP to do something about it after they made the Facebook post. Nobody did anything.

    Anybody who would have visited the village’s website to check the meeting agendas would have known about it.

    It’s time to admit that the Republican Party is a political party that has no will to organize or take action.

    I do not live in Algonquin and generally don’t travel to other municipalities to tell them how to manage their government.

    If anybody actually does live in Algonquin and had a problem with Dianis, what was their excuse??

    Algonquin is a village of about 30,000 people.

    You can’t seriously believe nobody who lives in Algonquin knew about this.

    People in Algonquin read this blog and follow the Dundee Township GOP on Facebook.

    People knew.

    They either did not care, they were lazy, or they were scared.

    Probably most people do not care, but the people who do care (who obviously exist because look at Dundee Township GOP’s post) were lazy or scared.

    Your analysis about Algonquin Township is in no way unique to Algonquin Township.

    Similar things could be said about all of the collar counties, about Illinois as a whole, and about the nation as a whole. (And Ronald Reagan, one of the worst presidents, is a big reason why.)

    People in Algonquin Township voted for Biden so therefore it makes sense that NOBODY spoke up?

    There are pro-cop and pro-Columbus demonstrations in CHICAGO where the people are outnumbered.

    You’re coping because the GOP is a GOOFY IMPOTENT PARTY.

    They larp about being the heirs to Revolutionary War heroes but they are wussies.

    They refuse to go to meetings.

    They can’t recruit people to run for school board while complaining about government brainwashing kids.

    They stand outside of locked doors in underground tunnels going, “Can you believe the Democrats lied and are being hypocrites?”

    If one of them gets accused of racism, even if it is baseless, they’ll throw that person under the bus and scatter like roaches

    They don’t say a word about their supporters being in solitary confinement for trespassing but can raise tens of thousands of dollars for AOC’s abuela.

    The GOP is a pathetic and weak party.

  8. Correcting commenter said:

    “And Ronald Reagan, one of the worst presidents, is a big reason why.”

    This ridiculous statement from the commenter should relegate his comments to the ash heap. Reagan should be the fifth president on Mt Rushmore.

  9. Reagan began the amnesty fad for illegals.

    Reagan never did cut the Dept. of Education, as he promised.

    Reagan was a fake. Just like ALL of his successors.

  10. But Reagan invaded Grenada!

    Bush I invaded Panama

    Clinton bombed Belgrade and the Christian Serbs in Kosovo.

    Bush II invades Afghanistan, Iraq

    Obama(homo) bombs Libya, creating immigrant crisis for Europe, bombs Syria, surges in Afghanistan, bombs Serbs, harms

    Hungary, laughs at Christian genocide in Iraq,

    Trump, despite campaign promises, fails to build wall, fails to release JFK assassination files, fails to get out of NATO,
    fails to end Afghan debacle, fails to deal with Chinese communist inundation of US colleges, fails to fire Fauci

    Chinese Joe, sells country out, readies war against Russia and American whites.

  11. One more face lift and that lady will have a goatee.

    Dianis the Menace.

  12. Terminator, this was a forgone conclusion, the whole board are Democrats and if they are not openly, they are closeted.

    Sosine was hand picked ahead of time from the guy who died, Schmidt

  13. Correcting, I acknowledged both pics from Algonquin Village Board meeting sourced from the Village’s social media sites.

    I did crop both pics, including cropping out the hand sanitizer portion of the swearing-in pic.

  14. This has to be one of my favorite stories on this blog.

    Lopez: “Dianis is BAD! Because he likes DEMOCRATS!!”

    Commenters: “YEA! He’s terrible. The board should vote no! Lots of people should show up and make them vote no!”

    The Board: “Any public comments? Nope? Cool, he’s approved.”

    Ah, the power of the McHenry County Blog and it’s commenters.

  15. Nobody here is forcing anybody else to do anything, Shake.

    People make comments.

    Sometimes the public agrees, sometimes they disagree, sometimes they care enough to act, sometimes they do not.

    I’ll admit I was surprised nobody showed up to speak especially after Dundee Township Republicans issued that statement.

    DT GOP just won some elections — thought they would have more clout, but I underestimated the laziness of Republicans.

    The main author of this blog, Cal, accurately predicted that nobody would speak.

    Why didn’t you bring that up?

    The ICE issue would be an example where this blog and its commenters likely did have some effect.

    You were awfully quiet about that one.

    This blog probably contributed to Jack Franks being ousted.

    How about Trish losing her election to Arin in Dundee Township?

    This blog had some negative reporting on Trish prior to the election.

    How about Danijela defeating Derek in Algonquin Township?

    Plenty of people here have worked on winning campaigns before.

    Where is your blog, Shake?

    Your podcast?

    Your social media?

    You criticize people for not being influential, but you are even less influential!

  16. What, exactly, is your evidence/data that shows that this blog impacted those elections/votes?

    Like, who on the McHenry County Board voted differently than they would have re: ICE because of this blog?

    But my point isn’t really about how the blog is or is not influential, as much as it is about the loud keyboard warriors in the comments that don’t actually do a thing to make any change in real life. They just sit on this blog and spout their racism.

  17. Parrish changed her vote and then changed it back.

    John Lopez gets more engagement on his Twitter posts than the NW Herald does.

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