Doorbell Camera Identifies Suspect in Cary Vehicle

From the Cary Police Department:

Cary PD: Criminal Trespass to Vehicle Incident

Lloyd Street, Cary

In the early morning hours on Thursday June 3, 2021, officers from the Cary Police Department were dispatched to the 0-100 block of Lloyd St. for a report of a homeowner interrupting a subject trespassing in his vehicle.

Officers met with the victim and obtained a description of the offender.

The description provided was the offender was a male/black with facial hair carrying a messenger bag.

A short time later, officers located a subject matching the description of the offender provided by the victim.

The victim was brought to the scene but was not absolutely sure that the subject detained was the offender.

The subject was released after he was identified by Department personnel.

Through further investigation, video doorbell footage was obtained from a resident in the 100 block of Lloyd St., which definitively showed the offender attempting to enter several additional vehicles in the area.

Based on the evidence obtained, Investigations personnel obtained an arrest warrant for the subject identified for one count of Criminal Trespass to a Motor Vehicle (Class A Misdemeanor).

The arrest warrant has not been served.

This incident remains an active investigation and additional criminal charges may be pursued

Criminal charges are not a finding of guilt in a court of law and all persons charged are assumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Cary Police Department reminds residents to lock their vehicles and residences, keep valuables out of plain sight, call 911 to report suspicious activity, and do not approach subjects.


Doorbell Camera Identifies Suspect in Cary Vehicle — 37 Comments

  1. Poor fella.

    He’s probably still delirious and confused from the psychic toll of the deaths of George Floyd, Emmett Till, and the hundreds of victims of the Tulsa Massacre.

    PLUS Juneteenth is right around the corner.

    How do you expect a Black man to function with all this trauma???

    Of course he had a hard time finding his car and confused the neighbors’ cars for his car.

    The Suburban White Woman Brigade needs to get to the courthouse and pay his bail pronto before he suffers even one second longer!

  2. Is the homeless shelter open now, the Church where it is is right near that Lloyd st address.

    The ‘affordable low income housing” complex is just down the street from the Church, so wonder if he wandered from there maybe?

    Not saying, just sayin’.

  3. This was an Obama program.

    Target areas of high white percentages and flood them with inner city simian blacks.

    Crime rose of course and the schools became dumbed down ding dong school.

    Will the carjackings and rapes wake up the sleepy whites?

    How about the random expressway shootings?

  4. Re Mr X. Reminds us of the absolute worst ever president of the U.S., Barak Hussein Obama, and possibly the worst ever leader of a nation of Western Civilization on Earth.

  5. Obama-mama was never a member of western civilization.

    His mama was a filthy whore and posed for porn.

    Muslim Dad got deported.

    Punahou hustler.

    Married a tranny.

  6. It’s a good thing white people don’t commit crimes and low IQ white people have such great impulse control.

  7. Again with the third grade insults. more from the moronic racist haters.

    You must be one of those low IQ white people with excellent impulse control.

  8. I will run after them and chase them away.

    That’s my right.

  9. This must be that Democrat Reparation program I keep hearing about.

  10. Pookorny – Which group in our nation commits more crimes than is proportional to their overall percentage of the population?

    Do you understand that question?

    As an example, IF one percent of persons living in the US were Martians and Martians committed 30 percent of all crimes, then that is a huge problem for the US that has to be solved.

  11. Bred, except the moron racists on this page never talk about white crime.

    It’s always when it’s a minority.

    I guess they tacitly approve of white crime.

    More Scat humor from the shithead coward crowd.

  12. Pokorny – Suggest you look at, peruse, crime data and statistics.

  13. Why to support your racist views that minority crime bad, white crime okay.

    You only care about statistics that prove out racist views.

    Crime is a problem, not just those perpetrated by minorities.

  14. Porkboy, not racist – REALIST.

    When one of these BLM types who have a never satiated lust for violence
    touches you or yours, you will be crying like the bed wetting good little Leftist
    that we all know you to be.

  15. “one of these BLM types”


    You are right.

    Not because of his skin color but because of the violent act you moron.

    I’m not a leftist but with the likes of the assholes and morons that you and the likes of the other stupid posters on this site think, I sure am leaning that way.

    It’s dinosaurs like you that push people out of the republican party.

    March on right wing christian wing nuts.

    Grab your gun and a burning cross there’s gonna be a rally.

  16. Poo, move to Garfield Park and see how you fare.

    I’Lil be glad to pay your one way Uber fare.

  17. Stephen, we only said BLACK CRIMES MATTER.

    We didn’t say that only BLACK CRIMES MATTER.

    We know that all crimes matter.

    We just need your help with #BLACKCRIMESMATTER because non-Blacks are in danger right now.

    Saying that all crimes matter is counterproductive, misses the point, and highly problematic.

  18. Mr Pokorny, whatever these anonymous racists are, it sure isn’t Christian.

    Jesus taught none of what they spew.

    Old and New Testaments are about collective living and responsibility.

    Some evangelicals are having second thoughts, especially younger ones who do not have the lifetime habit of automatically voting Republican.

    The move to more open racism is chasing away reasonable people.

    In a way, it is good that these people being their racism out in the open to be seen.

    “Open” is maybe going too far, once they hide in basements behind screen names.

  19. I would guess that Martin here is naive. He is a hypocrite. Talks about hiding behind screen names but that’s what he does. Martin without a last name is hiding. No last name as does a commenter lady here on this blog with a picture of herself. To Martin, practice what you preach.

    And, Martin, one of the biggest racists by his statements, OVER MANY YEARS, that can be seen on youtube, is the moron doofus Biden. He and his regime have taken actions, made decisions to divide our nation.

  20. Batman quit trying to justify your racism.

    Your view still smells of hate.

  21. “Poo-Korny, what about negro crime do you not understand?”

    Scat jokes, again really, how old are you?

    It’s a good thing white people don’t commit violent crime.

    We are such a peaceful race.

  22. Looks like Pokorny still does not understand. Will repeat yesterday’s question to him:

    Which group in our nation commits more crimes than is proportional to their overall percentage of the population?

    Do you understand that question?

    As an example, IF one percent of persons living in the US were Martians and Martians committed 30 percent of all crimes, then that is a huge problem for the US that has to be solved.

  23. I don’t care which group.

    You just feed the racists.

    The minute you use “group’ you make it racist.

    My point isn’t about crime you little minded idiot it’s about blatant racism.

    Read and comprehend.

    March on christian soldier.

  24. Pokorny says:

    “The minute you use “group’ you make it racist.”

    Looks like the U.S. Census Bureau is racist then. They state:

    “The U.S. Census Bureau collects race data in accordance with guidelines provided by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and these data are based on self-identification.

    OMB requires that race data be collected for a minimum of five groups: White, Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.”

    Well, Pokorny, go ahead. Bury your head in the sand like an ostrich.

    Again, will suggest looking up data and statistics on crime.

  25. Read and comprehend white bred my comments are about the racist nature of the morons on this site. You want to make this about your agenda. Justification. There is none. They’re here, they’re queer, black, brown, oriental, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc. Get over you’re sense of superiority. Do you remember these words:

    We the People

    All men are created equal.

    There was no post script at the bottom of those documents that define “We” and “All” as white Christians.

  26. In Pokornyville, the race of criminals should never be mentioned. People might make ‘wrong’ associations and come to ‘wrong’ conclusions.

    I really do hope Pokorny gets a little lesson from one of his negro pets.

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