Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Bi – Bu

During the coming weeks, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Birr,Nancy B, Clerk II – Union, $46,161.56
Blackard,Bryanna R, Senior Case Manager, $49,054.86
Blake Dickson,Jana E, Lead Assistant State’s Atty, $100,221.46
Blanken,Sarah E, Correctional Officer – Union, $87,889.36
Block,Scott A, Executive Director MH, $139,132.28
Bock,Kristin D, Registry – RN, $18,720.00
Bodway,Travis J, Deputy – Union, $92,504.44
Boeckmann,Kelli M, Solid Waste Program Manager, $63,034.90
Boege,Anthony E, Asst Cook/Food Service Worker, $26,134.55
Boege,Hailey, A, Certified Nursing Asst I. $29,076.45
Boege,Nicholas T, Food Service Assistant, $10,447.08
Boelhower,Matthew J, Corrections SGT, $129,821.64
Boffa,Vincent D, Court Security Ofcr – Union, $61,219.35
Bolash,Emily R, Certified Nursing Asst I, $29,076.45
Boone,Sabrina D, IT Administration Manager, $72,091.62
Boruta,Dariusz J, Correctional Officer – Union, $120,669.64
Botterman,Michael A, Court Security – Non Union, $3,505.00
Bough,Kathleen M, Administrative Coordinator, $69,595.60
Bowers,Rayelen D, Registered Nurse, $83,406.80
Boyd,Patricia A., Lead Court/Courtroom Spec, $51,991.80
Boyk III,George F., Correctional Officer – Union, $101,055.76
Boyk,Danielle V, Registry – CNA, $3,774.31
Bozer,Steven K, Court Security Ofcr – Union, $46,821.60
Bozer,Tammy A, Administrative Specialist I, $20,142.72
Bozic,Sonja M, Workforce Youth, $5,720.00
Bradley,Justin L, Information Technology Spec, $39,955.50
Brady,Megan I, Assessment Specialist II, $42,460.34
Braune,Terry R, Deputy Director – MHB, $77,624.30
Bravo,Jasmin N, Certified Nursing Asst I, $6,002.88
Brazas,Rebecca J, Design Engineer II, $73,685.94
Brichetto,Michael J, Deputy Chief of Court Security, $82,823.64
Briscoe,Barbara J., Recorder Spec II, $46,087.34
Brock,Benjamin T, Deputy Sheriff SGT, $118,270.56
Brodersen,Matthew, Assistant State’s Attorney, $83,483.50
Brooks,Tarrance L, Corrections LT, $132,201.96
Brown,Robyn J, Registry – CNA, $3,774.31
Browning,Michael R, Correctional Officer – Union, $82,488.00
Bruce,Christopher C, Correctional Officer – Union, $80,774.88
Bruett,Kyle R, Principal Asst States Attorney, $88,884.68
Bruketta,Jeremy J, Deputy Sheriff SGT, $118,270.56
Brummel,Jennifer A, Corrections SGT, $110,207.76
Brzinski,Maureen M, Administrative Specialist I, $39,925.34
Buchanan,Alexandria M, Court/Courtroom Spec I, $50,475.96
Buckley,Diana C, Court/Courtroom Spec I, $40,093.68
Bueso,Kevin A, Chief Financial Officer, $133,474.90
Buker,Laura L, Radio Dispchr – Union, $89,724.20
Bultmann,Michelle M, Health Program Coordinator, $74,865.96
Buracker,William E, Court Security Ofcr – Union, $64,050.60
Burciaga,Daniel. Correctional Officer – Union, $75,813.16
Burck,Danielle G, Asst Director,Nursing, $81,497.12


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Bi – Bu — 5 Comments

  1. A-Z continual proof, skip College, Private Sector, and go Directly to the County Employment Page for good wages, superior benefits, lifetime huge pension—not available anywhere anymore in Private, only Public Sector. Thats why Property Taxes so high–cant beat, best to just join em..wont change in multiple lifetimes.

    One day it will all be communism, everybody works for the State.

    Dems did most of this, but who cares anymore, just sign up with them and get Yours.

    Cal is probably right too, hurry for the Jail Guard openings given ICE will leave at end of year and thus not need that many Guards going forward.

    If those jobs filled, find others–County handing out money and benefits.

    Private Sector said no to both long ago, Public Sector never will, short of a Revolt.

  2. How are these turnkey jailers making so much?

    Fire 50% of them!

  3. Megan Brady does exactly what?

    She’s been in pajamas for the last 15 months!

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