Gary Rabine Calls Out Pritzker on Remap Lies

From Republican gubernatorial aspirant Gary Rabine:

Gary Rabine: Voters should be concerned about Pritzker’s falsehoods on redistricting

Gary Rabine

Woodstock, ILGary Rabine, a candidate for Governor, says Governor Pritzker broke his word on redistricting and this should concern every voter in the state.

“Politicians breaking their promises is so commonplace that many voters simply have come to expect it, which is a travesty,” Rabine said.

“No wonder the public has such little confidence in our state’s leaders.

“We deserve better than the poor leadership we have had.

“We deserve leaders who will keep their word and their commitments to voters.

“Pritzker showed his true colors by signing the Democrats’ partisan map.

“He went back on his word and he picked political insiders over the people.”

During his campaign for Governor in 2018, Pritzker promised to veto maps “in any way drafted or created by legislators, political party leaders and/or their staffs or allies.”

The map he signed into law is the very kind of partisan map he promised not to sign.

“The Governor had ample time during the legislative session to lean on the Legislature to adopt a non-partisan commission to draft the new legislative maps,” Rabine said.

“But he did not do that.

“If he did not want to lead on this issue, why did he make the promises he made during the 2018 campaign?

“If he is willing to break his word on redistricting, what else is he intending to fabricate?

“We need to restore integrity and honor to our state government.

“We cannot do that when our leaders say one thing and do another.

“If we are going to turn Illinois around, we must start by electing new leadership who are as good as their word.”


Gary Rabine Calls Out Pritzker on Remap Lies — 26 Comments

  1. Careful Gary, the Leftist/DEMOCRAT controlled propaganda media will label you
    as an anti-Semite/racist and then proceed to cancel you for simply exercising your
    1st Amendment right to criticize Lord Jumbo Boy.

  2. Gary, How are we going to turn Illinois around if we don’t reduce the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading 7,000 governments.

    My plan is to consolidate/eliminate Illinois’ nation leading outdated 1850’s 1,433 township governments.

    What is your plan Gary?

  3. He can’t do that Bob. That would eliminate too many partisan patronage jobs and election campaign workers.

    Besides, what else would Bob and Anna Mae do?

  4. Bob Anderson, don’t expect anything from Rabine except more RINOism.

    Has he criticized critical race theory?

    Has he criticized Illinois Being a sanctuary state?

    Has he championed collegiate and high school female athletes against the trannies?

    Has he dared to say Biden is El Presidente as a result of a coup d’etat?

    Has he blamed Red China for the bioweapon release?

    Has he blowtorches Fatso Pritzk for wrecking the state’s economy with a silly lockdown?

    Has Rabine come out for anything except bland and meaningless bromides?

  5. Perhaps Putin will remind Biden of how US political dissidents are being treated, such as the hundreds arrested for what the Democrats and the mainstream media laughably call the “January 6th Insurrection.”

    Many of these non-violent and unarmed protesters have been held in solitary confinement with no chance of bail, even though they have no prior arrests or convictions.

    Most await trial on minor charges that may not even take place until next year.

  6. Who cares if he “calls them out”?

    Who cares if they lied?

    Who cares if they are hypocrites?

    Does anybody NOT know this is the MO of Democrats?

    They just successfully gerrymandered.

    What are you going to do now?

    Vote them out of the offices that they just gerrymandered specifically so that they do not get voted out? lol

    Do you see the flaw with that sort of thinking?

    Republicans knew the Democrats were meeting in secret rooms underground and what did they do?

    They stood outside the locked doors and said,”The Democrats are not being fair!

    It looks like the Democrats are breaking their promise! HARRUMPH.”

    Krypton is getting at something very important.

    The Illinois GOP are a bunch of spineless idiots.

    The most they do is say “I disagree” or “I am disappointed” with this bill or that budget.

    “This is bad.”

    “This is reckless.”

    Look at Texas Democrats.

    They don’t have power but they made a stink and they got national attention which is helping them raise money.

    What’s the IL GOP doing?

    Expressing disapproval?!

    One of the state central committeemen just stepped down and roasted the party’s leadership.

    I’m losing interest in state politics big time!

  7. Rigged elections are a complete waste of time.

    As George Washington said, “For the Country to become free, some people will have to die.”

  8. Rabine could pull it off.

    Fat Pritzker strokes out a couple weeks before election.

  9. **Republicans knew the Democrats were meeting in secret rooms underground and what did they do? They stood outside the locked doors and said,”The Democrats are not being fair! It looks like the Democrats are breaking their promise! HARRUMPH.”**

    We’ve covered this already, but, no, there was no secret room underground.

    It both wasn’t secret and wasn’t underground.

    But, also, what specifically do you wish the Republicans would have done?

  10. At the onset I was all for Gary because he is Local, but now I am not to sure about this guy…thinking maybe he is in for the glory ….
    and wondering if he only answers “Young Republican”

  11. Why are you lying?

    We all saw it.

    BREAKING: WCIA 3 News’ Mark Maxwell got an inside peek at the closed-door redistricting process happening in Springfield. Here are a few claims he heard from our lawmakers and staff who were sneaking into the locked “map room.”

    “I can’t speak to anything in terms of what the process is.”
    “I’m not sure, I was told to come up here.”
    “I don’t make the rules.”
    “I’m not sure exactly what you mean.”
    “We’re not allowed to talk to press.”

    This was an exclusive meeting that locked people out, that they wouldn’t talk about, and that they had to go through tunnels to get to.

    Spin it how you want semantics-boy.

  12. I’m, not lying.

    First, they didn’t have to go through a tunnel to get there.

    It was on the 4th floor of the Stratton building.

    Maxwell could have just walked over the to the Stratton building.

    Instead, he wanted to pretend that you had to go through an underground tunnel to get there.

    You don’t.

    That was show business, not reality.

    Second, it wasn’t a secret room.

    Or Maxwell wouldn’t have known where it was.

    The Republicans knew where it was.

    Everyone knew where it was.

    It wasn’t a secret.

    Yes, it was a private room that some people didn’t have access to.

    But the room wasn’t a secret.

    It wasn’t underground.

    And you didn’t have to go through a tunnel to get there.

    But go ahead, pretend you know what you’re talking about.

  13. What would be nice, a DREAM, but would never happen currently or the forseeable future. A C-Span type “neutral” tv station in a State that would broadcast live, all hours of day and night, the actual proceedings by Democrats or Republicans when they are redistricting. What would be their conversations? The actual final results map would have to match all of the discussions and proceedings.

  14. If they had a meeting excluding people, who cares if it is underground?

    Why do you focus on minor details and never look at the big picture?

    The map making process was indefensible to any decent human being and you nitpick on minor details “well people knew they were meeting and excluding others so haha it wasn’t technically a secret.”

    You’re such a petty little man. This is why people call you Alabama Snake.

  15. Yeah, I thought about that too, bred winner.

    That’s a very good idea.

  16. ** who cares if it is underground?**

    Clearly you do, because you’re the one that has brought it up. More than once.

    And then when I point out that you’re wrong, you say I’m lying.

    And then when I show you how and why you’re wrong and I’m not lying, you say, “who cares about the thing I was wrong on and doubled and tripled down on?!”


  17. “ha ha they met above ground and excluded people, not underground! Your point is invalid.”

    You’re an idiot.

    Your reading comprehension is so poor. You are completely unable to focus on things that matter.

    It’s not my fault if journalists say they had to go through tunnels and you have the buildings memorized. I don’t live in Springfield. I don’t have blueprints of the buildings. You can read all the quotes from Democrats, none of this was a transparent process.

    You are deflecting and won’t talk about the maps but just go on about minor details like where the room is located.

    Nobody was ok with this process except for Democratic politicians looking to entrench their power.

    That’s the point. You’re a deceptive little piece of garbage and everybody can see right through you.

  18. I agree that the map process was partisan and not transparent.

    I think that they could have – and should have – done it differently.

    I also know that the Republicans would have done the EXACT same thing if they were in control.

    I also know you and your Republican friends don’t say a word about all the Republican states that have far worse gerrymandered maps in their states.

    But, again, YOU are the one that felt the need to – multiple times – claim that they were meeting in a secret underground room.

    Once again – you made it an issue, not me.

    You called me a liar – and you were flat out wrong.

    So feel free to say that I’m deceptive when you flat out lie about me being wrong.

  19. Take it up with the journalists then. I’m not going to fact check the layout of a building 220 miles away. Repeating something that a local news guy says is not the same thing as lying. The main point is that it was a non-transparent process, not the actual location of a room. At least you finally admitted it was a bad process.

    My republican friends…

    Yeah, ok your partisan talking points have no impact on me. I have called for shortest splitline algorithm on this blog multiple times. I don’t know why you think people here are aware of what kind of maps are drawn in Texas but I disavow gerrymandering when Republicans do it in red states. I’ve seen districts in Texas that look just as bad or worse than the districts in Illinois, but I don’t really see why people would comment about that. This is a blog for local politics mostly. People comment on the stories in front of them and Cal isn’t doing reporting on gerrymandering in other states — and I don’t think he is obligated to given the nature of this blog (read the description). The whataboutism on gerrymandering just ensures it will never get fixed.

  20. **Take it up with the journalists**

    Here’s the funny thing.

    Maxwell’s piece doesn’t even say that the room is underground.

    In fact, he says after going through a tunnell, you have to go up an elevator.

    Maxwell’s piece was theater.

    Good theater, but theater.

    But even that piece didn’t support your claim.

    As for fixing gerrymandering – I support fixing it.

    That’s one reason why I support HR1 for a comprehensive gerrymandering fix at the national level for federal races. And I’d like to see comprehensive national fix for state level races too.

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