Algonquin Township in Running for Worst Transparency Award

From Illinois Leaks, reprinted with permission

Algonquin Township Named As One Of Four Finalists In I.R.E.’s Golden Padlock Award


Algonquin Township, IL. (ECWd) –

Algonquin Township has been announced as one of four finalists in the Investigative Reporters and Editors (“IRE“) Annual Golden Padlock Award.

From the notice of finalists on IRE’s website (click here to read all four):

Four finalists selected for 2021 Golden Padlock Award

“Investigative Reporters and Editors has named a competitive field of finalists for its 2021 Golden Padlock Award honoring the most secretive public agency or official in the U.S.

Drawn from nominations from journalists across the country, four finalists were chosen for their extraordinary commitment to secrecy, ranging from suing a reporter over a request for public information, denying public access to a report detailing institutional failures that allowed ongoing abuse of children, filing subpoenas to access reporters’ research and deleting personal communications sought through official journalistic requests in the public interest.

“It’s an inspiration to highlight the work of public officials that embody the highest principles of bureaucratic intransigence, self-interest and disregard for the public’s right to know,” said Robert Cribb, chair of IRE’s Golden Padlock Committee.

“These are civil servants of deep conviction whose personal pledge to uphold obfuscation make them worthy of public acknowledgement.”

The winner will be announced during the awards ceremony at the IRE21 virtual conference on Wednesday, June 16. If you are registered for the conference, you can add it to your agenda here.”

About the Algonquin Township finalist:

“The Trustees of Algonquin Township in McHenry County, Illinois, for aggressive attempts to fight the release of information related to alleged corruption reported by the Edgar County Watchdogs. In 2018, the Watchdogs began reporting on alleged nepotism and misuse of funds among the employees. Their reporting included accounts of some Edgar County employees gambling with money from the county’s 911 account. At one point, the reporters received a security video of township employees going through records while discussing which documents should be discarded. The Watchdogs posted the video on YouTube. The township responded by asking YouTube to take down the video and by repeatedly subpoenaing the entire contents of the Watchdogs’ Dropbox account.”


Algonquin Township in Running for Worst Transparency Award — 10 Comments

  1. The other three were Texas AG Ken Paxton, Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, and the Indian Health Service.

  2. John Kraft and Kirk Allen.

    Just go home already.

    You have zero influence here and all you did is help the gasbag spend a million dollars on lawyers.

    Whatever good you did in exposing Miller you ruined by the smell

    Of your own crap.

  3. “Their reporting included accounts of some Edgar County employees gambling with money from the county’s 911 account.”

    What does that sentence have to do with AT?

    Like normal what is being presented is incomplete info.

    Investigative Reporters and Editors even know of how the Dog’s pile on using FOIA to make some $$$$$ to pay for their hobby?

  4. To the slob: If you think the dogs piled on, you should read finalist number 1:

    “A string of denied requests from Paxton’s office over the past several months has inspired a unique media coalition across the state. Eight media outlets — including the Dallas Morning News, ProPublica, the Austin American-Statesman, Associated Press and The Texas Tribune — are now working together to “pry open the vice grip Paxton holds over his personal texts, emails and memos,” the group nomination reads.”

  5. I did not understand the Edgar County employee reference either.

  6. Quite obviously ‘the Nob’ and his side kick or dual personality ‘Fargo’ are typical township rats, probably connected to the Miller Crime Family or perhaps the dethroned Disneyland Don, Bobby Miller himself.

    Edgar Co. Watchdogs exposes so much corruption in that rotten township, they should be commended by every taxpayer in that jurisdiction.

    Yes Bob Miller was crook, as was his extended crime family.

    Thankfully Derek LEE will not be paying unearned ‘consulting fees’ back to his Father-in-Law/Outlaw.,

  7. Pokorny displays his gross ignorance on an almost daily basis.

    Pookorny, do you support Miller township criminality?

    Please answer or STFU.

  8. CornPOP are you some kind of idiot.

    Can you read and comprehend.

    The Millers are not even mentioned in the article.

    The SA has already said he is not prosecuting the Millers.

    This is all about the the dogs, not the Millers.

    The Millers have been gone for four years.

    Get over yourself.

    The dogs exposed nothing.

    Gasser brought it all to light.

    The dogs didn’t get involved until Gasser came to office and then jumped on board and have been rewarded handsomely for nothing and are still looking for more taxpayer money.

    So take your own advice.

    When you learn how to read and comprehend. let me know.

  9. Pokorny, I noticed you didn’t answer about supporting the Miller Crime Club.

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