Rabine at Free “Get to Know Me” Event at Donley’s Saturday Morning

Want to meet the McHenry County man running for the Republican nomination for Governor?

It’s now 100%.

Randy Donley is hosting a meet and greet event for Gary Rabine at the Donley Auction facility south of Harmony on Saturday at 9:00 am.

No charge.

Just an opportunity for people to meet and talk with Gary.


Rabine at Free “Get to Know Me” Event at Donley’s Saturday Morning — 19 Comments

  1. He needs to stop parading around McHenry County where people already know his name and start focusing on other areas.

  2. Very few people in McHenry County know Gary Rabine’s name.

    Sure, fewer outside of McHenry County know his name.

    But the vast majority of voters don’t know his name or who he is – in McHenry County or elsewhere.

  3. Ah, yeah. The good old days. Before CERN opened the PORTAL and let in the DEMONS.

    Yeah, that place was cool. I used to look for “gold” and shoot the bow and arrow. We watched the cowboy shows. Throwing the lasso. Shoot-outs.

    Good times! 😀


    But like I said, that was before the demons invaded…


    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CERN_ritual_hoax “hoax” guys ugh don’t worry it was just a prank bro.

    This is totally normal guys.

    We’re just doing mock human sacrifices and dressing up in witch wardrobes and depicting people hanging on hooks and depicting everybody being a prisoner hahaha bro don’t worry!

    We have goat-men running around but it’s just a prank/hoax guys!

    It was only after they got pushback that they said it was a prank, and then media-dorks started calling the “prank” a “hoax.”


    Things are pretty messed up.

    I bet Gary Rabine won’t talk about these sorts of things.

    “oh man this BUDGET.

    Dude this BUDGET.

    It’s so crazy.

    These Democrats sure are reckless just look at the budget!”

  4. So Gary needs to address everything in the world now?


  5. Oh, how did you ever did you find a random picture of someone that isn’t me?

  6. Nope… sorry to disappoint you.

    But please do keep letting me live in your head.

    It is cute.

  7. I’m glad that you’re amused and believe that it is an insult to imply that I’m gay.

    I’m not, but if that’s the best “insult” you can come up with I’m not too worried.

    But can you buy a more comfortable mattress?

    If I’m going to live in your head, I want to make sure that I’m extra comfortable.

  8. What are conditions like in there right now, ‘Bama?

    What’s the decor and the neighborhood like?


  9. What a weird handle of this guy Shake.

    Part of the name of a State with one of the worst ever racists, a DEMOCRAT Governor named George Wallace.

  10. It is actually just the name of a great band.

    But feel free to obsess over my fake name.

    I seriously love how much y’all obsess over me.

  11. NO!

    This is too early for me I just woke up.

    He’ll be asked about these things in due time. The primary is a year away.

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