Counterfeit Currency Arrests in Cary, Crystal Lake

Akeem Yasin

Three people were arrested in Cary for

  • 3 Counts Forgery/Issue/Deliver Document

The records follow for

  • Demetri Ates, Markam, IL
  • Jerry Plummer, Anamosa, LO
  • Akeem Yasin, Chicago, IL

Jerry Plummer
Akeem Yasin

The Cary Police reports, “They passed counterfeit currency at the business in town

“They also committed a similar crime in Crystal Lake and were charged by Crystal Lake PD.”


Counterfeit Currency Arrests in Cary, Crystal Lake — 21 Comments

  1. Cook County residents once again thinking they can come to “Mayberrry” County and pull whatever they like.

    Only to get caught and charges piled on.

    Again tell all out of McHenry County homeys—“they dont play up here.”

    This aint Kim Foxx’s County, real charges get made, cash bails needed and sentences get doled out.

    Nice try.

    I think there is a 7-11 at that address.

    Probably trying to buy a pack of gum with a freshly printed 100 dollar bill.

  2. geezus i guess buckwheat and gang think we don’t have popo this far North!!!

  3. if the garbage keeps coming we will be on COPS show … soon…

  4. Pokorny, go visit these Co good clowns in the county jail, or how about bailing them out so they can perpetrate more crimes!

  5. Look at Akeem’s street address.

    Are the Cary cops that dumb they don’t doublecheck info given them by crooks?


  6. Plenty of cops are poor spellers and typists.


  7. I think if you assume people that look like these three are out to wrong you it’s a reasonably informed decision. Be smart first and apologize later if you are proven wrong.

  8. Uh-oh, all 3 have Bonded out of McHenry County Jail already.

    2 of them were bonded out with a minute of each other, so given they’re not related, would guess their Gang ponied up the money.

    The other one took another day to get out, but they’re all 3 out and about now.

    Hopefully back in Cook County.

    Bet they never show for Court here.

  9. If Akeem’s real address is on Sangamon St, then he’s from Englewood, the murder capital of Chiraq.

    Cary has been graced by the presence of ghetto royalty.

  10. How much was bail?

    Did the transvestite clerk of Algonquin Township pay it?

  11. Cal, the first and third pictures are both labeled Akeem Yasin. πŸ€”

  12. America’s political police, the FBI, has largely evaded the tight scrutiny that local law enforcement has been facing since the death of George Floyd.

    While feds often bully low level beat cops over minor transgressions, as seen in the the recent FBI probe into the Louisville Police Department for allegedly throwing a drink at someone, genuine criminals, perverts and predators inside the FBI often avoid punishment. The names and records of corrupt G-men are often kept hidden even when they are terminated for serious misconduct, which puts the public at risk.

    Occasionally, their behavior is so egregious that prosecutors are forced to make exceptions to the rule and pursue them. In just the last month, FBI agents and employees have been accused of preying on little girls, criminally extorting women for money and sex, and even shooting a homeless man on the DC Metro for no reason.

  13. Our Illustrious FBI, headed by a transvestite homo-pervert for decades from its inception, is now a haven for homos, incompetent blacks, jewish sadists and pedos.

    No wonder scum like Comey and Strozk headed it.

    Look at the degenerates now heading it!

  14. I was shocked, appalled and dismayed to find out about the real J(ohn). Edgar Hoover.

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