Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Cu-Dr

During the coming days, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Cuny,Kerstin R, Probation Officer, $56,734.98
Cynor,Thomas J., Research Attorney, $63,149.46
Dahlquist,Heather M, Administrative Specialist I, $14,439.75
Danczyk,Lori J., Probation Supervisor, $95,495.28
Daucher,Emily K, Planning Liaison, $62,318.62
Davenport,Michelle Sr, Court/Courtroom Spec I, $34,651.50
Davie,George E, Court Security Ofcr – Union, $73,328.16
Davila,Alexandra, Court/Courtroom Spec I, $50,292.66
Deacon-Boege,Jennifer K, Housekeeping/Laundry Supv, $$65,557.48
Decman,Carolyn E, Deputy Sheriff SGT, $125,412.00
DeCristofaro,Lino, Correctional Officer – Union, $113,003.56
Degenhardt,Anthony J, Systems Analyst I, $71,831.76
Dekirmandjian,Sylvia A, Deputy – Union, $79,977.76
Delaney,Robert J, Court Security Ofcr – Union, $63,801.76
Delfino,Paige, Animal Control Officer I, $40,759.80
Deller,David A, Correctional Officer – Union, $108,197.20
Dempsey,Timothy P, Truancy Investigator, $49,879.06
Desantis,C. Scott, Radio Dispchr – Union, $91,590.56
Deutinger,John R, Correctional Officer – Union, $112,710.40
DeVivo,Frank, Correctional Officer – Union, $72,481.64
DeWane,Kelly L, Food Service Assistant, $33,876.30
Dhom,Edward S, DOT Maint Worker, $54,904.00
Diaz,Ivette A, Registry – CNA, $3,774.31
DiDomenico,Heidi M, Drug Court Clinician, $66,293.38
Dietz,Karin, Asst Finance Dir – Accounting, $100,883.66
Dillon,Patrick J, Deputy – Union, $115,301.24
Dionne,Andrew E, VH Admin Spec I, $9,004.32
Dittrich,Samantha L, Design Engineer III, $71,575.14
Diviacchi,Robert J, Investigator, $90,998.86
Dixon,Quinlan K, Deputy – Union, $81,328.88
Dobbins,Egeria, Workforce Adult, $7,800.00
Dodson,Robin M, Correctional Officer – Union, $114,166.96
Doherty,Kristen M, Training Coordinator, $56,228.46
Doherty,Stephen, County Board Member, $20,999.94
Dolatowski,Edward J, DOT Maint Worker, $74,688.00
Dolte,Shannon J, Senior GIS Analyst, $75,385.04
Dominguez,Gabriela Y, Radio Dispchr – Union, $67,529.76
Dominguez,Liliana M, Public Health Nurse, $78,257.14
Donahue,Patrick E , Court Security – Non Union, $3,505.00
Donovan,Kelly J, Accounting Assistant II, $64,262.46
Dooley,Lisa Ann, Senior Probation Officer, $81,876.12
Dorfner,Jane D, Veterans Service Officer II, $78,752.44
Dorin,Debra L, Staff Development Coord, $81,177.10
Drach,Brad A, Correctional Officer – Union, $120,669.64
Drach,Carrie L, Corrections SGT, $101,118.00
Dreischarf,Andrew D, Records Technician, $42,752.84
Driver,Andrew M, DOT Maint Worker, $55,944.00
Drobnik,Otto J, Correctional Officer – Union, $83,186.08
Drzewiecki,Coral E, Investigator, $77,588.46


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Cu-Dr — 6 Comments

  1. 6+ figure Correctional Officers jobs.

    Folks from this list, its the only path for non College.

    They’re getting rich.

    Are the jobs really that dangerous, I mean in McHenry County?

    How many attacks, injuries over the years?

    I’d guess very very very low.

    Easy-Peazy work for HUGE compensation.

    It wont change, so just try to get one for yourself or a loved one.

    The ones Ive seen bring inmates to Court are all Fat, so it cant be that hard. God Bless em, they got theirs.

    Now go get yours.

    Going to become the only way in the future.

    Everybody works for the State/Public Sector if you want good pay and benefits.

    We pay for it, so quit complaining and just go get yours.

    Both Dems and Reps must continue this charade to stay in power, so just apply.

    Again not the employees problem, they’re smart and now rich.

  2. I go back to the issue of teachers and school boards (the real government mooches and bad people).

    Do you want to know why CRITICAL RACE THEORY was trending on Twitter a day or two ago and leftists were kvetching?

    Because they are getting pushback and they aren’t used to that. They’re not used to the REAL AMERICANS fighting back. The Mommies and Normies are waking up and pushing back across the country against the Communist Teachers Unions and Communist School Boards and their anti-white propaganda.

  3. The jailers are slightly less despicable than their charges.

    Both demand blood from us.

  4. It’s amazing that a jailer with a GED can easily make more money than the majority of lawyers with the State’s Attorney’s Office.

    Public employee unions have thoroughly looted this state at every level.

    I have serious doubts as to whether this state will ever be able to climb out its fiscal hole, but if the Democrats are able to pass their pro-union amendment to the Illinois Constitution, it’s all over.

  5. I agree with billy bob on this one, especially since we should be cutting jailers nit hiring now that they are losing clientele from the feds.

    Then count the nepotism jobs you see in the lists.

    Lots of people with the same last names and they aren’t just Smith.

    Most of the times it is a husband and wife that will get each others pensions for LIFE.

    That very well could be 20-30k a month for the next 40+ years.

    The math can’t keep up with the bank account.

  6. Deacon-Boege,Jennifer K, Housekeeping/Laundry Supv, $$65,557.48

    Nice job for washing and drying clothes at the hail.

    Please use delousing agents!

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