New Prizker Union Law Could Affect Re-Use of Harvard Motorola Plant

From The Center Square:

‘Labor peace’ mandate for data center credit possible

(The Center Square) – A measure could come up in the state Senate next week that critics say will hurt the state’s attractiveness for new data center investment.

In the final days of the spring session last month, state Rep. Mark Walker, D-Arlington Heights, passed a bill that modifies the popular data center tax credit.

Motorola campus.

The credit came about two years ago with bipartisan agreement and is touted by the governor for bringing investment to the state.

Senate Bill 2182 clarifies what is considered a data center, including opening it to facilities that operate within five miles of each other and requires green building certificates for the entities seeking the credit, among other changes. It also requires data centers getting a state tax credit to have a “labor peace agreement.”

Walker said that won’t be a unionization mandate.

“I will fully admit that if all these parties act completely appropriately, both the employer and the employees, but especially the employees, might well vote to belong to a union, but that’s not required in this bills,” Walker said.

State Rep. Tom Demmer, R-Dixon, argued against the bill, saying the tax credit is attracting investment as is.

“If you’re an applicant, you may reconsider your application,” Demmer said. “You may reconsider participating in a program if the rules change midstream.”

State Rep. Charlie Meier, R-Okawville, said Missouri is setting up a data center tax credit without such a provision and fears Senate Bill 2182 will lead to Illinoisans driving to Missouri for jobs.

“This bill will cost us jobs and businesses and something that we’re finally No. 1 or No. 2 in the country,” Meier said.

State Rep. Mike Zalewski, D-Riverside, said they want to ensure anyone benefiting from the incentive uses union labor.

“It should come as no surprise to any data center developer that this is a pro-union state that wants to use union workers,” Zalewski said during the debate. “That is not an earth-shattering revelation to anybody, nor should it be.”

The measure passed the House last month and was sent back to the Senate for concurrence.

Because it’s beyond the May 31 deadline, any legislation with an immediate effective date requires a three-fifths majority for approval.


New Prizker Union Law Could Affect Re-Use of Harvard Motorola Plant — 15 Comments

  1. Just convert it into Section 8 housing for illegals and DEMOCRAT miscreants/rabble – problem solved.

  2. oooh noooo not my Canadian owned “green” powered “data center” that the owner is building so he can mine cryptos because he is also heavily involved with a crypto company called NuYen Blockchain ooooh noooooo won’t someone think of the “entrepreneurs” and the “tech” and the “emerging markets”???

    noooooooo you have to be a globalist capitalist who listens to the “experts” you can’t just make it harder for Big Tech people who despise your religion and want to turn your kids into mocha colored trannies and want you addicted to SSRIs and soyburgers and want to schluff off taxes from billionaires on to working and middle class people and want to import a bunch of Chinese and Indian immigrants nooooooo you can’t do that noooooooooooooo that’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!! won’t someone think of the gdp?!?!

    nooooooooooo you can’t just make it harder for our neoliberal neofuedal globohomo cyperpunk dystopia of 5g and IoT controlled by increasingly consolidated megatransnational corporations monitoring you with dragnet surveillance and social credit scores that will track everything you do and lock your bank account if you comment on blogs like this one nooooooooo it’s not faaaaaaaaair!!!!

    the guys who work at the mills and bakeries are the bad guys, we’re just humble silicon valley people who like 1000 dollar bottles of wine we are the good guys!!!!

    look at me I’m wearing business casual and look non-threatening and I’m smiling I’m one of the goood guys believe me guys pleeeeeeeeeeeeease! you can’t make my life harder noooooooooo.

    you have to let me into your town because I know what’s best for you come on man please bro

  3. I’m not sure of the numbers, but at what point do the benefits of the tax credits get wiped out by the higher incremental labor costs forced onto the operator by this labor mandate?

  4. Does anyone believe that anything will ever happen to that waste of a building.

    It is in the wrong place for it to be attractive for any kind of business.

    What company would want to move to a ghost town like Harvard.

  5. @Coffey, they’re seeking about 40 million dollars in subsidies and tax credits and that’s just what they have admitted to.

    That’s about 3 or 4 dollars per every single person in Illinois.

    If they released plans telling us on how many workers they were planning on hiring, you could do that math.

    Steve Reick requested that information and said they didn’t respond to him.

    @Grumpy, yes, there are two companies doing a joint venture trying to acquire the plant and turn it into a “green” powered “data center.”

    Both companies were owned by the same guy as of about seven months ago, but he resigned from one but still has like 13.5 million equities in that company. The companies are Solar Alliance and Green Data Center Real Estate.

    Both are “Canadian” companies, which sounds to me like a polite way of saying Chinese companies. tee hee hee

    I would be surprised if it DIDN’T get purchased because at this point I just assume the worst thing possible will happen.

    Oops did I say that?

    That must have been my other personality.

    What I mean is Do what the Canadian “entrepreneurs” want nothing bad will happen I’m sure.

    rrrooooo raaaah republican.

    i LOVE Capitalism and Ronald Reagan!!




    Because every time you put the TV on you see interracial couples!

    That’s sooo goooood guys! 🙂

    Everything will be good, bro, just listen to the “tech” people they are smart and know what they are doing.


    Big tech is good man!~ roioooooooah raaaaah entrepreneurs!

    GREEN Energy!

    emerging MARKETS!


    UHGHHHHHH the blockchain dude!

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    It’s… it’s DATA bro.

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    We are the good guys we just want to create jobs and be GREEN and stuff dude.

    No, I won’t provide the details you just have to trust the plan I’m a smart investor believe me.

  6. Grumpy Grandpa is 100% correct.

    Nothing useful will ever happen on that property.

    It might as well be in the Ukraine, next to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

  7. If this doesn’t pan out, maybe a private confinement corporation could remodel and contract for the ICE detainees the State of Illinois is no longer willing to allow in Woodstock.


  8. Suggestion to correcting. Go back to high school english classes on composition. Construct paragraphs.

  9. Woodstock has become a Section 8 nightmare. Gangs rule the streets.

  10. Is ok to go to the square or the big boxes on route 14? Or get a driver license renewal?

  11. Yo bred winner, English is a name and should have been capitalized.

    Your first sentence should have had a colon where you placed the period, but thanks for your writing suggestions.

    Get your own stuff right before you come at me with that grammar Nazi stuff.

    Constructing well written paragraphs isn’t the point of a comment like that, bred winner.

    A comment like that is written in the opposite way to have a certain effect, to convey a certain message which was obviously over your head.

    I think that vaccine is really doing a number on your brain if you couldn’t figure that out.

    I have a suggestion for you though: say something of substance about this Motorola issue.

    It’ll be tricky for you since Fox News hasn’t told you what to think.

  12. The Red Chinese will need structures like Motorola all over the country for their re-education camps of people thought salvageable for slaves.

    The too resistant are liquidated, just like what they are doing to their mongol Muslims in Uigherland.

  13. The 6th grade english/composition teachers of correcting would be appalled regarding his postings.

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