Woodstock Pride Parade

First, because this is a political blog, take a look at what a Libertarian Party Friend of McHenry County Blog sent:

Libertarian Party contingent in the shade, but visible.
The beginning of the parade.
Members of the Woodstock High School Theatre Troop weer masked.
A balloon-festooned long, old car.
Turning Point banner.
Moms of McHenry County banner.
Bethany Lutheran Church of Crystal Lake.
McHenry CDB Shop.
A trailer of blown up balls.
McHenry County NOW banner.

A pickup truck with passengers.
Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was in the Woodstock Gay Pride Parade.
Woodstock Willie was presented as the Honorary Parade Marshal.
McHenry Township Clerk Danielle Aylward was the Grand Marshal.
The Libertarian Party banner comes into view.
Libertarian Party banner with people visible.


Woodstock Pride Parade — 54 Comments

  1. Woodstock progressives: Sex only with consent! Time’s up!

    Also Woodstock progressives: Transvestites who become sexually aroused by forcing random people to acknowledge them as “women” are incredibly brave.

  2. What the he** does all of this mean? What is the point? Nobody “celebrates” with parades normal biological men and women getting married and having children. Just as nature, or God if you believe in her or him, has ordained. There is a mothers day in May and a fathers day in June celebrated probably for capitalistic reasons. Maybe we need a Parents Day celebration to show who realistically advances population and civilization.

  3. Always thought this BS was about in Chicago and other Democrat big cities. How the he** did this take root in Woodstock? We got morons in Woodstock now transplanted from Chicago to screw up McHenry County?

  4. I see the fraudster Dan Aylward was there. What a Piece of Sh!t

  5. A real freak show.

    I bet most of the spectators were imported

  6. Bred, the gay Wizzo the Clown, aka Brian Sager, His mincing dryness himself, Lord Mayor of Woodstock, began the travesty to obtain kudos from the oh so chic degenerates of McHengy County.

    Did Judge Cowlin have a float or just a convertible?

    Was Kenneally there?

    Was the late Marlene Lantz’s moll there?

  7. McHenry County is the last right wing bastion in the metro area, you can bet they’re going to push as hard as they can to corrupt it.

    And of course those useless libertardians are involved.

  8. Shalom Ya’All

    I am sorry I missed the parade, it appears to have been a much bigger event than I anticipated.

    I love to see the love spread around regardless of preference.

    And for those of you who are so offended there are gay republicans, they may even be sitting in the pew next to you at church.

    Stay Ignorant My Friends,

    The Most Interesting Jew in the World

  9. When I lived in South America, locals would tell me there are no gay people there.

    They were so in fear that they stayed hidden.

    It didn’t mean they weren’t gay, it didn’t “change” them.

    Here are the countries that realized some of their citizens are gay, and criminalize them for it.

    These are your role models.

    Be proud, fellow Calphatians.


  10. “Striving for an inclusive allyship”

    I mean, church signs are always cringe…but this one bakes the cake.

    Was this the only church doing the devil’s work?

  11. Sickoid perverts.

    Alyward is a real peachboy.

    Did he get chopped yet?

    How are the hormones working out?

    Uber Jew, why are jews so prevalent in every culturally destructive movement?

    Just asking.

  12. Martin, maybe these anti gay societies have healthy immune systems and seek to avoid culturally destructive jewish fads.

    I seem to recall a 3 hour speech by Fidel Castro denouncing homosexuals calling them a ‘societal cancer of degeneracy and decay.’

  13. Martin, is that why you’re here?

    Because you were a pervert transvestite in Paraguay?

  14. Why are so many of you quick to push your religion on other people?

    This country was founded on freedom of religion, not all of us are here to abide the laws of your sky daddy.

  15. Was somebody gonna out our Miss Underwood if she didn’t show?

    Underpuppy, quit living the lie!

  16. Proverbs 16:18

    “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”

    King James Version (KJV)

  17. Libertarians 10 years ago: ‘Who cares what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom’

    Libertarians now: parading faggots down main street to show your kids how awesome poopdicking is

  18. How come there’s no banner about the suicides of transgendered brainwashes who realized the transgender movement was a big fat lie

  19. The city of Woodstock is a pit of pathetic pride in perversion.

    No amt of media celebration can change that fact.

  20. These churches evidently don’t read the bible! More places to boycott, Woodstock and all shown above.

    DO NOT need to know what your sex life is…EVER!

    Woke Mental illness.

  21. Amen, Molly. Taking notes to boycott and shun Libertarians, Studio D Jewelers, Woodstock High School Theater Troup, Turning Point, Moms of McHenry County, Bethany Lutheran, Fantasy Factory, McHenry County NOW, and absolutely shunning Woodstock Willie and Aylward.🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢 🤢

  22. Do you dinosaurs really think anyone cares that you boycott their business.

    Go for it.

    That’ll cure everything.

  23. same goes for shunning them…they look at you as a backwards hick, and you telling them off just validates their views and they laugh about it.

  24. Dan Alyward: “My entire identity is tied to how I (and others) make use of my anus. Will Justin Bieber marry me?

  25. Let’s boycott Corny Pokorny, a transgender apologist and Hollywood celeb fan.

    Take a hike Pokorny to the wild side and your diseased friends.

  26. Dennis, they and you are pushing their filth on us and our kids. Go to hell.

  27. Go for it.

    I see a new coward in the crowd.

    Another gun totin cross burner.

  28. Um, yeah, like it’s gonna be hard for Molly and Cindy to give up Fantasy Factory.


  29. And the drooling morons are back with their sophistry. Do you fools even understand what it means when a boycott occurs? Do you know that no one will come into your business? Do you see what happens to that business? Oh wait, we just went through a year and a half where no one went anywhere. What happened to all those businesses that no one frequented? Oh, that’s right, they’re GONE!

  30. Cindy go ahead organize your boycott, see how many business you can shut down, or just STFU

  31. Oh Porkboy, you’re so brave behind your keyboard living in your mothers basement.

    Yet another EPIC fail from local hero, Porkboy.

  32. I can’t say that I’m surprised to see that the parade was full of fat old cat moms and soyboy bugmen. It’s like a mutant invasion there.

    “Love is love” is just a lie to make a perversion sound cute.

    There is no love in dumpster pumping and the concept of masking sex as “love” is a ploy to get the blind sheep to accept perversion as normal.

    Most people didn’t really care about LGBT and just left them alone.

    Problem is, they never shut up anymore and now the Pride Month nonsense is getting to a point where it infects every aspect of our lives through woke corporate BS.

    These people are a loud and annoying minority.

    The majority are getting sick of the normalization of perversion.

    But let’s see how many of those NOW lesbians vocally support “trans women” who encroach on their spaces and rights.

    Their true colors show immediately.

    There is so much infighting in those movements, hidden beneath the rainbows and cute phrases like “love is love”.

    Given enough time, they are going to take down one another because L,G,B,T, and Q are all mostly opposing religions.

    One only needs to look at the trans sports situation to see it happening in real-time.

  33. Woodstock Willie shouldn’t have been forced to attend.

    The City should have borrowed San Francisco Sam, the giant gerbil.

  34. Dan Aylward is pathetic.

    This is the Republican Party?


    Sorry, I don’t applaud transvestites.

  35. Oh abe.

    Who’s the coward.

    Put your name on something,

    Talk about hiding.

    You must be a fan of Joseph Goebbels.

    Accuse someone else of which you are guilty of. It fits the profile of your bigotry and ignorance.

  36. Pokorny, are you for real? These people scream for help, yet you enable them in their psychoses.

    How did these perverts snag the Woodstock groundhog mascot?

    Isn’t that animal abuse of the burro?

  37. Pokorny, are you for real?

    These people scream for help, yet you enable them in their psychoses.

    How did these perverts snag the Woodstock groundhog mascot?

    Isn’t that animal abuse of the burro?

    Do these freaks imagine they are beautiful?

    Lucifer thought so too.

    Pride—— a deadly sin!

    Pokorny you are a prideful imp too.

  38. These NOW freaks oppress women athletes in HS and College.

    How do they explain it?

  39. Are you for real.

    You spew bible BS and and yet promote hate. Very Christian.

    Ignorance and bigotry nice combo.

    I don’t speak for NOW and no I am not gay.

    I know many gay people that are not psychotic and lead very normal lives except for the bigotry they encounter from the like of narrow minded bible toting idiots like you.

    You can stick your religious platitudes where the sun don’t shine.

  40. People lie and refer to the truth as “hate”.

    Some of you can’t stop repeating every lie that you were taught, and every lie that you tell yourself because it hurts more for you to admit that you are a liar.

    Liars live off of emotion and ignore reality.

    Actual love is in telling the truth, it’s not in lying to people to make them feel better about themselves.

    Stephen, truth is not “hate”. The real hate is to lie to someone rather than point them in the direction of what’s right.

  41. So you are the truth, and religion is the way of the truth.

    More people have been harmed, killed and maimed in the name of religious truth than any for any other reason in the history of this civilization.

    Your truth offends me to no end.

    I’ll not participate in it.

  42. Whatever. I’m not going to change your mind so continue to do what you do and lie until you’re blue in the face.

    There is no such thing as “your truth”.

    Only “the truth”.

  43. Who’s Dan Aylward ???

    I always see his name but I have no idea who he is

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