State Reports Man in 60’s Dead of Coronavirus

From the Illinois Department of Public Health comes this Covid-19 death report for McHenry County:

  • 1 male 60s


State Reports Man in 60’s Dead of Coronavirus — 12 Comments

  1. If Alyward, our Township Tranny, died of COVID, would he be listed as a male or female?

  2. 1 with the Janssen jab.

    That’s J&J for the Woodstock readers

  3. Porkboy calling someone a coward is like the kettle calling the pan black.

    Nice try, but another epic FAIL Porkboy.

  4. Not if Alyward died; the listing then should be one pervert who pulled electoral fraud died.

  5. Oh abe, nice try, but who is the coward.

    Put your name on something.

    Tell us who you are.

    You must be a fan of Joseph Goebbels, accuse some one else of which you are guilty.

    It fits your profile of bigotry, hate and ignorance.

    And still with the 3rd grade name calling.

    Just keep flaunting your third grade education.

    Your parents would be so proud you made it that far.

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