Biden’s Fight on Domestic Terrorism Could Bring Cash to Local Police Departments

From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security:

Statement from Secretary Mayorkas on the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism 

With today’s release of the first-ever National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, President Biden is demonstrating his steadfast commitment to addressing the most significant and persistent terrorism-related threat to the homeland today. 

In furtherance of the National Strategy, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will remain focused on addressing violence, while at the same time protecting privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. 

DHS is undertaking a number of actions as part of an all-of-government effort to fight domestic terrorism. 

DHS is enhancing its analysis of open-source information to identify threats and leverage credible threat-analysis produced by others.

The Department is continuing its efforts to provide timely and useful information to state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement as well as international and private sector partners.

DHS is developing key partnerships with local stakeholders through the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3) to identify potential threats and prevent terrorism. 

For the first time, the Department designated domestic violent extremism as a “National Priority Area” within DHS’s Homeland Security Grants, which will provide local partners with more than $77 million to prevent, protect against, and respond to domestic violent extremism.  

We must and we will remain vigilant in our steadfast efforts to safeguard our Nation and our democratic principles.

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National Terrorism is defined here.

And article critiquing the Biden Administration definition can be found at Legal Insurrection.


Biden’s Fight on Domestic Terrorism Could Bring Cash to Local Police Departments — 12 Comments

  1. Won’t this just turn into people making complaints to PDs because someone has an opinion they don’t like, and then police turning info over to the feds, and then next thing you know you have a BERNIE sign or a Pritzker Sucks sign or whatever sign the government doesn’t approve of and now you have 50 federal agents smashing through your door?

    That’s kind of what I think is going to come of this.

  2. Say What no Defunding cries from the rioting idots?

    out there?

    how can this be… ?

  3. A lot of BS words and terms in that statement. “Stakeholders”, “Terrorism-related threat”, “democratic principles”, “fight domestic terrorism”.

    A starting point should be shootings, killings, carjackings expressway shootings in cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, Baltimore, etc.

  4. Nothing but Get Whitey Funding.

    Given sleepy creepy nappy Biden identified White Supremacy as the Number One Threat to America, (or was it Climate change?), this is nothing more than what Correcting pointed out.

    Put the wrong Political sign or flag out, a neighbor doesnt like it and voila, local PoPo has the funds to get you, just like they are given Federal funds to get seat belt violators.

    Democratic Hogwash.

    And so right from Bred about inner city Black on Black, and now Black on everybody else crime in large cities going unaddressed.

    Folks voted for Biden, its what he’s bringing to your front door, along with the HUGE spike in gasoline prices, Grocery prices and everything else coming our way.

    A real Man of the People.

  5. Biden the groper and hair sniffer, the fake Electoral winner, the liar and fraud, the basement campaigner and lamebrainer. He issues statements on domestic terrorism?

    We are really living in Orwell’s 1984.

  6. Quickly read/scanned the 32 page document on terrorism in the US put out by the Biden White House.

    A lot of words, but a lot missing. Did not find anything about the really large amounts of terrorism going on in the US such as carjackings, shootings at vehicles on expressways and other roads/streets, shootings FROM vehicles at persons on the sidewalks, on front porches of homes, killing of children, armed bank robberies, etc. All of these should be considered terrorism and the perps should face severe punishment including the death penalty.

    Nothing covered about the huge amount of lootings, arson and riots last summer in cities across the nation. All of the above are a much larger problem to our nation than the occasional, and thankfully rare, and horrific church shootings.

    What about gang activities involved with drug dealing?

    What about judges who are way too lenient with criminals who use guns in crimes?

    We need stronger punishment for criminals.

    Tucker Carlson on June 14th covered the crime explosion in recent years in the previously tranquil neighborhood of Buckhead in northwest Atlanta. The residents of Buckhead want to secede from Atlanta. A big problem for the Atlanta Mayor in that Buckhead provides a substantial amount of tax revenue to Atlanta.

    Seems that the Biden Regime did not address all of the DAILY TERRORISM going on in cities all over our nation. According to him, terrorism is mainly a white supremacy thing. Biden has white supremacy on his brain as he has had since Charlottesville.


    “Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden said he launched his presidential campaign in April 2019 because of the white supremacists that participated in the 2017 events in Charlottesville, Virginia, and because of how President Donald Trump responded to the incident. Biden, whose characterization of what Trump said is false, has now been endorsed by one the notorious white supremacists who was at the event.”

  7. The fake “white supremacy” threat is just a scapegoat to keep the useful idiots in fear and under control.

    He knows it’s not a real thing.

    It’s just been the political platform of the Demcrats since Obama was still in office.

    People have been calling him “Obiden” and even “Obama” without irony.

  8. The “white supremacy” scapegoat means nothing more than a group that they are failing to control and see as a threat to power.

    It doesn’t even mean “whites” specifically, because a growing number of non-whites oppose Obiden and the uniparty.

  9. If you have a problem with my banners/flags, stop by and talk to me about it.

    I’ll let you speak, but then you gotta listen to me.

    It’s only fair.

    If you feel the need to call in law enforcement, then you will have a problem with me.

    Just a heads up.

  10. What will this do to control and stop the murdering hoards of Negros who are terrorizing

    Chiraq and Cook County in general ?

    That’s right, NOTHING.

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