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A Friend of McHenry County Blog comments on the data farm proposal by Canadian business interests at the old Motorola plant:


Message of the Day – A Meme — 4 Comments

  1. Most Canadians are leaving that crap hole that’s supposed to be oh so wonderful faster than the US Citizens can escape!

  2. We don’t know.

    I haven’t seen any direct links of that.

    It looks like these companies do a bit of business with Chinese corporations but as for China having a stake, I don’t know whether they do and if they do to what extent.

    But I’m not an expert of international business and investment.

    Other people need to get digging.

    Start looking into these companies.

    It’s well known that Canada is being compromised by the Chinese so it wouldn’t be farfetched, Klaatu.

    The current owner of Motorola is some “Canadian” guy who is Chinese and became a citizen in 2008.

    That guy is being investigated and charged in multiple countries for fraud and tax evasion.

    I’m iffy about some “Canadian” company managing data.

    Whose data?

    What data?

    What for?

    Is this a security risk?

    I’m not a computer expert.

    Why don’t these people who want to buy the Motorola plant actually explain what they plan on doing in LAYMAN’S terms?

    Why don’t they do a Q and A with people in McHenry County or at least the people of Harvard?

    State Representative Steve Reick tried getting info from them and they were tight-lipped.

    They said they would release the plans AFTER the deal was approved.

    Anybody remember, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”?

    Sorry, but everybody’s alarm bells should be going off.

    This does not sound right.

    People in Harvard, and even people outside of Harvard, need to start asking basic questions and voicing their concerns to the Harvard mayor and the aldermen.

    I’m attaching their contact information which is listed on the website of Harvard,

    Michael Kelly
    Phone: 1-815-943-6468
    Lisa Haderlein
    Alderwoman Ward 1
    815 236-5765
    Jay Schulz
    Alderman Ward 1
    815 355-2189
    John Lavallee
    Alderman Ward 2
    815 378-5237
    Daniel Carncross
    Alderman Ward 2
    815 770-0349
    Charles Gorman
    Alderman Ward 3
    815 943-3810
    Raul Meza
    Alderman Ward 3
    815 861-7097
    Matthew Perkins
    Alderman Ward 4
    815 509-5244
    Rosa Luna
    Alderwoman Ward 4
    815 861-6160

  3. I know for a fact that the people who want to buy this plant came into Harvard to look at it recently.

    Did they or did they not do a Q and A with the people?

    And if not, are they planning on coming back and doing a Q and A?

    I don’t know what Mayor Mike Kelly is thinking, but it seems insane to me to approve of a plan that you know little to nothing about especially with such a big plant and involving so many FUNDS FROM THE GOVERNMENT.

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