More Photos from Woodstock Gay Pride Day

Photos taken by another Friend of McHenry County Blog of the Woodstock, Illinois, Gay Pride Day (with some from the day before) are below in no particular order.


More Photos from Woodstock Gay Pride Day — 44 Comments

  1. They want our children.

    They are disgusting.

    They are perverts.

    They hate God and the gender He gave them.

    Is Pokorny the weirdo in the full suit?

    These people are overweight, ugly and Democrats.

    These people amount to 1% of the population.

    These people suck, some literally,

    These people are deluded, mentally ill and Marxist pawns.

  2. Who’s the fake Protestant minister?

    Why are animals abused?

    These mental defectives won’t be having parades when the normies take back their country from the monsters.

  3. Lots of fat, ugly white women think being fat and ugly is a queer sexual orientation.

    It’s not.

    They’re just fat and ugly.

  4. I really appreciate all these pictures, it’s really helping with my diet.

    It’s like I’ve suddenly just lost the desire to eat, and I’ve already lost a couple pounds.

  5. Disgusting creatures, all of them.

    A similar percentage of the population believe they are vampires.

  6. These are the proud future leaders of the DEMOCRAT party.

    What a lovely group of degenerates.

  7. The rainbow, stolen from God’s promise never to flood the world again, by the perverted Satanists in order to target & indoctrinate children.

    Believe it or not.

    This isn’t about human or equal rights.

    And the good people of this ‘movement’ know not what they do.

    The others know exactly what they’re doing.

    Pray for Woodstock.

    The once idyllic, small town has been seriously corrupted over the last 20 yrs.

  8. Shalom Ya’All

    You guys make a big deal out of nothing.

    None of this affects you.

    Nobody is coming for your children or will corrupt them.

    If you think they are ugly then you don’t have to look at them and they clearly aren’t looking to sleep with you.

    Have a great day and stay ignorant my friends,

    The Most Interesting Jew in the World

  9. Is that black face (plus arms, neck, chest,) on a picture of one lady? Looks like a slim streak of white under each eyeball. Just asking.

  10. Thanks Uber Jew!

    All this worrying was causing me to be distracted from my sportsball, grilling and fox news watching.

    Now I can stop worrying about the destruction of my people and values and go back to consuming product.

  11. Where is my Throw up button at?… need to shove it in their faces..

  12. The phrase “Lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.

    No limits anymore.

    Give these creeps another 10 years, and they will make beasiality and pedophilia socially acceptable, because the victims are helpless, and the only avenues left to force their disgusting urges onto.

  13. LTRESIDENT, I feel you may be mistaken that the degeneracy reaches an endpoint in a decade.

    New frontiers of polyandry, polygamy, necrophilia, and having sex with fish and fungi will be the next “thrills.”

    Hard to believe McHenry township would allow a deranged person like this “Danielle” creature to cavort in drag using their name in such a blatantly political way.

    Did they approve this?

  14. Just stopped by for the usual fare — Cal posts something he believes is fresh meat for his handful of readers under the guise of providing “news,” and you respond as he hoped.

    But he’s not giving you news, he’s giving you rage porn.

    It’s an opportunity for you to comment on how “disgusted” you are, and how “ugly” the people pictured are — and no one YOU would have sex with!

    I’m so glad to tell you that you have no need to be concerned.

    You’re safe.

    Not a single person at Pridefest is going to have sex with you, or even try to.

    In fact, judging from your comments, most of you are unf*ckable.

    You should organize and hold a festival of unf*ckables. #Unf*ckableFest.

    We can call it the “McHenry Blog Unf*ckablefest” if you insist, just to make sure you capture everyone eligible.

  15. That is definitely blackface.

    I’m a cosmetologist.

    But what I don’t get is why some Blacks appropriate blonde/red straight hair.

    Isn’t that a taboo?

    Why do these people have to make a public spectacle of their orientation?

    How ‘oppressed’ are they really when the police block off streets for their parades and toilet displays.

    Really, people.

  16. Why do these people have to make a public spectacle of their orientation?

    Do you have this problem with Mardi Gras?

  17. Stephen busy paying off his kids’ gender studies degrees and still trying to rationalize it.

  18. Amateurs all.

    The NOLA Pride parade is tops for pure jaw dropping debauchery.

  19. Cal, we get the picture, but please please please, no more pictures until next year.

  20. 13 years ago, voters in CALIFORNIA approved of prop 8 which BANNED gay marriage.

    10 years ago Obama didn’t even support gay marriage (he officially endorsed it in 2012, prior to that he was for civil unions).

    Now you have people getting fired for accidentally using the wrong pronoun with the most obvious non-passing transgender person.

    There are shows with transgender characters and even about transgender people.

    Sean Hannity of the hee haw God fearin MURICAN Fox News channel are now pushing transgender “conservatives.”

    What will it look like in another 5-10 years?

    You would be HORRIFIED if you could glimpse into the future.

    Polyamory will be the next big push (it’s already normalized in liberal and west coast circles), then perhaps incest, then sex with animals and sex with the dead, and eventually they’ll demand the normalization, celebration, and promotion of child diddling.

    If you told people even 10 years ago what America would look like now they wouldn’t believe it, so normies can not believe or comprehend how sick things are going to get in another 5-10 years.

    The US of Gay is not headed towards a bright future.

  21. @KevinIT “McHenry Blog Unf*ckablefest” comment

    Classic sodomite logic, reducing everything to whether an AIDS patient would rectally relieve you.

  22. Hey ya bunch of bigots, the US Senate unanimously passed a bill making Juneteenth a national holiday.

    That means every one of your republicans voted for it.


  23. What’s your point Martin? About “republicans”? You probably don’t realize that it was a Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. And, he did that with a good part of the Democrats in the US Congress opposing that great and courageous policy.

  24. Poo-Korny I do have a problem with Mardi Gras, but I have a bigger problem with lgbtqqueer tools like you.

    You don’t have put your dildo collection on eBay.

  25. Bigots?

    What about your intense and hateful bigotry Martin, against normal people?


  26. Bred, you are a thinker of things past.

    We are not in Leave it to Beaver times.

    The nation and the family are crumbling before our very eyes.

    This parade provides graphic proof for dullards like you.

    What did this Aylward do that’s got everybody up in arms? Why are they saying he was elected via fraud?

    Hell, Biden was and everybody seems OK with it.

    I hope Putin calls out the demented one in a sensational way.

  27. Mr X – You misunderstand my comments. Biden is a moron. How the he** did this dope keep getting elected in Delaware until the worst ever president, Hussein Obama, pick him for VP in 2008? Does not speak well for the intelligence of Delaware voters.

    What the heck is the State of Delaware known for? Not a very smart State.

    States can go to He**. Look at Illinois which contributed Republican President Abraham Lincoln vs the moronic leadership today by the Democrats.

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