Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Ha-Ho

During the coming days, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Harper,Ryan E Correctional Officer – Union $107,904.04
Harper,Theresa L Deputy – Union $112,466.48
Hart,Laura M Fiscal Operations Manager II $74,285.76
Hart,Michael A. Deputy – Union $108,452.96
Hart,Randall A Investigator $28,194.40
Harter,Trevor R Workforce Youth $5,720.00
Hartman,Scott E Deputy County Admin $153,675.78
Hartwig,Jennifer A Accounting Assistant II $53,471.98
Harvey,Nicholas A DOT Maint Worker $74,688.00
Harwell,Kevin T Network Engineer $66,368.90
Hatfield,Ashley N Registry – LPN $13,572.00
Hauschild,Chad A Maintenance Tech I $69,779.20
Hawes,Carol A Certified Nursing Asst II $58,418.11
Hayes,Nicholas W Senior Probation Officer $71,931.12
Hayhurst,Ronnie F DOT Maint Worker $71,452.80
Hecke,Kristy Lee Field Staff Supervisor $66,425.06
Hefferan,Jennifer L Registry – LPN $13,572.00
Heiden,Shelby J. Court/Courtroom Spec III $49,729.80
Heidtke,Loretta I Registry – LPN $13,572.00
Hencin,Jennifer M Community Development Spec $78,241.56
Hendershot,Mark F. Correctional Officer – Union $114,166.96
Hendon,Jacob A Registry – CNA $5,357.57
Hendon,Jaime L Registered Nurse $61,167.88
Hengler,Frank J Correctional Officer – Union $54,775.60
Henniger,William L Deputy – Union $128,066.84
Henning,Bryan J Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Hennings,Scott A Asst County Engineer $112,774.86
Hensel,Robert M Maint Supervisor $101,399.64
Herbst,Nathan Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Herff,Thomas H Probation Officer $41,769.00
Hermie,Shannon N. Correctional Officer – Union $101,055.76
Hernandez,Miguel N Court Security Ofcr – Union $41,600.80
Hernandez,Sabrina S Env Health Practioner $52,871.34
Herreid,Pamela J Administrative Specialist I $44,858.84
Herrmann,Levi J Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Heuer,Laura F Accounting Assistant II $59,085.10
Hildebrandt,Malisa J Clerk II – Union $44,121.50
Hildreth,Paul G Deputy – Union $120,400.76
Hill,Danny R DOT Maint Worker $83,195.20
Hinderliter,Lauren P Certified Nursing Asst I $10,453.82
Hinojosa,Ronald G Food Service Assistant $37,609.39
Hirsch,Adam C Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Hodgson,Cynthia M Recorder Spec II $57,976.48
Hoffman,Charles F Deputy – Union $120,350.76
Hoffman,George M Principal Asst States Attorney $104,952.92
Hoffman,Nancy S Administrative Specialist II $47,182.86
Hoffmann,Bridget M Hlth Educator/Volunteer Coord $54,296.84
Holze,Scarlett M Registry – CNA $4,089.46
Homuth,Katie A Career Planner $65,308.24
Honea,Meghan K County Clerk Office Supervisor $44,000.06


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Ha-Ho — 6 Comments

  1. Overpaid, and rather flakey:

    Hoffman,George M Principal Asst States Attorney $104,952.92

  2. The health insurance at the county sucks.

    It is so unaffordable to most.

    No one can afford to use it which is evident because of the surplus of premiums.

    A single person who does not pay for insurance has a 2500.00 deductible and 4K out of pocket expenses.

    Now just imagine what a family of four pays.

    Not as prosperous as you think.

  3. That is a high deductible plan you are quoting numbers for and is optional.

    Singles receive $1250 tax free deposit into their HSA at the beginning of the year, if they spend less, they keep the remainder, a family receives $2500.

    My private high deductible plan only pays $1000 for family coverage at the beginning of the year.

  4. Freedomfighter is fighting for lazy government automatons, who rarely bathe.

    They teethe on kiwi fruit and spatulas.

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