Biden Broadens Title X Definition to Include Transgendered

From WIND’a morning email:

Biden Education Department Adds Transgender to Title IX Protections

Reinterpreting the Supreme Court decision on sex discrimination.  It could lead to schools being punished for not allowing boys to compete against girls.

National Review


Biden Broadens Title X Definition to Include Transgendered — 14 Comments

  1. Isn’t this consistent with Bostock vs. Clayton County, 590 U.S. ___ (2020), which dealt with Title VII and extended protections in the Civil Rights Act against discrimination in the workplace to gay and transgender Americans ?

  2. Bad news for girl athletes.

    How can feminists support this?

    Just shows the NOW feminists were not for women all along, but they were for abortion which killed at least 63 million plus babies, at least half of whom were girls.

    Think about that.

    Nice work ghouls!

    It is actually only 0.1% of the population that claims to be “transgender”.

    Most of those people are like this McHenry Township Clerk Dan Alyward, simply homosexual males who get off dressing, speaking, acting and, sometimes, living as women.

    They are nothing more than old-fashioned “transvestites”.

    This used to be a crime.

    By calling themselves “transgender” they confuse the public into thinking they are “transsexuals”.

    They are not “transsexuals”, they do not want a surgically constructed vagina.

    They want to keep the penis and testicles but want legal recognition as female because they claim their “gender” is feminine/female.

    This push for legal recognition as female even though they are biological males is called the “transgender agenda”. Democrats are supporting this attack on women and women’s rights.

    Two Democrat federal judges have already ruled in their favor, allowing biological black males to compete as females in sports competitions.

    My wife worked at Dress Barn in McHenry before it closed down.

    The sickoid men who tried on woman’s clothing there always creeped her and the customers out.

    Of the 7 or so she dealt with over the years, only one actually ever bought anything. (And that was a dress in a size he could never get into)

    The rest got off impersonating women, some left real messes in the changing room nobody wanted to clean up!

    Now this kind of perverted behavior is feted with parades, flags, politicians falling over themselves to promote the sickness, and, of course, indoctrination in schools IN KINDERGARTEN!

  3. And, the Biden Regime, headed by a doofus, senile, moron continues the destruction of our Nation started by his former boss, Barak Hussein Obama.

  4. Innocent chimp, go infect other people with your mental viruses.

    The Reaction is coming.

    And it’s coming for communists who spout insurrection and the stealing of votes and private property.

    PS: Boys are Boys and Girls are Girls.

    No amount of propaganda, falsehoods, love is love nonsense, wishing, magic crystals, high heels, pearl necklaces or Biden pronouncements is going to change Dan Alward or any other other ‘trans’ delusional into the gender opposite the one they were born with.

    No one is going to foist their insanity on me.


  5. There was a unanimous ruling today against gay couples and in favor of Catholic charities.

    And we got a 7-2 decision upholding Obamacare. Texas lost. Obamacare won.

    hehehe those SCOTUS people are so quirky!

  6. Just put them on license for six months and the problem will be solved.

  7. You guys miss the point.

    Groups like NOW are female supremacist movements, and always have been.

    Every “wave” of feminism has been about preferential treatment and not about some fake notion of “equality”.

    It’s only about achieving an equal outcome without the work or responsibility that comes with it.

    But there always has been corruption within because a movement like this can only survive when there is an outside source to give it the support that it needs.

    We’ve seen every supremacist movement used, exploited, and eventually tossed away when the elites are done using them.

    Just look at the KKK and the Democrat party for one such example.

    Here is the problem.

    All of the attempts to achieve fake equality have now backfired and the efforts of feminism have turned most women into the modern day slave class.

    They have higher debt, especially in educational debt.

    They typically have lower paying jobs, but not because of some made up “pay gap”.

    Rather, they still choose the same careers that they always have.

    They’ve succeeded only in passing their children off to the government to turn them into the next future slave class.

    And if they do even have families, many end up in relative poverty in late life when they are in nursing homes and had to reverse mortgage everything that they own back to their masters.

    What matters most to woke corporations is that women are still in charge of 80% of the spending; Used by woke corporations to become slaves who ultimately just hand back their earnings.

    All convinced that “generational wealth” is evil and patriarchal.

    In an attempt to gain the mythical equal outcome, it also means that a lot must be sacrificed.

    And the Utopian notion that this is attainable is just a carrot on a stick that’s constantly moving.

    All of these cult-like pro-LGBTQ groups may band together for a common cause (fake “equality”), but in the end they use one another for power and control but end up with nothing because they are the ones who are actually being used.

    The whole Title IX / trans sports issue is amusing to me.

    I don’t really care about it at all and see it as time for people to eat crow on the subject of gender differences.

    The sooner they acknowledge the insanity that they’ve been peddling, the more likely that we can return to at least some norm that we experienced a decade or so ago.

    The end goal isn’t about protecting women, or even people who pretend to identify as such.

    The end goal is to demoralize and homogenize the culture so much that they become even easier to control.

    All under the guise of “equality”.

    And people absolutely will be controlled if they don’t admit that they were lied to and unanimously reject the lie that men and women are exactly the same.

  8. Did you see the yass queen girl boss people and blue magats and black idpol people are fighting with the wacky socialists and progs? It’s glorious and funny.

    Every day Democrats and the left just eat each other.

    (Look at the headlines about infrastructure. The infrastructure went too far so they dialed it back. Now the crazy bernie people are saying they might not vote for it cuz it doesn’t go far enough lmao)

    It’s all because Stacy Abrams just endorsed some watered down “voting rights” bill that Manchin proposed as a compromise because he wasn’t down with HR 1.

    Some of the people who just spent an enormous amount of energy bashing Manchin don’t know what to think.

    The bill probably still has a bunch of stuff Republicans don’t like, BUT it has voter ID.

    Or what do you say if you spent an enormous amount of time kvetching about voter id laws but also propping up Stacy Abrams and now Stacy Abrams backs a Manchin bill for voter id? What a mess.

    This is why I don’t take people seriously who only talk about factions on the right.

    There are factions in both parties.

  9. Biden gifted $6000 custom bikes, Aviator glasses etc. to G7 leaders and Putin.

    They in turn pooled their resources to get Biden a Life Alert Bracelet.

  10. Biden like title XI in part from his friendship with that Chinese Communist Bastard.

  11. I hope some pansexual meets puppet man in an alley sometime…LOL….

  12. Being a one-horse race every time I hear a “bad news”, I am looking for an opportunity.

    I m convinced this is not all that bad. Girls growing up experiencing they CANNOT do everything the same or better boys can do is a win-win situation. You need to stop complaining about the law, and start promoting the fact.

    The fact is you can, and may create an athletic event where boys and transgenders are prohibited from competing. The event might be tiny, or you might get overrun by demand – you need to find out for a fact.

    Never trust what people promise, and never pay a dime for a bag of opinions. Act, do it, without delay.

  13. Prince cleansing what? I am not affected, I do not have a kid or kids affected, its up to the affected parents with kids affected to DO something. “Discussing it”, “Talking it about it” is not going to solve anything.

    Its not as if the alphabet people going to stop exciting anytime soon, and We, the Society, must show they are never going to be in the majority, they must accept the fact that they are the fringe.

    They try to act as if they were the “norm”.

    Show them they are wrong.

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