BMO-Harris Bank Preempts Signing of Illinois Juneteenth Holiday Bill

Take a look at the email that was sent to BMO-Harris Bank customers on Tuesday:

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed the bill yesterday.


BMO-Harris Bank Preempts Signing of Illinois Juneteenth Holiday Bill — 15 Comments

  1. The George Floyd riots, Joe Biden’s embrace of systematic anti-white racism and Donald Trump ‘losing’ the 2020 election has stimulated White America.

    If we were stagnating in the Trump years, it feels like we are on the cusp of a new surge in “domestic far right extremism” amid trends which are very reminiscent of Barack Obama’s second term.

  2. This post should make it clear, this isn’t just ‘joe biden’s embrace of systemic anti-white racism’…it’s everything.

    All levels of government including the military, the entire media/entertainment complex, the financial system, the education system, the tech sector, ad infinitum…it’s all becoming more and more anti-white.

    Anyone who seems to be fighting this is either a con, or has no institutional support (because every institution is now anti-white) and will go nowhere or be destroyed.

    This is a threat saturation strategy to crush white people into submission, and keep the ones who won’t submit from forming a united front.

  3. BMO, like any business, doesn’t need a formal declaration of a holiday to close for a day if they so choose.

    And before any joker wants to say a bank can’t close, I’ll give you this:

    1) June 19 this year is a Saturday. It’s a non-business day. Yes they can.

    2) I was in the industry for 25+ years. Yes they can.

    3) If you’re in need of a legal cite, you can refer to 12 CFR ss 7.3000, “National bank and Federal savings association operating hours and closings.” Yes they can.

  4. @corn pop

    And then like the green Hulk White America turned and said ” don’t make me angry you won’t like me when I’m angry”

    Too late !

  5. Most people wanting a product or service look for and expect value, quality, competence, integrity and honesty from companies, corporations and businesses.

  6. Never bank with one of the the big Corporate Communists – always bank with a credit union or community bank.

  7. Alabama, go infect other people with your lgbt viruses.

    The Reaction is coming. And it’s coming for communists who spout insurrection and the stealing of votes and private property.

    PS: Boys are Boys and Girls are Girls.

    No amount of propaganda, falsehoods, love is love nonsense, wishing, magic crystals, high heels, pearl necklaces or Biden pronouncements is going to change Dan Alward or any other other ‘trans’ delusional into the gender opposite the one they were born with.

    No one is going to foist their insanity on me.


  8. No viruses here – sorry to disappoint you.

    Also, strange that you’d want me to infect people with anything, but you do you, I guess.

  9. Also, strange that you’d bring your LGBT obsession to a post about commerating the end of slavery.

    But if you want to be obsessed with LGBT folks, fine by me.

  10. That bank is Canadian and has headquarters in Toronto and Montreal.

  11. Alabama, do you really gather dog poo to feast upon?

    That’s not a nice thing to do.

  12. I do gather dog poo. I then throw it in the garbage can.

    Great effort though – you qualify for the junior high playground attack olympics! Lucky for you, the attacks don’t have to be relevant to anything or make any sense.

  13. Concerned Citizen and Big Orange are correct.

    As someone with 30 years in this field, and with a PhD, banks may close whenever they desire.

    They are private businesses, although not always acting in the best interests of their depositors who are “unsecured creditors.”

    And, yes to the “becoming more anti-white” movement.

    If you open your eyes, it is everywhere.

    White = stupid, Black = smart on tv, movies, media, pop culture, and of course in academia.

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