Black Doctor Attacks Critical Black Theory — 35 Comments

  1. I’ve said it a million times.

    It’s not the black men who are pushing the lies of the race peddlers.

    It’s the communist politicians, woke corporations, and the useful idiots who hate those they oppose.

    And they are mostly using white women and weak males to do the dirty work.

  2. Also, a growing number of black men have come to realize how the communist politicians and white useful idiots (mostly women and limp-wristed males) have been turning their women and children against them for power and control. CRT is just another means to twist the knife once it’s a little deeper.

    You will all see that he’s not the last one who will stand up against this.

  3. One more Smart Black person who gets it.. in this sesspool now they all need to be rising up against these racist pigs that are trying to create a war…

    amongst us…

    and it all begat with the O.B. who still thinks he is the Prez!

    and wont shut his pie hole… till this day!

    get outta here with your deep state obummertics we are threw with your crap begone…

    we be moving up away from your BLM crap…

    go have a beer with yo buddy soros…, Opie..

  4. CBT – an evil, evil, evil and despicable BS promoted by the treachorous and dangerous Democrat Party. Why is this party still around given their racist opposition to free the slaves back in the 1800’s?. Who in their right mind votes for Democrats today? These are wretched and incompetent politicians at the top such as the moron and senile Biden and Pelosi and Schumer.

  5. This is the horror of affirmative action

    The question surrounding black professionals like this doctor are permanent.

    Did the the black professional get to his or her elevated status because of self merit, or was it the result of advancement and ‘breaks’ because of race?

    You cannot cure past inequities with new ones

    reverse discrimination is just as evil as past discrimination.

    Don’t fall for the communist lies.

  6. So you’re not going to refute his criticism of critical race theory?

    You’re just going to question who or what he is?

  7. All he is arguing about is his opinion about his own experience and any attempt to extrapolate that to others or to society at large would be faulty logic, that is, a faulty generalization. (“Well, I wasn’t oppressed, ergo . . . .” Not to mention the fact that he engages in another logical fault by arguing that he can’t be oppressed because he has two medical degrees, as if being educated means someone has never been oppressed.)

    So, in his opinion he hasn’t been oppressed; what does that say about CRT ?

    In my opinion, nothing.

    To the extent he is attempting to make a statement about American society in general, I disagree.

    I remember Brown vs. Board of Education and the decades long attempts to enforce federal desegregation orders (“segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”).

    Would you contend that widespread de jure and de facto school segregation wasn’t institutionalized racism ?

    And now we have the de jure and de facto purging of voter rolls, which disproportionately impacts “Guess Who”, as Woody would say, minority voters.—the-problem-of-purges-from-the-registration0/

    This based upon what proven widespread voter fraud ?

    Or is it merely a thinly veiled attempt to disenfranchise minority voters, among others ?

    So, no, I wouldn’t agree with such an opinion about American society and I believe any dispassionate view of our history would lead to the same conclusion.

    But then, I’m not an angry old white dude. (Although I am white and I am old.)

    “Get off my lawn !”

    Remember when you were growing up and there was an old coot like that in the neighborhood and you promised yourself that whatever else happened in life, you wouldn’t become that ?

    And as to credibility, well, a person’s credibility is always an issue, isn’t it ?

  8. Innocent Primate, you’ve completely missed the Doctor’s message.

    To marginalize his comments to *I have 2 degrees, therefore, Black people are not oppressed* would be a faulty generalization except that isn’t close to his message.

    Then with glee and arrogance, you include an example of racial oppression from 1959 as a confirmation of YOUR opinion.

    The point of why CRT is racist flew over your head.

  9. Do you think black people are held down by whites, Innocent Primate?

  10. Murmuring Mutton

    Well then, would you please inform me of exactly what his message is.

    And if it is CRT is racist, please specify exactly how it is racist.

  11. Critical Race Theory = hate whitey

    That’s all you need to know, but I’ll say more for those who are curious or confused.

    CRT is the Marxist dialectic applied to race.

    Oppressor v oppressed.

    Instead of landlord vs renter or boss vs laborer they just switched it to majoritarian race vs minority race.

    Modern western Marxists shifted the focus from class to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. because they could never have a class based revolution in the U.S., same as how the Italian communist revolution failed and Mussolini ended up in power instead.

    It’s all about creating a coalition of the “marginalized” to lead a revolution against those who have “power.”

    Making matters worse, this movement (which is a movement of intellectual elitists) is completely funded by neoliberal billionaire hedge fund managers and Wall Street cronies who regularly seek corporate welfare, so I’m not exactly sure what you think you are struggling for but it is definitely NOT for the communist utopia you desire.

    In fact, you are the pawns of the global finance capitalists (including bankers and stockbrokers) and the overall globalist capitalist hegemony you claim to despise.

    These are the same people who destroy the global south through erasure of their traditional cultures and outright war.

    How pathetic.

    Tell us how whites are oppressing blacks, Innocent Primate.

    If anything, whites are oppressed nowadays.

    Affirmative action puts less qualified minorities ahead of whites.

    Whites seem to be the only racial group that everybody can make fun of.

    People are expected to apologize for being white but they are celebrated if they are non-white. Businesses that discriminate against minorities are quickly shut down but businesses that discriminate against whites are heralded as brave and fighting for justice.

    Your jig is up, Innocent Primate.

    Even a good chunk of blacks are waking up to this America Last, Hate Whitey, I’m Powerless corporate sloganeering which is designed to make ALL OF US serfs for the globohomo neofeudal order run by elite megabusinesses (insanely wealthy entities that don’t treat their employees well and use every tool of government to crush small business and competition).

    Repent now before it’s too late, Primate.

    People are going to be a lot less forgiving towards you in the future. . .

    Some white dude in a trailer park is not holding black people down.

    Some inside traders, who may or may not be white but are probably Jewish if we’re being honest, are the ones holding everybody down.

    BLM is full of Frankfurt School Critical Theorists who are disproportionately Jewish, but somehow that can’t be mentioned when we talk about “power” and “equity.”

    Now BLM’s co-founder is purchasing a mansion!

    Yeah, man, fight the power!

    Their co-founders are all college educated, trained Marxists, and at least one is Jewish.

    A lot of CRT taught in the U.S. is based on the 1619 Project from Nikole Hannah-Jones whose work has been nearly universally panned by actual historians — criticized for being grossly inaccurate, opinionated, and biased.

    Like I said, the jig is up.

    It’s time for you to get right with the people and get right with God if you want to be shown any mercy.

    Critical Race Theory is about blaming everything on white people.

    It’s about hating white people and viewing them as the source of every problem.

    It treats white people as devils and subhumans.

    That’s how it’s racist.

  12. Correcting

    “Do I think black people are held down by whites” ?

    I believe some whites support institutional policies and practices that are disproportionately detrimental to non-whites.

    Don’t you think that’s true of, for example, members of the KKK and white supremacists ?

    But individual actions or beliefs aren’t the focus of CRT.

    It focuses upon institutional racism, such as institutional policies and practices (such as within the educational or legal system).

    A good example of the latter might be the difference between how the legal system punishes the possession and/or use of cocaine and crack, which are pharmacologically virtually identical.

    But while pharmacologically identical, the sentencing disparities between the two violations are great, with such disparity currently being approximately 18 to 1.

    Now, why is that ?

    Could it be because black people are more likely to be convicted of crack cocaine offenses (even though the majority of crack cocaine users are white) and white people are more likely to be convicted of powder cocaine offenses ?

    That’s something that CRT would focus upon.

  13. So we should hate whitey because crack laws are tougher than coke laws?

    I agree with you on sentencing disparities btw.

    I think drug laws in general are too tough (I’m probably more libertarian than most people on this blog).

    And does that affect blacks more?

    Yeah, I’ll concede that — it’s largely a function of income though, and there are some disparities in outcomes with races, sure.

    Maybe we should focus on class issues a bit more instead of race issues though, but CRT people don’t want to do that.

    They’ll call you a racist class reductionist if you do that.

    At the same time, I don’t think white people are actively conspiring to hold down black people.

    If anything, I think the majority of white people want black people to succeed.

    How does it help white people if black people are poor and commit a lot of crime?

    White people would love to see ghettos improve.

    I reject the whole premise that whites are out to get blacks, but unfortunately that is what many people in academia believe.

    I reject the broad brush notions about white people holding down black people.

    It’s just not like that.

  14. You gotta just stop hating white people bro it’s not going to work out well for you, believe me…

    I mean considering how so many black people want to beat you up regardless of your gay virtue signaling and now you’re sitting here ripping on white people…idk…

    Sounds like you don’t have a very good survival strategy bro.

    Imagine a world where your ass gets clobbered by blacks, and whites just laugh at you and don’t lift a finger to help you.

    You think you’re some fake lawyer so that’ll help but in an emergency situation you’re gonna be out on your own and nobody is going to fend for you, you’re ass is going to get battered and clobbered and beaten to a pulp bro that’s not good… whites will just just watch watch black people beat you up and they might think it’s funny and good but that was the choice you made big dog.

    Sorry it’s like that way but it is.

    Nobody is going to protect you you’re just going to have to fight for yourself but nobody will protect you man.

    Things are gonna be bad for you little homie.

  15. ** Critical Race Theory = hate whitey**

    Ah, the smart and thoughtful analysis that we’ve come to expect from commenters on McHenry County Blog. 🙄

  16. **I reject the broad brush notions about white people holding down black people **

    You must not read the comments on this blog.

    Also, what you reject is not the premise of CRT, but you do you.

  17. How is critical race theory NOT hate whitey?

    Give me one reason?

    Go ahead.

    Go ahead and tell us, idiot.

    You think you’re smart hahahahaha you’re a retard.

    You have not disproved ANYTHING I said.

    You’re a moron.

    You will never be smart.

    You are a tryhard idiot.

    Nothing you say is intelligent.

    You will never be accepted by black people.

    Plenty of black people would even beat you up, and I’d gladly watch them stomp your face in because it would be funny to see you get beaten up by people you pretend to care about.

    You are really a pathetic person bro.

    Literally what is your rebuttal?

    You don’t have one.

    Go suck Rich Miller’s penis you retard.

  18. Correcting

    Again, CRT has nothing to do with individual beliefs, opinions or hatreds. And now for good measure you take pot shots at the Jews and homosexuals. Just who, exactly, is doing the hating ?

  19. “you do you”

    Didn’t you already establish that you are not a woman or a homosexual?

    So why are you talking like one?

    Critical Race Theory is communist BS.

    You refuted NOTHING I said.

    Do you want to go ahead and overthrow the capitalists?

    I’d like to see you try.

    You’re too physically weak.

    I don’t think it would work for you.

    So instead you just insult white people on a blog to feel like a big man even though minorities still think you are a douchebag.

    It’s not going to work out for you in the long run.

    You might want to think about that…

  20. If your takeaway from CRT is “hate whitey” – you’re either doing it wrong or really don’t understand the basic concepts of CRT.

    CRT is about strucytrual and systemic racism – both intentional and unintentional. And it’s about what and how we can learn from it and in turn what can we do differently. As Because Science has said, multiple times, but you keep ignoring: it isn’t about individuals.

    Now, as to the rest of what appears to be your drunken rant.

    I have no idea what “talking like [women and homosexuals]” means, or why it would be a criticism. I have no idea why Rich Miller has anything to do with this conversation. And you literally know nothing about me and your absurd schoolyard attacks would be hilarious if not so pathetic.

    But I would recommend that you actually read some CRT, and not ignorant right wing articles about CRT. Because it is pretty clear that you have not done so. Maybe it would challenge some of your assumptions. Maybe it would help you be less racist/anti-Semitic.

  21. Cal – yes, Biden’s crimInal justice record in the past has been pretty terrible. I agree.

    What’s your point? Is this some attempt at gotcha? This was litigated heavily during the campaign. It was an is one of the things I most dislike Biden, and one of many reasons I supported someone else in the primary.

  22. “systemic racism” from who?

    It blames white people.

    You can weasel around and call it white supremacy or whiteness (moving the goalposts when you get caught), but it’s a hate whitey, blame whitey movement.

    -I am familiar with what Black Lives Matter says
    -I have read books on “anti-racism”
    -I have seen power points that critical race theory and equity training people present to corporations and government
    -I follow people who subscribe to critical race theory
    -I have had professors who believe in critical race theory

    People like you just say that others don’t “understand” it.

    People understand it just fine.

    People have been seeing what their kids learn during the pandemic and they are appalled.

    Why do you think there is a nationwide backlash?

    It’s not because parents don’t understand the nuance of it.

    It’s because CRT is BLATANTLY anti-white.

    One of the people that “anti-racists” love is Kendi who says discrimination is fine if it’s against white people.

    He’s very open about that.

    Many anti-racists, critical theorists, and assorted leftists feel that way and are open about it.

    You’re spinning and deflecting.

    You’re a liar, Shake.

    ou promote anti-white bigotry and the most pathetic thing is that you are a white person doing it.

    “It isn’t about individuals”

    Ok then what is this “system?”

    What is a “system” if not a network of individuals?

    Who establishes the “system”?

    Who put the “system” into being?

    Who has “power” in the “system” and who is “oppressed”?

    It blames white people.

    Your deflections are just more college idiot gobbledygook.

    You people just think you’re smart, but you are not smart.

    Critical race theory teaches people to hate the non-existent “system” of “white supremacy.”

    Now that you guys got caught you’re doing damage control.

    Boo hoo your little communist terrorist teaching 101 is getting cancelled by PARENTS all across the country.

    You won’t be teaching little Billy to hate himself.

    You won’t be brainwashing the youth into having a helter skelter event.

  23. Cal Skinner

    You’re correct. Biden did support that disparity, which I believe he now admits was a mistake.

    But it was a mistake shared by a lot of members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

  24. Coca Cola says be “less white.”

    I guarantee the people who came up with that are well versed in critical race theory.

    That didn’t come out of a vacum.

    It didn’t come from someone who is NOT college educated.

    What does it mean to be white?

    Why should people be less white? Are you willing to talk about this?

    Since you’re defending critical race theory, could you tell us about “whiteness”?

    What is “whiteness” that critical race theorists talk about?

    You say it’s not about individuals and yet I see people who advocate critical race theory saying all white people are racist.

    Anybody with a search engine can look this stuff up.

    You are gaslighting and trying to pretend CRT is something other than that which it is.

    At least be honest that you are trying to weaponize minorities against white people to cause more strife and destroy small businesses because you’re a pawn for big business, big banks, and big government.

    Perhaps you could ameliorate your white guilt by giving away half of your income to a black organization.

    Personally, I think people like you should be in an insane asylum at best.

  25. Demonstrate that you under what CRT actually is, and I’ll believe that you understand it.

    Until then, I can only observe what you say, which is a total lack of understanding. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    CRT isn’t a movement. It’s an academic theory.

    And I *LOVE* how you say “I understand CRT: I know am familiar with what Black Lives Matters says.”

    Thanks for continuing to demonstrate your lack of understanding.

    “People like you should be in an insane asylum, at best”

    LOL – what a joke.

    People that disagree with you should be looked up as crazy.

    Cool cool.

    And what is that “at worst?”

    As for me being a liar?

    I’ve never lied on here, despite you claiming so multiple times.

    And each time I have demonstrated how I haven’t lied.

    Sorry that facts matter – I know that you and many others seem to wish otherwise.

    Sorry to disturb your little racist echo chamber y’all have here.

  26. “When you are aware of the peanut butter in the egg roll, the egg roll doesn’t taste as good.” -Ancient Chinese proverb

  27. ** You lie through distortion and omission.**

    Says the guy who claims CNN is going to be pushing Pol Pot. LOL

  28. funny how this does not go viral on the media.. they always seem to ignore these types of good people..

  29. Alabama Snake is a turd. Turds ought to be flushed.

    Putin reminds me of Daniel Craig playing James Bond, Joe Biden reminds me of Leslie Nielsen playing Frank Drebin from The Naked Gun.

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