John Kass Leaving Tribune

Chicago Tribune columnist must have received an offer he could not refuse.

He writes a “good-bye” column today.

John Kass’ last Chicago Tribune column.

That means the Tribune is left with no conservative columnist.

In it, he thanks his “legmen”:

Liam Ford (Slim), Courtney Flynn (Mrs. Flynn), Matt Walberg (the Swede), Tom Rybarczyk (Spartacus), Jason Meisner (Wings), Angie Leventis Lourgos (Shooter) and William Lee (Old School).

Will there be a reason to continue subscribing to the paper.

It is also reported that 25% of its reporters are retiring.


John Kass Leaving Tribune — 19 Comments

  1. That’s why I just had an email offer for .25 cents a month for 6 months.

    New owners getting desperate.

  2. The Libune craters thanks to the Lefties who destroy everything they come in contact with.

  3. Trib is a squib.

    [ skwib ]

    1. Journalism. a short, tendentious story, often used as a filler.
    2. a small, defective firework, consisting of a tube or ball filled with powder, that burns with a hissing noise terminated usually by a slight explosion.
    3. a firecracker broken in the middle so that it burns with a hissing noise but does not explode.

    Long gone are the days when the Tribune was a real paper. Such as here when FDR’s crooked scheme to get us into WWII was shockingly exposed with leaked war dept. docs:

    KASS was way too good for that feces rag.

  4. Looked forward to reading this newspaper on Sundays. That was many, many years ago.

  5. The Tribune is tanking as is all print media.

    Hopefully the NWHerald (aka The Daily Franks) will not be far behind.

  6. ** The Libune craters thanks to the Lefties who destroy everything they come in contact with.**

    What Chicago Tribune have you been reading?

    Because that paper sure isn’t catering to the “Lefties.”

    It’s editorial board/decisions have also been quite conservative.

  7. To Alabama, anything this isn’t pedophile, Tranny Flag, Che Guevara, It Takes a Village, Bernie Sanders orientated, is ‘quite conservative.’

    Hey Alabama is Hillary too moderate for you?

  8. When a Sunday Paper, the Trib is 5.75 a copy, you’re not going to have many buyers. and their online trick is to offer a low subscription price to join and then stick it you good a few months later—

    And John Kass wasnt the only last column today; Mary Schmich and Heidi Steven are gone too.

    Both of them are softie liberals, but what they’re losing, including with Kass, is a local decades long connection to Chicago and local politics.

    The new owners will make this thing now all about National stories with little local connection or influence.

    Even their Sports sucks now—a hole Rosenbloom took the buyout, but again he had his pulse on local teams and dealings.

    Be nothing now but national people and cub copy boys trying to tell us how things are.

    Find your own sources of news, both locally and otherwise.

    The old standbys are now dead.

    Unless you want Mary Mitchells take on White people from the Sun Times.

    No Thank You.

  9. Dianne, my bad, it was .25 a week for 6 months, with tax it was $6.50
    Post date

    Chicago Tribune Subs 312-546-7900 Tx

    $6.50 Charge

  10. Sad day. His family is from the same locations as mine in Greece and he grew up in the same location in Chicago that I did. Then we were not far away from each other as young adults. Have always really enjoyed his work and felt a connection to him given our background. I hope to meet him one day.

  11. The Chicago Tribune is loaded with leftie local and syndicated articles, mostly accompanied by said columnists. 🙁😮

  12. Shalom Ya’All

    Maybe George Soros will by what’s left of the Tribute platform and take it to new heights.

    Stay Ignorant My Friends,

    The Most Interesting Jew in the World

  13. Uber Jew are you really a Jew? Keyboard trolling on your govt ‘job.’?

    Or perhaps this is your job.

  14. Uber Jew doesn’t know the difference between “buy” and “by” and accuses others of being ignorant.

    Uber Hypocrite would be a more appropriate moniker.

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