Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Mi-Ne

During the coming days, McHenry County Blog will publish total compensation estimates for County employees.

The figures include salary and fringe benefits including health insurance, uniform allowance, pension, etc.

Mikan,Tyler G Assistant State’s Attorney $70,913.78
Milam,Alicia M Env Health Practioner $42,354.00
Mill,Glenda K Clerk I $16,104.40
Millar,Regina T Court/Courtroom Spec I $28,275.00
Miller,Amanda R Clerk III – Union $48,696.56
Miller,Brian C Senior Asst States Attorney $99,113.72
Miller,Christine T Food Program Coordinator $72,050.72
Miller,Glenda L County Treasurer $138,166.94
Miller,John L Deputy Sheriff LT $141,034.36
Miller,Savanna F Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Miller,Susan J Board of Review Alt $6,500.00
Mintle,Rachel A Emerg Prep & Response Facil $68,798.86
Mishler,Brian T Correctional Officer – Union $73,502.76
Mitchard,Sandra M Legal Admin Supervisor $49,237.50
Mitchell,Alexis N Registry – CNA $3,774.31
Mitchell,Jamee M Legal Admin Specialist I $45,869.96
Mitchell,William J Certified Nursing Asst I $53,677.82
Molbeck,Kenneth M Custodian – Union $45,114.66
Montana,Concepcion Administrative Specialist I $54,585.72
Moors,David B. Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56
Morales,Teresa L Registry – RN $15,600.00
Moreno,Rosendo A Correctional Officer – Union $107,904.04
Morgan,Barbara Correctional Officer – Union $105,069.28
Morris,Dennis Network Manager I $118,741.86
Morris,Jeremy R Communication Coord/Supv $96,909.00
Morrow,Brian D Deputy – Union $128,066.84
Mourelatos,Angelo J. Supervisor Public Defender $98,139.22
Mrozek,Mark J Court Security Ofcr – Union $43,493.60
Mueller,Steven M Court Security – Non Union $3,505.00
Mullen,David M Detective – Union $120,400.76
Mullen,Kathy L Correctional Officer – Union $120,669.64
Mundt,Riley B Probation Officer $50,752.62
Muraski,Michael R. Deputy Sheriff LT $141,034.36
Murawski,Savannah E Court/Courtroom Spec II $42,358.80
Murray,Dana M Probation Officer $58,973.22
Muska,Phil Plumbing Inspector $73,396.98
Myk,Stanley H Deputy – Union $120,400.76
Naatz,Christopher L Deputy – Union $82,744.16
Nakoneczny,Alexis J Registry – CNA $4,089.46
Namatovu,Bernadette C Public Health Nurse $69,624.62
Neilsen,Kenneth S Deputy Sheriff LT $141,034.36
Neilson,Denise E Recorder Spec I $39,925.34
Nejdl,Christine Asst. Director, Workforce $82,121.54
Nellessen,Andrew M DOT Maint Worker $74,688.00
Nelson,Kent E Corrections SGT $101,118.00
Nesbit Burnett,Taylor A Principal Asst States Attorney $100,278.78
Ness,Suzanne M County Board Member $41,295.54
Nevitt,Cheryl A Radio Dispchr – Union $89,572.96
Nevitt,Lynzi N Clerk III $47,744.84
Newbold,Bryan E Correctional Officer – Union $113,003.56


Estimated McHenry County Salaries (Really, Total Compensation), Fiscal Year 2021, Mi-Ne — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, you went from Ma to Mi names. I can’t believe there aren’t any people
    working in the County between Ma and Mi.

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