Gaslighting in Politics is Real

From “Pride Before the Fall”, Red State 6/21/21, caricature of Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, city’s 1st openly gay mayor elected in 2018

“Even after Mayor [of Oakland, CA]…found out the ropes were for exercise and were put up by a black man, she said ‘intentions don’t matter’. We know. Gaslighting doesn’t require facts. It requires the opposite.” — Jim Thompson, Red State 6/21/21

From the desk of John Lopez: Seeing some of the recent comments in my article about the IL-16 race, and my use of the term “gaslighting” and thoughtful commenters making assertions I don’t know what “gaslighting” is (just because they’re thoughtful, doesn’t make them right all the time), the incomparable freelance writer/cartoonist Jim Thompson, who’s newest gig is writing for Red State, showed me that, if I’m not right, I’m in good company.

This morning’s Thompson column, aptly titled “Pride Before the Fall” concerns the tragic accident in Ft. Lauderdale over the weekend at a gay pride event, touched upon gaslighting in context of a false narrative.

Thompson, based in California whose career includes 29 years as a trial lawyer and 35 years as an editorial sports cartoonist, doesn’t sound like a man who doesn’t know his subject matters.

Thompson’s latest Red State column can be viewed here.

For context to Thompson’s take on Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis, and his taking back his terrorist claim from over the weekend, local media can be viewed here.


Gaslighting in Politics is Real — 4 Comments

  1. This is to be expected from the profoundly disturbed degenerates wherever they are found.
    Drag Queen story time anyone ?

  2. Thompson’s use of gaslighting here isn’t the same as your use of gaslighting, so I’m not really sure how you’re in good company?

  3. In that article and on Twitter you accused Jack Lombardi of gaslighting.

    Why/how do you feel Lombardi is gaslighting? What are the specific examples of it? If you can make a convincing case, I’ll admit you are right.

    Before you mention the “raising children” point which you have written about in another article attacking Lombardi, I’ll add that I think that was sort of a weak argument too and a stretch. Not sure if Lombardi meant raising kids to be 18. He may have just been alluding to the fact that she is childless and not married — not implying she should have pushed out a kid at 10 years old.

    The one thing he may be gaslighting about is when he said he has never brought up Catalina’s personal life until recently. I don’t know if that’s true or not. If you have receipts of him lying about that, that could make your case stronger. Any other examples of him gaslighting are also welcome since that’s what you accused him of doing.

    In the case of Florida, not sure if I’d call what happened an example of gaslighting (though I’m not necessarily ruling it out either). That seemed to be more of a case of bandwagon effect and people being constantly in a pre-pissed state, people constantly wanting to attack the other side. Bad thing happens, blame other side. Twitter mobs are nuts. Saying, “I’ll wait for the facts to come out” just gets you labelled a pussy or a traitor by both sides.

    Haven’t read Thompson’s article so no opinion on that.

  4. Mr. Lopez the whole gay-trans agenda is one gigantic, multiplex gaslighting operation.

    When that illegal alien moslem took out 49 gays and gay followers in the Pulse Hit in FL, the media was all over the airwaves about right wing extremism.

    Just another hoax to gaslight the stupid, naive, millennial or retarded listener.

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