Crain’s Warns of ComEd Rate Hike If “Energy” Bill Passes

I don’t subscribe to Crain’s Chicago Business, but the article teaser below tells the story that that the Chicago Tribune thought was not the most significant part of the Commonwealth Edison bailout bill:

So, do you favor paying higher electric rates to keep nuclear plants open?

Bryon Nuclear Power Plants

Should ratepayers be on the hook again for a regulated monopoly which is both crooked and inept?

To learn what the opposition has to say about the latest ComEd rate hike plan, go to

Or do you think capitalism allow supremely profitable companies to pay the price for failure?


Crain’s Warns of ComEd Rate Hike If “Energy” Bill Passes — 4 Comments

  1. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    That’s the price of DEMOCRAT corruption that must be payed.

    Illinois residents put deep into the trick bag once again.

  2. Keep the nukes and eliminate the corruption.

    Yeah, I know, I know…..

    Hard to get rid of crooked democRATs and RINOs.

  3. Cal, one can read Crains free online, if one knows how to get around the paywall. 🤓

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