Kira Davis On Reparations on The Babylon Bee

Kira Davis

In video released yesterday, Kira Davis plays multiple roles in The Babylon Bee sketch about reparations

From the desk of John Lopez: Please remember The Babylon Bee is about political satire, and given Kira Davis is a freelancer, and her editor-at-large role at the Red State blog is only one of her gigs.

As readers of The Babylon Bee recognize, The Bee has a better grip on reality than the mainstream news media most of the time.

And for added incidental humor, be sure to read the crawl at the bottom of the YouTube screen for more laughs, The Babylon Bee style.

Video is little over 3 minutes long, enjoy.

The entire weekly podcast of The Babylon Bee (little over an hour) with Kira Davis as guest can be viewed here and includes the real story of The New York Times printing a retraction about The Bee.


Kira Davis On Reparations on The Babylon Bee — 8 Comments

  1. Quite the revealing video about the insanity of the Left which I am forwarding to Mayor Lootfoot.

  2. Reparations are fine ONLY if Democrats and those who have voted Democrat, including for the moron doofus Biden, have to pay.

    It was the Democrats back in the 1800’s who wanted slavery and fought Republican President Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves.

  3. Kira is pro-Juneteenth so I’m not going to give her a pat on the head for making “ha ha funny satire” about reparations. Juneteenth paves the way for reparations.

  4. Reparations coming down the pike.

    They’ll squander that moolah and come back to the well.

    How about $100k to each person who can prove to be a slave descendent?

    But they’d have to give up US citizenship and head to Liberia.

    That would be a great deal.

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