Dundee Township Supervisor Resigns from Lake County Position

Arin Thrower

Arin Thrower resignation as Lake County’s communications director effective after June 30

As previously reported by Cal from the Village of Algonquin about the resignation of Village Trustee Jim Steigert effective after June 30, the 75 years old’s resignation, being billed as retirement, is not the only resignation at the end of this month for an elected official.

According to a Friend of McHenry County Blog, newly minted Dundee Township Supervisor Arin Thrower (I, West Dundee) announced at last week’s Dundee Township Board meeting she is leaving her Lake County position as communications director on June 30.

Starting July 1, Thrower will be a full-time supervisor for Dundee Township.

During the campaign leading up to the April 6 election, Thrower’s potential “double-dipping” was brought up.

After Thrower’s successful election over incumbent Supervisor Trish Glees (D, West Dundee), local Republicans had expressed concern about Thrower holding both public sector jobs within two local units of Illinois government.

From the desk of John Lopez: Thrower made the right call to resign from her Lake County full time job. While both her Lake County position, her elected position in Dundee Township and her previous job as public information officer for the City of Wheaton all pay into the same pension fund, her supervisor role as an elected official does need her focus as her only public sector employment.

Thrower, who makes $59K in her first year as supervisor (+ $1,000/year as Dundee Road District treasurer), has expanded duties as the township supervisor, given the township’s open space district.

Plus, commuting to Lake County everyday is likely something Thrower will not miss after the end of the month.


Dundee Township Supervisor Resigns from Lake County Position — 6 Comments

  1. Not only will she no longer have to commute to Lake County, she will have a 59K job that involves virtually no work.

    Duties of Township Supervisor:

    (1) Distribute interim public assistance benefits. (Probably fewer than 2 or 3 applicants per month whose intake interview is done by an assistant and are given one check for a few hundred dollars also prepared by the assistant).

    (2) Sign the payroll checks for the Road District (Prepared probably by a commercial payroll vender)

    (3) Maintain township cemeteries (Tiny little used relics of the 19th Century which are maintained by a landscaping company contracted for by the township);

    (4) In Dundee Township, supervise the Open Space District (ie make sure it is still “open”).

    (5) Prepare agenda for and chair monthly township meetings (Agendas are mostly fill in the blanks from one month to the next and meetings are usually concluded in 30 minutes or so).

    Good work if you can get it!!

  2. Because is right.

    Now she’s on permanent vacation.

    Although undoing the damage of Lutzow and Kelly may take years.

  3. Mr. X:

    This is Dundee Township in Kane County.

    Not Algonquin Township in McHenry County.

    But the same thing applies.

  4. And we have townships, but why?

    Iowa’s doesn’t. California got rid of them all in the 1920’s.

    I have never met a lazier government worker than township hold bricks.

    Maybe some are good.

    But I’ve yet to find any after over 50 years!

    Take my Road Commissioner Goad.

    I had a culvert matter, I really had to “goad” him to get any work done.

    And it was still a half-assed job!

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