Grafton Township GOP Golf Outing Saturday — 7 Comments

  1. I’d go, with a friend, but I don’t wanna get stuck with RINOS like gay flag waver Buehler or the tranny County Clerk Backward Aylward to make a foursome.

  2. That’s a great logo though for the local GOP.

    Pretty messed up.

    I will NOT be going.

  3. Yeah, start using that logo on the put up Rinos.

    We really need to rinse them out.

    Armed folks are citizens, unarmed folks are subjects. True a thousand years ago, still true today, will be true in the year 3021.

    But our GOP toads on the County Board will not pass a Second Amendment Sanctuary County ordinance.

    Too Bad Wheeler died he was one of the few good County Board members.

  4. If the GOP transgendered Pride Parade Dandy and Poster Gay, Dan Aylward*
    goes to that event to prance about and get his needed attention, he’ll need a new category.

    Not man, not woman, but Transvestite.

    *who deceived voters when he ran as a male in April, 2021 as a Republican.

  5. What a bunch of whiners you are! Just send a check if you’re so offended.

    Then, encourage good people to run for office.

    If you change your minds and decide to play, please wear something noticeable, so I can hit into your foursome.

    I’ll be sure to count an extra stroke.

    It’ll be worth it.

    Smile, you might enjoy it.

  6. Is Thisone4One Joe “freeloader” Gottemoller, the genius who drove the wrong way on an interstate hgwy?

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