Republicans Gear Up For July 4th Parade in Crystal Lake

From McHenry County Republican Parade Chairman Orville Brettman comes this announcement:

The message on the rear of the GOP Independence Day Parade contingent did not resonate statewide at the last election.

​Join the Parade

The Republican Party of McHenry County will be forming up at the Parade position #26 in the Municipal lot at 100 W. Woodstock Street. Crystal Lake, IL. at 10:30 am on the 4th.

Only Parade vehicles are allowed in the Lot and there are no drop offs in the lot so please park nearby and walk in to join us.

We anticipate a very good parade this year and look forward to seeing many of our old friends and new ones as well, as we celebrate our hard-won independence.

= = = = =

With the primary election pushed back to a year from now, Sunday will be the first opportunity for prospective candidates to tout their candidacies.


Republicans Gear Up For July 4th Parade in Crystal Lake — 6 Comments

  1. Will Buehler affix a homosexual flag on his convertible like the one he forced on the county bldg flagpole for ‘imaginary pride’?

    Will the ugly transvestite GOP Clerk, Aylweird, attend the parade in drag, and if so, will he wear his pearl necklace with the blonde wig and high heels, or will he wear his Trump muumuu with his orange wig?

  2. Wylie, Buehler didn’t force anything.

    It was proclaimed last year before he was even Chairman.

    He just brought it to the floor for a vote as to whether the board wanted to continue pandering to a ‘Lifestyle.’

    If we had real Republicans on the board, the vote to renew the proclamation would have failed.

  3. Hey Oak, I’m not buying your defense of Buehler.

    Prim stages queer events, too. On the taxpayers’ acct!

  4. Go to the courthouse and look up Alyward’s order of protection cases.

    A real hoot.

    What a lifestyle.

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