$200 Raised by Those Demonstrating Against Prairie Grove Fine for Business’ Flying American Flag

Glanetti’s restaurant.

On Route 176 in Prairie Grove is a restaurant called Glanetti’s.

Gianelli’s staff.
Some Saturday demonstrators.

A person attending wrote,

Terry Trobiani, owner of Giannelli‘s Restaurant Prairie Grove,, Illinois, was given a “hard time” for flying large American flags on the Fourth of July at his restaurant. 

Glenn Swanson, , Brian Rowe, Tonya Franklin, Pam Burris and Michelle Berlin

Sign and Banner Ordinances are meant to cut down on general clutter in a village.

Maureen Huff, Theresa Fronczak and Tina Paskey.

 I really don’t believe the size and number of American flags a person could show at their home or business was meant to be regulated.

Leigh Mersch and Michelle Berlin.

Please visit this small business which has always supported Police and First Responders.

There were at least two “Don’t Tread on Me “flags.

The food is excellent and is reasonably priced.  Some of Terry’s friends flew their American Flags for him today!

Karen Tirios of McHenry Gounty GOPac, standing with Frankie O’Sullivan, holds $200 raised from demonstrators to pay Prairie Grove’s fine.

Patriots raised money to pay his fine and will be going to speak out against the fine and harassment at the next board meeting. 

Other photos of the demonstrators follow:

Glen Swanson, Orv Brettman, Jeff Thorsen, Joe Tirio, Gary Daugherty and Liz Perkey.
Joe Tirio, David Hellyer, Owner of Gianelli’s Terry Trobiani  and Mary Heisler
Mike Pieroni, Karen Tirio and Karen Pieroni.
Cathy Klocek and Janness Abraham.
Monster Truck
Other side of the Monster Truck.

Not pictured: John & Kathy Pletz, Debbie Deddon, Franl Noel, Denise LaForest, Bill Weber, Diane Donnelly, Suzette & Dale McFarland, Beth Baeckelandt.


$200 Raised by Those Demonstrating Against Prairie Grove Fine for Business’ Flying American Flag — 30 Comments

  1. The next board meeting should be quite the spectacle to attend as many are pissed off
    with the local power mad fascists attacking and bullying small businesses.

  2. I’m actually quite amazed that any Boggy Bottom or Snodsbury Board, even in Illinois, would be stupid enough to touch this third rail.

  3. Just an empirical observation, but this Joe Tirio fellow appears to be one Il. Pol, who enjoys and likes being around other people.

  4. Cal, I think those are just trucks with lift kits, not monster trucks.

    Those tires don’t look too big.

    How was the food there?

  5. Over 20 people were there, and all that was raised was $200!!!!

    Don’t Hire Hanlon as your lawyer Dude.

  6. Suppression of the flying of the US Flag never wins in court.

    Determined in courts across the land to be free speech over and over and over.

    Seems like Gianellis and that whole corner are practically the only businesses in their town.

    Seems like they’d like to have none.


  7. Nob, they raised “only” $200, which was his fine.

    No need to collect more.

    We’re not Democrats.


  8. As for the collecting only $200.00 this wasn’t a fundraiser.

    Terry could clearly afford the $200.00 this was just a token showing of support for a good and generous and Patriotic business owner.

    I for one got money back because they truly just wanted to make a statement.

    As for the “Monster Truck” correct it is not.

    However it is significantly larger than most and rides on 38 inch tall tires.

    The truck however was built to be an “in your face” celebration and support of our Military as well as Law Enforcement and all First Responders and for.

    22 a day which is the current amount of active and retired Military and Police lives lost to suicide every day!!

    The truck is known as the
    and can be found on Facebook and YouTube

  9. The mayor of that town, Dave Underwood seems like a pretty patriotic kind of guy.

    Was this some self important Village hack who did this?

    What happened, he didnt get a free meal when he stopped by on a Village business call so this is payback?

    Makes no sense whatever the reason.

    Glad folks showed up and raised money.

  10. It’s sad that the leadership of the Republican party has come to this.

    This protest was nothing burger.


    Although I’ve had the burgers there and they’re pretty good.

    It’s too bad the party doesn’t actually help real candidates or get involved in local elections that matter like the schools and the municipalities.

    I’d rather get behind this piddly b******* or support a psychopath like Trump than do anything really of value.

    This is why we’re literally one or two election cycles away from the Democrats taking over in the county.

  11. With Glen Swanson involved, I’m surprised the event want sabotaged.

  12. Paul, ever hear of unincorporated?

    It is not included in the maps of either Prairie Grove, Oakwood Hills or Crystal Lake.

    Maps are interesting.


  13. What police department would be the first on scene in case of an event?

  14. Would have to be County then.

    STRONGLY doubt a contract with Holiday Hills really f*cked up right now, yeah?

    Or Prairie Groves like, 2 officers?

    I know I’ve seen squads directing shift change traffic, but can’t honestly tell you that the displayed jurisdiction registered with me.

    I know they were marked, but…🤷‍♂️


  15. What does that truck do for a living?

    What kinds of day to day hauling in its pickup bed?

    Landscape materials?


    Does a 4×8 plywood fit in its bed?

    Is it hard to load and unload being it is so high up off the ground?

  16. who ever fined them should be tried for TREASON!

    WE the people have rights … .. as an AMERICAN CITIZEN…

  17. How ironic it is that “nob” posts anonymously about me after I defended the right to do so on this blog.

    He is certain to receive a document that will test his convictions.

  18. Mr. Mohr:

    A very special friend will look forward to meeting you on Oak Crest, in Cary at a time of my choosing to deliver an invitation for you to back up your incontinent mouth.

  19. We had a guy up north, Kirk Bangstad, who insisted his political signs did not have to follow zoning rules.

    He made a lot of noise, and ultimately came off as arrogant because the rules everyone else had to follow should not apply to him.

    He lost his state rep election.

  20. Seems like a lot of protesting over nothing substantial.

    Why don’t these people replace the municipal tyrants?

  21. yOU SHOULD GET GOOD COVERAGE – YOUR STORY JUST ON real news – fox news –


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