Crystal Lake Teachers’ Union Members Attend Crystal Lake Biden Speech

From the Illinois Education Association:

IEA members attend President Joe Biden’s speech at McHenry County College

CRYSTAL LAKE – Two IEA members were special guests of President Joe Biden when he made his appearance at McHenry County College last week.

Karen Shuman, president of the McHenry County College Adjunct Faculty Association, and Mike Sayre, a member of the High School District 155 Education Association, were able to meet the President during his visit to Crystal Lake.

Sayre was invited by the President to attend after he wrote a letter to President Biden about how hard it is to find affordable childcare. President Biden addressed Sayre directly during his comments at the college. Shuman was a guest of IEA.

Biden Mike Sayre and children meet President Biden at MCC. From CLCHS Facebookl page.

Biden visited the community college to promote his “Build Back Better” plan, which offers free community college for first-time students, increases Pell Grants, builds an apprenticeship program, ensures access to free preschool, builds wraparound supports such as child care at community colleges, as well as other programs Biden has called an investment in the American people.

Sayre, a single father and high school teacher, wrote a three-sentence letter to the President on Sun., July 4, noting how difficult it is to find before-school care for his 9-year-old twins.

The White House reached out to him on Monday and asked him to attend President Biden’s appearance. Sayre and his twins were able to meet the President and speak with him briefly.

“He told me his story about being a single parent of young kids and said he really wants to help with childcare costs,” Sayre said.

“I’m going into my second year of being a single parent and doing this and it occurs to me how much this affects my students – how many don’t come to school because they are taking care of their siblings, making lunches, or holding their baby brother during Zoom calls and trying to do Math.”

Sayre said he thinks Biden truly believes in his plan and that he was encouraged about Biden’s plan to invest more money in school infrastructure, free community college and more dual credit classes.

“As an educator, I liked what he had to say,” Sayre said.

“My kids are only nine now, but they’ll be college age one day and to get that springboard into the workforce would be amazing!”

For Shuman, an adjunct faculty member, she was able to make connections with politicians to help them understand some of the unique issues that adjuncts face, as well as meet the President.

“It was such an exciting experience. For me, it was like meeting the ultimate TV or movie star, I’m a political junkie,” Shuman said. “He was very sharp and very kind.”

She said she was touched by the fact that he mentioned years ago, people were blown away by the idea that students would one day have access to 12 years of free public education.

“Now, it’s the norm. So, expanding it to 14 by offering two years of free community college seems the logical next step.

“Civilization and cultures stop when they stop learning.

“Education is the cornerstone of strong economics, lower poverty, lower additions, lower self-harm, lower emotional distress, and he recognizes that and he highlighted it in his speech and all the contextual things around it – making sure people can get to school, afford child care as they return to school as adults.

“And, that’s how you build a great society,” Shuman said.

And, a key to that learning are adjunct faculty, who often have to string multiple jobs together to make the bare minimum salary.

“Not going to change anything for adjunction faculty in higher education until we can talk to politicians and help them understand.

“Adjuncts are treated unfairly in the culture of their schools and in the understanding of their community.” Shuman hopes connections made at the event will help their plight.


Crystal Lake Teachers’ Union Members Attend Crystal Lake Biden Speech — 28 Comments

  1. You brought the kids?!

    I said no spoilers for kids under the age of 18, on who’s going to pay for this.

  2. The brain washing starts early with the teachers kids.

    Here we see them being inducted into the rank and file army of useful idiots.

  3. Why is he a single parent?

    Why is he whining like a 3 year old?

    Comical. Grow some balls

  4. Biden said the exact same think to the kids in the preschool.

    Guess he can’t memorize 2 different responses and we KnOW he can’t speak off the cuff.

    Also he’s looking at that little boy as if he’s a ham sandwich!

    Wonder if this picture was taken before or after Biden sniffed him!?

  5. Diane Evertsen and various GOP officials were also there.

  6. Paul, maybe his wife is dead?

    Kind of like the young Joe Biden?


  7. Careful on tips given by Joe, he raised Hunter, realized Hunter has a huge drug problem and still used him as his International bagman for the Biden family.

    Left or Right, he’s just a bad man and a worse parent.

    Take no advice from this demented monster.

  8. But Amphenol, when you’re an elected official, it’s not just about you or your own views, you are now a representative of that municipality, that Board.

    That includes also representing in person for events such as this.

    Just showing up.

    You want to help insure a positive outcome and exposure for your organization.

    Not showing would just be bitchy pouting, and I think THAT would have been a disgrace.

    You honor your office.


  9. This wasn’t a college trustee matter.

    No need for Evertsen to be there other than ego.

    In fact MCC and Biden closed down our taxpayer paid community college to host this sales job of Communism.

    The Republicans with their photo op smiles were used so the old kid molester and the Democrats could say it was a bi-partisan visit.

    When will Republicans learn?

    Or maybe these few have resorted to bending to the Dems.

    That’s what this looks like.

    The optics are awful, especially for Tyler Wilky, Chairman of the County Republican Party!?

    Eee gads!

  10. We’ve all had family and social events where we just can’t voluntarily agree to go, yet in the end, you just can’t NOT go.


    Or else ‘cause momma told you.


  11. Lorna, whatever else all that, the practical matter is Biden is now in charge of the ice cream shop.

    He’s handing out triple-stacked cones all around.

    MCC is, yes, but one stop on the Dig Back Deeper road show.

    Is there anything beyond the presented program that really WOWWED anyone, thus getting MCC or the County extra-special favorability? Probably not, but the single dad/young Biden was a nice heartwarming touch.

    So, while little upside in showing perhaps, I’d say there’s greater downside in not showing.

    That an official showing up interests you and others, then I’m fairly sure that some little weasel assistant with a clipboard might actually scoring Dig Back Deeper brownie points.

    We should have tried to engulf him with a room full of shampoo models.


  12. A college Board Trustee is an elected official.

    A President is an elected official.

    Everyone else is just the help, especially for the Dems.


  13. An example would be the Democrat Texas Legislators’ senior ditch day junket to DC.

    Much like the Democrat Wisconsin Legislators a few years ago.

    An example of dishonoring your office and the people of your state.

    Unless you agree with useless partisan snubs and posturing.

    If you’re elected, be better than that.


  14. Who was the top person, the honcho, who oversaw the entire setup of Biden’s visit to MCC 2 weeks ago? An MCC person? A McHenry County top Democrat? An Illinois top Democrat? A Pritzker staffer? A whitehouse person temporarily deployed to McHenry County? A CNN person?

  15. Look at the picture.

    The young boy is having none of Dementia Joe’s rhetoric and bs.

    Hope his values and beliefs stay strong and don’t get corrupted like so many of his peers in school.

  16. Ah yes now they can say they attended the cheatin regime blahblahblah i can’t remember speech…. of a life time by bydumb….

  17. Save that little girl from the Hair Sniffer and Hunter’s sexmania.

  18. Fast and Furious and ATF – Remember this from the Obama regime?


    “As part of Operation Fast and Furious, ATF allowed 1,961 guns to “walk” out of the U.S. in an effort to identify the high profile cartel leaders who received them. The agency eventually lost track of the weapons, and they often ended up in the hands of Mexican hit men”

    The doofus Biden in the whitehouse today was a sidekick to the worst ever president of the US, Barak Hussein Obama when Fast and Furious was approved. Biden’s nominee for the top spot at ATF has problems. Biden has made many reckless decisions since being in the top spot such as allowing and condoning the invasion of our southern border. We should not expect that this ATF appointment nor anything else he does in coming months is in the best interests of the US.

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