Data Breach at Crystal Lake’s Forefront Dermatology

Patient data has been compromised ay Forefront Dermatology, a Friend of McHenry County Blog has discovered.

Foremost Dermatology is located north of the Crystal Lake Post Office.

In all, 2.4 million patient records have been compromised at the Wisconsin-based healthcare organization, The Daily Swag reports.


Data Breach at Crystal Lake’s Forefront Dermatology — 10 Comments

  1. Uh oh, Carlos Acosta’s strange ‘ultraviolet’ skin rashes will now be a public matter.


  2. just like the texts going out now to open up link so you claim your Unemp ins scam…

    yeah they really got a handle on this crap don’t they?

    Pencil and paper best is old school!!!

    sick of this crap!

  3. There is a mistake in your title and in your first sentence. It’s Forefront, not Foremost.

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