UPDATED IL-16: Final Q2 FEC Filings and Adam Kinzinger with $3 Million in Bank

Adam Kinzinger

Here is the final (with Democrat Marsha Williams data added) tote board for the candidates who filed Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign disclosure reports for Q2

Update: Late Friday night, Democrat IL-16 candidate Marsha Williams posted her FEC Q2 report. Her numbers added to the tote board.

Of Williams’ total receipts, $5,100 was from contributions (not loans) from herself.

Per comment in previous article, the Q2 Burn Rate column was added. The metric is simply the Q2 Expenses column divided by Q2 Receipts.

In-Kind Contributions

Please note, Jack Lombardi’s Q2 numbers for receipts and expenses are inflated because he counted “in-kind” contribution of $10K from himself, and two in-kind contributions totaling $5.8K, bringing the total to $15.8K. The entire $15.8K were offset by in-kind expenses of $10K to Lombardi himself, plus $2.9K of in-kind expenses to two volunteers.

The in-kind receipts and expenses should be subtracted from the receipts and expenses columns to show the total cash receipts and cash expenses.

Applying the math, Lombardi’s cash numbers are:

  • Receipts: $25,357.06
  • Expenses: $13,752.69
  • Cash on hand remains the same at $11,605.37

Both Lombardi and Catalina Lauf (in Q1) had significant amounts of in-kinds. Lombardi’s $10K candidate in-kind, while legal, is a head-scratcher, since he could have simply expensed whatever the spend was for and the name of the vendor would have been fully disclosed.

For the Kinzinger challengers, I will be doing a separate cash receipts/expenditures spreadsheet, excluding all in-kinds. Lauf’s Q1 in-kind totaled just under $18K, and no candidate in-kinds.

Williams’ in-kind totaled $300.

“FD” is Financial Disclosure statement filfile


UPDATED IL-16: Final Q2 FEC Filings and Adam Kinzinger with $3 Million in Bank — 11 Comments

  1. This guy is a jerk.

    A jack***.

    He voted to impeach Trump with Democrats and some rinos.

  2. How is James Marter still this bad at campaigning after running for federal election the last 4 cycles?

    Give it a rest already Marter, you are not going to win anything anytime soon.

    Go Away for a while bud.

  3. Marter is 500% better than Lauf.

    27,800% better than Kinzinger.

    And 1,497,000% better than ‘Go Away Already’ alias Joe Gottemoller!

  4. personally I am getting sick of seeing Kinzingers pictures on this Blog….I sometime wonder if you are touting him…..same as Lauf please get some real candidates

  5. I think Marter should go away also.

    He has no chance, and along with Gradel, is the main reason the accidental nurse is still in Congress.

  6. I think Lopez should be more fair. His pets are tiresome and a big part of the problem.

    There’s nothing wrong with populism.

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