McHenry County Farm Bureau Host Wilcox

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Wilcox attends McHenry County Farm Bureau meeting

Leaders of the McHenry County Farm Bureau with State Senator Craig Wilcox.

Last week it was a pleasure to meet with my friends at the McHenry County Farm Bureau. I provided a brief legislative update, including a detailed discussion of my agritourism bill, Senate Bill 458.

As you may recall, this bill would remove liability from agritourism businesses when visitors choose to participate in on-site activities.

The bill did not get called for a final vote this spring, but I will be pushing for consideration of this important measure when the legislature reconvenes.

After the update, I listened intently as local farmers discussed challenges, including this summer’s drought, a possible fertilizer shortage, and issues that may arise during the upcoming fall harvest.

Legislation helps generational farmers

Recently signed legislation, which received bipartisan support in the General Assembly, will help farms and other family businesses navigate the often complicated process of estate planning. I was proud to support this bill.

Senate Bill 47 expands the use of the TODI (Transfer on Death Instrument), which allows for ownership of property to transfer upon the death of the owner.

Under current Illinois law, the use of a TODI is only allowed for residential real estate including at least one residential dwelling, but no more than four dwellings, and containing 40 acres or less of farm ground.

SB 47, however, allows a TODI to be used for all real estate, including farm ground.

The legislation was proposed as a way to help farmers who frequently face challenges when it comes to passing on their operations to the next generation.


McHenry County Farm Bureau Host Wilcox — 7 Comments

  1. Are these the same Farm Bureau idiots that endorsed Avang and other RINOs.

  2. Wilcox?

    At least he didn’t come to the Biden communist fest at MCC.

  3. Uhhh Ms. Trumpion, yes Wilcox did go to the Biden communist fest at MCC!

  4. Shame on Wilcox then!

    What could he possibly gain by going?

  5. Wilcox did go to the Biden fest but if you look he blasted Biden for his free stuff to America on one of the Chicago news stations!

    If you don’t go you can guarantee that as a state rep/senator will never get a chance on a Chicago news station to talk against your opponents.

    Wilcox actually did the smart thing by going then sitting at home.

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