Prairie Grove Flag Tickets Issued at Ganelli’s Restaurant

From the Village of Prairie Grove comes this prompt reply to my Freedom of Information request for documents relating to tickets issued to Ganelli’s restaurant at the intersection of Route 176 and Valley View Road.

The tickets resulted in a demonstration by local conservatives.



Prairie Grove Flag Tickets Issued at Ganelli’s Restaurant — 21 Comments

  1. If Prairie Grove gives me a carton of Marlboro and a case of Shiner, I’ll dig their copy of the Bill of Rights out of the shredder and paste it back together in no time.

  2. This sure seems to be a violation of the First Amendment protection of free speech.

    Bring in the lawyers.

  3. Yep, Law suit against village and issuing officer on 1st. A grounds.

  4. Brilliant!

    Prairie Grove has little to no business support, so they treat one they have like this.

    The cop that agreed to write that needs to re-think his career under this kind of oppression, and the business owner could easily comply with the setback.

    Both sides are idiots to let this escalate.

  5. The cop that wrote this needs to find another line of work.

    Too many cops think “Serve & Protect” means “Intimidate and Harass”.

    ANY cop that infringes upon ANY rights of the citizens they are sworn to protect should be prosecuted with double the penalty required by law.

    They are charged to uphold the public trust, and when the fail – they should be recognized appropriately.

    Here’s their oath:

    “I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of police officer of the Village of _______ to the best of my ability.”

    I guess the “best of his ability” wasn’t too good, eh?

    Hey moron – when your Supervisor tells you to do something unconstitutional, you’re supposed to shove it up his ass.

    That’s YOUR JOB.

    If you don’t like the conditions of your OATH (not your JOB), find something else to do.

  6. Don’t you people get it?

    A Red Chinese or ISIS flag would wave unmolested, but old Glory!

    Wait till the NFL games this fall feature the National Anthem followed by the Negro Nationalist Anthem.

    Are things getting clearer to you saps?

  7. Me wonders if the flags they’re being fined for are the attention-grabbers stuck on poles by 176 and the American flags on the building.

    Or maybe it’s both.

    The second citation references the 15′ setback requirement, which is a good idea so they won’t block the view of Valley View traffic.

    But that 15′ thing wouldn’t apply to the flags mounted on the front of their place since it’s much further back.

    I like their food and service a lot, but just wondering if part of the story isn’t being told.

  8. More “feel good” rules imposed by elected idiots secure in their legislative immunity used to harass the law abiding by appointed apparatchiks in a town less than 50 years old.

    Aren’t you folks glad you voted for home rule now?

  9. This is not about the flags on the building, nor is it about the American flag, patriotism or politics.

    You have to follow ordinances or ask for a variance period.

    I understand the immediate reaction people have to this but people are being played for fools

  10. Wow. And y’all voted for this.

    Blame yourselves for voting for totalitarian fascism in your own town.

    I wonder how many flags, flown on flimsy PVC staffs, by this town, have been blown by wind into a street.

    This town should fine themselves for violating Flag Code on all of their patriotic days like Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, as they fly Old Glory inches from their Main Street, from 3’ pvc and cheap conduit tubing and plastic zip ties.

    This is nothing but some commie trash attacking patriotism using any BS Chicago excuse available.

    And the claim it’s a “safety issue” is pure BS.

    It is Chicago fascism exported to small jurisdictions in order to SUBJUGATE all of those jurisdictions into their top-down totalitarian ideology.

    I bet if it was the Chicago flag this village idiot would have zero objection to it.

    Small fish in a small pond seeking self-aggrandizement.

  11. Police: do you get it?

    The people support you.

    Blue lives matter!

    But, we are SICK of your harassment.

    Stop the nonsense enforcement.

    Don’t do the political BS that your chiefs tell you to “enforce”.

    Use common sense.

    How embarrassingly stupid this cop must have felt to write up this citation.

    The chief of Prairie Grove – whoever you are – you’re a disgrace.

  12. Yet another case of a business owner manipulating gullible people to get free publicity.

    He willingly and knowingly violated the village ordinances and created a hazard placing those things close to a busy road, and now the fools supporting this behavior have donated enuough to pay the fine.

    And… a bazillion dollars of free publicity, wrapped up in fake patriotism.

    He should be ashamed of himself.

    And you folks should be embarassed of being his pawns.

  13. Saw a news piece and interview with the owner of Gianelli’s on Fox (Faux) News in which he said the town classified the flag as signage and that’s what they were fining him for.

    I believe he even said it was on the ticket.

    Yet the tickets above and posted say otherwise.

    I agree with JT in that he’s using the fines to get people fired up on mistruths and fake news for a bit of momentary free advertising.

    And to the person (métis skinwalker) who stated the “negro national anthem” was being played after the National Anthem at NFL games, more fake news.

    It’s being played before the National Anthem.

  14. I’m wondering if the village idiots would have wrote a ticket if the flag said ” thank you prairie Grove Police for your service”

  15. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who stick signs in the ground so close to the road that you can’t see traffic coming from your right in order to turn left.

    There was a Walmart that was doing this.

    One day I was first in line and got so sick of being unable to see the cars coming from my right that I got out of my car, pulled the signs out of the ground and got back in my car to a round of cheers.

  16. I have asked for a photo of such a sign at the intersection of Route 1767 and Valley View Road.

  17. Though I live in Island Lake and we may have other “rules” I see many “gambling” flags close to the roads and blocking sight, creating hazard.

    This really is more of an issue when it’s on a corner where you have to turn.

    The flags at the restaurant were not a hazard!

    I hope Gianelli’s wins this fight.

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