PRO Act: Left Tries Again with Push Poll Primarily Targeting Kyrsten Sinema

Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly

In just over a month, the Left who are trying to pass their Left-wing agenda, have gone the push poll path to convince U.S. Senators who are not voting their way to change their mind.

Last month, McHenry County Blog published how Vox and Progressive Data Services published a poll allegedly showing broad national support for the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

Freelancers USA Co-Leader Kim Kavin soundly rejected the Vox/Progressive Data Services poll as the push poll that it was, stating:

“The true objective of this survey is not to gauge public opinion; it’s to sway it using loaded and manipulative language.”

Kim Kavin tweet, 6/16/21


One does not need Kim Kavin’s expertise to see Progressive Data Services tried again, this time with a web-based poll of 574 likely voters from the state of Arizona conducted June 28 – July 6, where two of the three Senate Democrats who have not cosponsored the PRO Act are located.

The bulk of the push poll is aimed at Senator Kyrsten Sinema, the senior Senator from AZ, but the PRO Act question is aimed at Senator Mark Kelly, too. From the tweet from AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre, it says the question for PRO Act is simply “Supporting the PRO Act”.

From the cross-tabs, here is the full question on the PRO Act:

“The Protect the Right to Organize Act is legislation designed to strengthen labor laws. This proposal would add
penalties for companies that retaliate against workers who try to form a union, give more workers currently classified as
contractors in the gig economy (like Uber drivers) the right to organize and form unions, give workers more power
during disputes at work, and eliminate right-to-work laws which allow employees to enjoy the benefits of a union
contract without contributing to the costs. Do you support or oppose the Protect the Right to Organize Act?”

The results are hard to read on the screenshot, but the responses to the question above on the PRO Act are:

  • Strongly/somewhat support: 65%
  • Strongly/somewhat oppose: 24%
  • Don’t know: 11%
Kim Kavin

As Kavin said last month referencing a similar question, she suggested it could include the following:

‘Would you support reclassifying ICs as employees under labor law in the PRO Act, knowing that it may cost them their current business relationships and livelihoods?’

Kim Kavin suggested edit to June push poll, 6/16/21


Other questions asked, targeting Senator Sinema included a question about supporting a “talking filibuster”, which had 54% strong/somewhat support. Here’s the full question from the cross-tabs:

“The filibuster is a Senate procedure that allows a single Senator to obstruct voting on a bill unless 60 out of 100
Senators overrule them. Currently, Senators who filibuster legislation and prevent it from coming to a vote do not have to explain why they are doing this. The filibuster is viewed as a way for the minority party to block legislation it disagrees with, and to ensure that one party isn’t able to single-handedly advance potential bills. Some Senators are proposing bringing back the ‘talking filibuster’.

“Under this old rule, Senators blocking a bill had to stand on the Senate floor and explain why they were blocking legislation. Supporters of this change argue it’s a way to create compromise by forcing Senators to actually debate the issues at hand so they can then reach a compromise. Opponents of this change argue it would discourage bipartisan cooperation by making it harder for the minority party to pursue a compromise with the majority party.

“Would you support or oppose bringing back the talking filibuster?”

And the results, given Senator Sinema opposes changing the filibuster:

  • Strongly/somewhat support: 54%
  • Strongly/somewhat oppose: 32%
  • Don’t know: 14%

Then, in a subtle-as-a-sledgehammer warning to Senator Sinema:

“If Senator Kyrsten Sinema continues to preserve the filibuster, which allows Republicans in the Senate to block
legislation proposed by Democrats who currently have a majority in the Senate, which of the following describes how you might vote in the 2024 race for Senate? (N=239)

The results (and not explained why only 239 out of a sample size of 574 responded):

  • I would vote to reelect Kyrsten Sinema: 24%
  • I would vote for a different candidate who would get rid of the filibuster: 60%
  • Don’t know: 16%

One gets the impression most of the other 335 respondents would have wanted to keep Senator Sinema in office, too.

The cross-tabs for the Arizona survey can be viewed here.

While the $15 minimum wage was a straight-forward question that didn’t apply a “push poll” technique, many in the Left are still upset with Senator Sinema with the excessive body language used to signal her no vote back in March to break the filibuster on the $15/hour federal minimum wage:


PRO Act: Left Tries Again with Push Poll Primarily Targeting Kyrsten Sinema — 13 Comments

  1. In late June, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against a California law allowing union Organizers to talk to workers ON corporate farm property. The California law allowed Union Organizers to be on farm property up to 120 days per year. The Organizers could talk to workers during lunch break and in the morning and evening.

    How crazy was that law.

    Imagine running a business, a farm, and having someone coming on your property, your business, UP TO 120 days per year and having NOTHING to do with buying your product or services.

    The Supreme Court has 6 conservative judges and 3 liberal judges. Three of the 6 conservatives were nominated by Trump – Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett. What might have been the Court today if Hillary Rodman Clinton had been president instead of Trump?

  2. Cindy, the two senators in the masks are labeled.

    Bred Winner, the PRO Act will definitely change federal law to supersede state laws, and court rulings, concerning union organizing and empower the National Labor Relations Board to make rulings on a case-by-case basis.

    Situation you described is one of the many areas the PRO Act impacts, along with the ABC test risk to 1099 workers, the stripping of right-to-work, privacy, secret ballots and franchise protections (joint-employer).

    The increased fines portion of PRO Act will likely be in the reconciliation budget passage the Democrats will pass, but everything else is policy, and must pass on its own.

    Given the 3 Democrat holdouts and now over 3 months have passed since the last Senate co-sponsor signed on, these push polls trying to convince the 3, particularly Sinema, and even some Republicans, to co-sponsor and pass it, but right now, Democrats don’t have the 50 votes to pass the current bill.

  3. and we all see what happened when the screaming of wanting 15 $ increase protestors, and they were given it!

    NOW NONE OF THEM WORK! AT ALL, its always mo mo mo… and Bydumb just keeps giving it away…

  4. Good article by Kimberly Strassel on the PRO Act in the Wall Street Journal of July 16, 2021

    Kimberly states: “The Biden Administration is pressing Congress to Protect the Right to Organize Act, a legislative monstrosity that would eliminate right-to-work states and turn union bosses into the masters of workplaces everywhere.”

    Biden and his regime and Democrats in Congress such as Pelosi and Schumer are evil and wretched people whose actions and decisions have been and will be extremely harmful to the U.S.

    One of the most destructive, of many, actions/policies by Biden and his regime is the wanton disregard for US immigration laws along with Biden’s encouragement of the invasion of our southern border.

  5. Cindy, don’t waste your time with cuckservative Lopez. He’s living in the 50s,or perhaps the 60s.

    He means well, but can’t see the big picture.

    I do have hope he’ll finally come to his senses.

  6. Let’s try the 20’s.

    Cuz after reading those blurbs, I can certainly picture Cindy and skinwalker doing the Charleston in raccoon coats.

  7. John? You ignoramus! Anyone that wears a mask is a moron and deserves to be mocked.

    DJ You are also a nitwit! In a fight for our very lives, you think you are being funny? Pathetic!

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