CBS Coming to Prairie Grove Restaurant Fined $200 for Flying American Flags — 11 Comments

  1. A ban on flying an American Flag is probably unconstitutional.

    Being unit of government, the municipality is subject to the First Amendment.

    They may be to restrict placement of the pole if it may cause a traffic hazard but other than than I don’t see how they can enforce a ban on flying the US flag as it is a political statement.

    Many car dealerships routinely fly dozens of US flags for precisely that reason.

  2. Science the tickets were posted here.

    Dates not the 4th of July but the 16th.

    That was lie number one.

    The ticket was for flags in the IDOT right of way and violating the flag ordinance requiring flagpoles be placed 15 feet from the road, lie number 2.

    He currently has flagpoles mounted on his building flying flags.

    He’s not being ticketed.

    Many people in a frenzy because of half truths, exaggerations and lies

  3. By all means, go out and wave flags for the media so they can use the footage and edited interviews to make you look like idiots (which isn’t hard).

    They got a code violation and threw a fit about it and now they’re using gullible patriots to cause a scene so they can try to get out of it by making up some b.s. about ‘banning the flag’.

  4. Cal just sent the press release to your email.

    It is on the Village website if anyone has any interest in the facts

  5. Probably the best compromise would be for a stripper pole, amped up with bikini car washes next door.


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