Prairie Grove Dismisses Flag Sign Complaints against Gianelli’s Drive-Thru on Route 176

Friend of McHenry County Blog John Pletz sent photos of the administrative hearing Wednesday afternoon at the Prairie Grove Village Hall.

Prairie Grove Village Hall.

Here is is the adjudication panel for the previously announced dismissal of the complaints against Gianelli’s:

Awaiting the beginning of the quasi-court hearing were Terry Trobiani and his attorney, Robert Hanlon.

Terry Trobiani and his attorney, Robert Hanlon/.

Supporters were in the audience.

Supporters of Gianelli’s were at the hearing. John Pletz (in front), Karen Tirio, Sue Johnson, Tom Wier and Eva Iski.

After the tickets were dismussed during a two-minute session due to “compliance,”attorney Robert Hanlon handed the village atty a copy of their Federal Lawsuit against the Village and said, This is the copy of our Federal Lawsuit. I suggest you have a talk with your client about it.” 


Prairie Grove Dismisses Flag Sign Complaints against Gianelli’s Drive-Thru on Route 176 — 17 Comments

  1. Good!

    At least there’s one Atty in the area who ain’t a woke joke.

  2. Unlike the posturing bragadoccio of Attorney Tom Popovich before the McHenry County Board meeting discussion of the flag resolution, put your money where your mouth is, Tom,qq.

    If you are really so locked in to your flawed perception of gay bias in McHenry County, I expect to see
    a very prominent rainbow flag, or something similar, noticeably flying in front of the Popovich Law Office on Elm Street in McHenry.

    Maybe add “Honk if you agree.”

    Anyone who has a picture of this flag, please forward to the Blog.q

  3. Nothing to worry about here, just ask the Millers and union local 150.

  4. Prairie Grove and their incompetent police chief and counsel are to blame.

    Shame on all of those autocratic feeble minded “authorities” of Prairie Grove.

    You’re all a disgrace to our nation and to our community.

  5. its about time! someone steps up and starts for do some follow thru! get these mambie pambie judges to do their real jobs! instead of going with the kim fox do nothing tude

  6. A citizen/business violates a law the suits the gov for doing it job?


    Cal, are you going to FOIA the Fed lawsuit and share it with us?

    Stephen, You’re probably right, but it’s still going to be wasted tax dollars like what happened to Alg twh.

  7. Tiny towns (neighborhoods) should not be incorporated.


    Waste of tax dollars?

  8. Many Kudos and thanks go to Attorney Bob Hanlon who I believe is the real unsung hero in this case

  9. We need a new party.

    That town needs new leadershi

    Just like the state.

  10. Talk about ‘egg on their face!’ The village tyrants and their faulty attorneys are in for further rude awakenings.

    The Putz Du Jour (lawyer on the left) overstepped by going into Gianelli’s with an armed police officer, trying to negotiate settlement without Gianelli’s attorney present.

    Whether it was at the behest of the bafoonary of the Village President or not, this “lawyer” should have known better.

    I really love when tyrants get their tits in a wringer by underestimating its citizenry.

    The law ofc of Zurkowski, Rogers, Flood & McCardle (ZRFM) is about to become famous. . .and not in a good way!

  11. Companies must be allowed to run their businesses as they see fit. Every American has a right to fly the American flag.

  12. “A citizen/business violates a law the suits the gov for doing it job?


    And they dropped what you consider such an open and shut case.

    Cops and village officials are crapping and farding all over themselves now.

    They are scared.

    Did you hear their top cop on the radio?

    He sounded like he was about to cry.


    “bbbbbbbbbb bbbbbb bbbbbb bbbbbut It will cost the village money!”

    Well, Gasser supposedly cost Algonquin Township money on lawsuits but his handpicked candidate won and his political and legal foes lost the election, so what does that tell you?

    The lesson I learned is that residents will rally around people who are right even if there is an expensive lawsuit.

    If anything it will make these cops and village officials more hated, put more pressure on them to resign, and that’s a good thing!

  13. I would agree. Robert Hanlon is a local hero.

    He has the fortitude, the intellect, and the will to help his fellow man stand up against a increasingly tyrannical government.

    The vast majority of our “authorities” aren’t bad people by nature – but they’re weak and they want to advance professionally.

    So they cower and cave to the powerful thugs (like Madigan, Pritzger, and Franks).

    That’s just human nature.

    To stand up to that tyranny is difficult.

    Hanlon successfully does.

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