Rally in Marengo against Masks, Call for Saturday, Sept. 4th Rally in Crystal Lake

A Friend of McHenry County Blog writes:

Citizens demontrate against mandated masks in Marengo Friday, August 27, 2021.

I was at the last rally in CL and the rally in Marengo last night. 

“Unmask our kids. This is our body our choice.”

These rallies are not put on by Republicans, but concerned citizens.

Thecrowd in Marengo the last Friday of Aufust, 2021.

No Trump signs, no campaigning, just standing up for our freedom of choice and standing against tyranny. 

The event is going to happen.

“If there is a risk, thmere must be a choice.”

And people will flip us the bird, swear at us and other foul things (one woman pressed her clothed butt against the window at us as if to moon us al the last CL rally). 

Another view of the Friday evening crowd in Marengo, Illinois.

But people will also stop to join us.

That is how the crowd in CL grew to over 120 and how the group in Marengo grew to over 30 last night. 


Rally in Marengo against Masks, Call for Saturday, Sept. 4th Rally in Crystal Lake — 28 Comments

  1. A 99+% survival rate is a NOT pandemic losers!

    Beds aren’t 90% full these are wicked rulers calling the shots.


  2. Is that a rhetorical question, Justen?

    My guess would be he won’t be there.

    Wilcox cares about Wilcox getting re-elected so Wilcox can get an inflated undeserved salary and another pension.

    Wilcox doesn’t care about causes.

    When Joe Biden showed up to MCC, did Wilcox talk to ANY of the protesters outside or did he just go into the room with Biden and listen to Biden just as Lauren Underwood did? He did the latter…

    Grassroots Republicans are too salt of the earth for Wilcox.

    He doesn’t care about your concerns over masks or vaccines.

    He’s too busy crying about us leaving a forever war, but not concerned about whatever you think is important.

    Wilcox WILL NOT show up to this just like Wilcox doesn’t show up on this blog to answer people’s questions/concerns, and just like he doesn’t show up to any anti-mask rally, and just like he doesn’t show up to Trump rallies.

    Simple as that!

    That guy doesn’t care about politics lol.

    He cares about another pension…

    It will be funny when he loses to a woman running against him.

    I will laugh at him.

    Plus, he doesn’t deserve to be re-elected.

    He does absolutely nothing in Springfield.

    That drunk Steve Reick is more intelligent and productive even after a bottle of Jack Daniels than Craig Wilcox, the military man, could ever be.

    Think about how pathetic that is.

    You know what?

    I’ll tell you what.

    If Wilcox goes to the event, speaks publicly, and denounces vaccine mandates and mask mandates, I won’t comment here ever again.

    That’s my challenge.

    That’s all he has to do.

    Give a speech about why mandatory masks and vaccines are bad and I will never comment on this blog again.

  3. No one more than I wishes that the current situation could be resolved play Simple demonstrations.

    Even the simplest amongst us must understand that this is no longer the case.

    What comes next is by no means pretty or to be embraced as normal by a free people however the time is come to strike against the evil that is about to consume us all.

    Now comes the day of the ‘AMERICAN’ IRA.

    DEATH to traitors of America .

    Up the ARA .

  4. I assume the folks carrying signs proclaiming “our body our choice” are pro-choice.

  5. Yes, let’s assume they are for allowing women to have a choice to vaccinate or not and keep their baby or not.

    Do you think such people do not exist???

    I don’t know why you think this is some witty checkmate gotcha point.

    It’s actually quite dumb.

  6. When visiting these small town rally’s.

    It is wise to bring gifts of link sausage and stuffed pizza, so the native woman know you are friendly.

  7. Justen, that’s not in Wilcox’s Dist.

    It’d be nice if he did show. The Marengo Mayor will not be there.

  8. Marengo actually *is* in Wilcox’s district.

    Each Senate district has two House districts.

    Reick’s House district contains Marengo.

    Wilcox’s Senate district has Reick’s House district inside of it.

    Trust me or look it up.

    Currently, Wilcox’s district absolutely DOES have Marengo in it.



    In 2022 things are going to change.

    They carved Marengo out of Reick’s district and added part of Lake County to that district which will be part of Wilcox’s district.

    I guess they are afraid of the Libertarian Party, but that’s for another post…

    ANYWAY, Wilcox won’t show.

    He’s a coward.

    My challenge stands.

    I will NEVER comment on this blog again if Wilcox shows up at this rally and gives a speech about how mandatory vax and masks are bad.

    Simple as that.

    Will Craig Wilcox show up and shut me up?

    Or will he be a coward?

    It’s very simple…

  9. Ya know, as a long time resident of Marengo/ Union, very rare to see one of our senators out here to see what’s going on except when running for re election.

    Get our votes and go back and stick their head back in the sand.

    Just saying.

  10. Andrew, shut your trap.

    Anonymity actually provides a greater way for the truth to get out.

    Now, criticizing people to just be mean or negative is WRONG AND IMMORAL – whether you are anonymous or you announce your name.

    But don’t give us this “virtue signaling” BS about how brave you are by announcing yourself.

    Get over yourself.

    Facts, logic, reasoned argument should run supreme – not political grandstanding.

  11. Andy’s comment is exactly the mean spirited, callous attitude, we in the anonymous coward community are up against.

  12. Don’t care, Gasser. Wilcox will show up or he won’t. He either cares about this stuff or he doesn’t. You and Mike Tauler the fake antifa guy are kind of weird in insisting people dox themselves considering the founding fathers wrote papers using pseudonyms. So why do you think people should write with their names?

    Worry more about state legislators and what they do instead of commenters on a blog.

    I’ll say it for a third time: I will NEVER comment on this blog again if Wilcox shows up at this rally and gives a speech about how mandatory vax and masks are bad. Simple as that.

  13. Correcting, there’s nothing ‘fake Antifa’ about Tauler.

    He housed a number of the Kenosha rioters and arsonists.

  14. Gasser, we’ll see if Wilcox does come.

    Getting much rain from Ida?

  15. Gasser: “Stop being anonymous so we can send some thugs to harass you!”

    Sure, makes a lot of sense.

  16. Correcting,

    An empty promise to never post here again, you will just change to another anonymous pseudonym because you have no integrity. You don’t even have the courage to put your own name on your words… Why should anyone believe that you are honest enough to uphold a promise?

    Real easy to call others “coward” from behind your keyboard and fake name.

    white Knight,

    If you have evidence that I “housed a number of the Kenosha rioters and arsonists” feel free to file a police report. I’ll wait.


  17. There’s a simple answer to that, Tauler.

    1. I am a man of my word. Not sure if you believe in honor. You seem fat and dumb.

    2. If Wilcox comes through with my request Skinner can ban the email address I use here and I won’t be able to comment.

    I’m begging Wilcox to do it so I can escape this hell.

    I’m dead serious about this promise. It doesn’t really matter if a fake antifa guy like you or Andy Gasser stands up for Craig Wilcox and whether you believe me. I am making a promise. Cal knows I will follow through. My challenge is out there. Wilcox can take it or leave it. Besides, maybe he should meet with actual voters?

    It’s funny how you pop out when I call you out and call out Satanists. You should probably focus more on losing weight though, Tauler. You must weigh 350 pounds. Your hair is not good either. You live like 3 blocks east from Wonder Lake. Why don’t you just go for a walk?

  18. Correcting,

    Looks like I struck a nerve, yet again you resort to schoolyard insults.

    OH! Some anonymous liar thinks I am fat, dumb, have a bad haircut, and have no honor… yet again the Irony of an anonymous coward trying to attack the honor of someone is lost on you.

    Oh! you will have Cal ban your email address… again means nothing with the ease of spinning up another free email account from any of the plethora of providers, also considering that no confirmation email is sent to verify the account is active, the banning of an email address means nothing.

    The fact that you are surprised or amused that I reply when I am mentioned shows a lack of understanding of the basic principle of cause and effect. As for the satanists, the lack of understanding from commenters on this blog of what a satanist, communist, marxist, or for that matter anything at all amuses me to no end.

    As for Wilcox showing up so you can “escape this hell” nothing is holding you here you can just leave, but you don’t and you won’t that is how I know your promise is an empty one.


  19. Oh, lighten up, buddy. You are too on edge. Is that from drinking all those energy drinks?

    I just said Wilcox should show up to a political rally. It doesn’t seem unreasonable for a politician to engage in political causes, does it? Why are you even defending him so vehemently, Tauler? Are you a big supporter of Craig Wilcox?

    You seem really pessimistic too. You think everybody is scheming. “Oh, this guy’s going to just make a new email address.” I said I won’t comment here if Wilcox shows up and gives a speech. It’s your fault if you don’t believe me. But if you are some kind of filthy Godless materialist, lack of faith comes with the territory. Maybe someone hurt you — that’s something therapy can help you with. Maybe you have PTSD.

    I don’t hate Wilcox. I even voted for him, but he has been disappointing. I’d just like to see him come out to this rally and I’m trying to sweeten up the pot by making a promise. Plenty of people here want me to shut the heck up, so I figured this was a good opportunity. What does Wilcox lose by attending? Wouldn’t it be worse for his political career if he does NOT show up? I’m sure I am not the only person on this blog who would like to see Wilcox there and take some interest in the issues they care about! Kill two birds with one stone. Wilcox comes out and gives a speech — which will gain him new supporters and possibly even help him with fundraising — and I’ll leave the blog. Plenty of people would enjoy this gadfly buzzing off. Ask Catalina Lauf about that… (Well, yeah, I could leave at any time, but the blog is addictive — but my promise stands.)

    And I don’t hate you either, Tauler. You’re nice enough in person. But you are kind of an a hole to people on this blog and I don’t get why you LARP as some kind of antifa guy. There is nothing cool or rebellious about being useful idiot for the establishment. Are you even a Marxist or do you just enjoy being a contrarian on the internet? It seems you come here to get a ruse out of people. Obviously you are not an antifa “chieftan” but you say that to mess with people.

  20. Correcting,

    I’m not your buddy, guy.

    I couldn’t care less about Wilcox, and if you go back and read there is not a single statement from me defending him only calling your promise into question.

    You speak of being a “filthy Godless materialist” and “lack of faith”, but what good does faith do for you when you don’t adhere to it?

    Psalm 101:5 (NKJV) Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, Him I will destroy; The one who has a haughty look and a proud heart, Him I will not endure.

    You sure do spend a lot of time here slandering your neighbors from behind the secrecy of your fake name.

    Don’t mistake my lack of adherence to an organized religion or my enjoyment of the lampooning of the same by groups such as TST, Subgenius, or FSM as a lack of faith or lack of understanding of faith.

    Being an “antifa chieftain” or a “Marxist” are not titles I put on myself. but, as I have said before, I have taken up the mantle here in the comments because the comments section is nothing but a joke. You think I have made my tongue in cheek nature fairly obvious with things like “ANTIFA operation: Disney Princess”, “ANTIFA operation: Pointing Spider-Men”, and saying there is an ANTIFA recruiting center on 14 in Crystal Lake… but people like “Cindy”, “MsTrumpion”, and “Nob Sent Me” eat it up.

    I hope that I am not the only person LARPing here; otherwise the absolute deluge of racist, homophobic, and anti-semitic comments here is not a good sign for our country.

    “Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense”

  21. Hey, look. Another Satanist is quoting the Bible and nobody cares.

  22. Mike Tauler? You KEEP my name out of YOUR filthy mouth! You just outed yourself as a liar and a fraud!

  23. Mike from Wonder Lake just pastes quotes n meme’s, notice no orator or names attached to the quotes.

    Exact description of a Troll.

    Mike has a large belly and Likes to wear T-shirts and shame others.. here is his FB profile..

    And Why I dont use my name on some websites.


    Yes Mikey, go ahead and call me a “soupy” bastard.

    You ignore some people, and maybe than state things you should ask the quiet people some questions, rather than share your superiority and shame others.

    Mike somewhere near me you are a neighbor, use your own feelings and words and bring people together, I know you are smart enough to do so.

    Don’t crap on others for their feelings, SHARE YOURS.

    I believe you are a decent human, and due to some of your past community involvement you do care about others.

    Getting everyone to the church to have a quick meeting about crime in an area was quite a task, and you handled it well.

    There are people that believe you are good, heck I don’t even think you are bad, but stop hiding behind quotes and memes and share how you feel, you may just inspire others. Even me.

    You have been to known to care about your neighborhood… extend those good deeds to every forum, don’t just get mad at others opinions, entertain them.. and think of the others perspecive and why they might feel that way.

    “Bitch be cool”
    -Jules Winnfield

    P.S. Antifa are facists. (I didn’t read half the stuff)

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