The Taliban in Action

Happened upon a horrifying video of the Taliban executing eight kneeling prisoners, most likely those who helped us in Afghanistan whom we left defenseless.

The video can be seen here in the Geller Report.

It is grusome.

A sceen grab during the executions:

Couple that with the takedown of those denegrate America by Bill Maher found on The RightScoop


The Taliban in Action — 19 Comments

  1. If only Biden were in that line up since he is the cause of this, that would truly be justice.
    Stay tuned, this will be coming to America soon.

    Ammo up.

  2. And you were expecting?

    Your next snowflakes they’re coming for you now.

  3. Keep pushing fake news Cal.

    Those are old ISIS videos.

    The Taliban kill ISIS, who they regard as just more invaders.

  4. Our Nation is in EXTREME danger with a doofus, moron, plagiarist, senile, dememtia at the helm.

    This dope leader has been WRONG on his decisions/opinions on most major foreign policy issues over the past 4-5 decades.

    He even opposed President Barak Hussein Obama’s directive to go after and kill Bin Laden.

    Imagine that.

    Obama was correct on authorizing the kill of Bin Laden and this current moron leader opposed the mission on this.

    This Nation is in DEEP, DEEP trouble with this moron idiot at the helm and an equally dopey VP in the wings if somehow he resigns or is impeached.

  5. The full video was shown on One America News last night on the Dan Ball show. He warned multiple times about how graphic the footage before it was shown.

    It is graphic but I was more shocked it was shown in full on tv.

    This would never be shown on Faux News.

    OANN is the best–not because they show graphic video but because they show the truth.

  6. Yeah, Ian, she is a scumbag.

    Thank you for pointing that out.

    Claims to be conservative hates traditionalist societies.

    Claims to be America First wants us in the Graveyard of Empires.

    Claims to hate journalists hates people who fight journalists.

    This woman is stupid and evil.

    Unrelated but nobody talks about this anymore.

  7. Geller is a dual (if that) loyalist and shill for all things Israeli …. at our expense of course.

    I recall she flipped out interviewing somebody when the interviewee said things went downhill in America when prayer was banned in public schools, which she claimed was ‘good thing’.

    I also recall she went on a rampage against Mel Gibson when he went indie and managed to get his Christ movie distributed in the face of the jewish boycott.

  8. Can’t believe I’m the only one who has figured out Maher is really Carl the groundskeeper from Caddyshack.

  9. I thought ISIS used sabers to cut Christian men’s heads off.

  10. I recall the MSNBC and Faux News propagandists peddling that the Korean autocrat had fed certain out-of-favor generals and party hacks to starving and ferocious dogs.

    6 mos later the supposedly dog food decedents appeared as VIPs at a communist parade.

    It just like the novel 1984

  11. Regarding cutting off heads – Recall a day when Barak Hussein Obama was president back in 2014. News of beheadings by ISIS, Barak was on TV news programs talking about journalist James Foley’s beheading by ISIS, and then he went to play golf.

    Hussein Obama joked about ISIS being JV, Junior Varsity, then he pulled troops out of Iraq way to soon and then ISIS took over much of Iraq.

  12. You know these are dated pictures because ISIS is not wearing OUR uniforms and shooting OUR weapons that Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-Biden left for them.

  13. The Taliban now have a larger air force than Australia. And the pilots we trained have all jumped ship to the Taliban side. Hysterical.

    Just remember $4 trillion or more was totally wasted ………. But Booz Allen got rich.

  14. This is what happens when your military policy is run by Israelis.

    Their enemies become America’s enemies. We are their Golem.

    Nothing was for America’s benefit. Nothing!

    Why wasn’t the southern border protected by Bush, the Halfrican and Dementia Joe?

  15. Wait for the crying jag propaganda about how we must now import Half a million Afghanis to further wreck our country.

    We don’t owe any Afghan a damn thing.

    And the RINOs like Kinzinger and the homosexual Lindsey Graham, and Romney can all go to hell.

    I’ve got a good idea, send Soyboy Casten and the alternative lifestylist Lauren Underweirdo to Kabul to deal with the Taliban. When those two cry about toxic masculinity, I’d like to see the Taliban reaction.


    As we approach the 2022 midterms, the GOP is making it clear that their side wants to resume the war with the Taliban, reinvade Afghanistan, retake Bagram Air Force Base and resettle hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in the United States. Presumably, the GOP wants to create a new puppet government and a new fake Afghan army and repeat the experiment of the last 20 years all over again. Joe Biden and the Democrats support ending the war in Afghanistan.

    Note: Isn’t this a beautiful illustration of the disconnect between Republican politicians and Republican voters and the tendency of the former to embrace and cling to wildly unpopular establishment policy positions? There are plenty of Republican voters who are thrilled that we are out of Afghanistan.

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