Electronic House Witness Slip Failed to Work

I tried to file a witness slip with the Illinois House Redistricting Committee, but my entry was not accepted.

Here it is:

Guess this is just another aspect of the railroading of the Democrats’ partisan maps.


Electronic House Witness Slip Failed to Work — 5 Comments

  1. I did one because I saw this post, I had no issues with it going through.

    I was able to do one in the house and the senate meeting which seem to be concurrent.

  2. 2020 Census and adjustments to the General Assembly Redistricting Act of 2021. None Self Record Of Appearance Only
    and the other looks similar..

    2020 Census and adjustments to the General Assembly Redistricting Act of 2021. None Self Record Of Appearance Only

    Ok they look exactl the same.


  3. On the bright side (or maybe not), it’s not as if they would have listened to you anyway.

    I have never done one of these witness slips for that reason.

    It seems politicians have their minds made up and mostly vote along party lines.

    Especially the higher you up go. On the county board or a township board they might listen.

    State and federal politicians, not so much.

    Did you provide them a phone number?

    It looks like that is a required field but you did not enter the data in that field.

    Not sure if you forgot to do that or just didn’t include it in the screenshot because you don’t want losers on this blog calling your house, but it’s something to consider since Gespacho Soup claims it worked fine.

    Does anybody know how many people per IL house district? It’s probably like a hundred and something thousand, yeah?

    Right now McHenry County is split into 5 districts but some of them, like Ugaste’s district, don’t have much in the county.

    Hopefully those Hispanic bros are going to get these maps ripped up.

    I have no faith in the Illinois GOP to be successful at anything, much less a lawsuit, but the Hispanics might have a chance in court.

    Eventually, we’re going to need to figure out whether the word “compact” in “compact and contiguous” has any meaning AT ALL or whether it means nothing.

    Seems to me it would have to mean SOMETHING or else why would that word be used in the first place and apart from contiguous?

    Even a child knows these giraffe and jelly fish and string bean shaped districts are wrong.

    Everybody knows it except for Democratic politicians and smarty pants judges (my comment is strictly about IL politics, I acknowledge Republicans in red states do this crap too and I don’t approve of that either).

    Also seems like you could prove a district is or is not compact using math such as a ratio between narrow and wide parts of the district and/or the length of the perimeter and probably other ways like comparing districts to each other.

    Like if one is a square and one is an amoeba you should redraw the amoeba. Like I said, it’s common sense.

    And don’t give me that BULLCRAP about how the word is not statutorily defined so it can’t be enforced.

    That’s just a bunch of mealy mouthed poppycock.

    They put that word in for a reason.

    Being stupid and lazy is not an excuse to just shrug this off and say you don’t know what it means and you can’t even attempt to figure it out.

    Everybody knows these districts aint compact.

    Everybody knows these districts suck.

    If a 5 year old has more common sense than a judge with his/her fancy law degree, then we are not going to make it!

  4. Efforts in futility.

    The Soviet Constitution sounding very nice on paper, too.

    The reality is these slips are trashed when they conflict with the communisation of Illinois under Rauner-Pritzkerism.

  5. Time to VOTE the FF out!!! he has turned this STATE into Lazy Chaos… over his hot dog neck …

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