Robb Tadelman Has Successful Harvard Fundraiser, Sheriff Bill Prim Emphasizes Endorsement

Last week McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Robb Tadelman held a fundraiser in Harvard at Rush Creek Distilling.

About 160-180 people attended the event. (There were so many that the one bartender could not keep up.)

Tadelman, the Department’s Chief of Operations, spoke about how public safety is his passion, and keeping the county’s citizens safe in their homes, schools, businesses, places of worship or recreation, and on the public roads is his number one priority as Sheriff.

In his remarks, he said,

“We have to get back to finding out what it really means to keep McHenry County that county we want to live in because each of us have a say in it—we all live in this community, and we want it to be a community where we want to live and raise our kids.

Robb and Kelly Tadelman

“My wife, Kelly, and I have two daughters and we don’t plan on going anywhere.

“I want to make sure this community is safe for them and others.

“This is a tough time for law enforcement.

“Contrary to the rhetoric, we live in a community where law enforcement is respected.

“I want to keep it that way which means we need to be out in the community to talk to kids and residents and get them excited because they are the next generation of residents and police officers.

“I appreciate the support of everyone coming out, it means the world to me, Kelly, and my committee.

“We have a long road ahead of us, I’m looking forward to it and meeting
the community more and more.

“I’ll do everything I can to keep McHenry County safe.”

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim, who endorsed Tadelman when he announced his candidacy, said the following:

“Robb’s been with me every step of the way and he’s been a stellar supporter of doing the right things, for the right reasons, so we can continue to service our community in a manner of which they deserve.

“I am so proud to be a part of Robb’s campaign and so proud to be the one that said, ‘Let’s elect Robb.

“I will do anything to support him because I live in this community too and want it safe.

“Robb understands the importance of service, he understands the importance of family, he understands the importance of dedication, and most of all, he understands the importance of the law.”


Robb Tadelman Has Successful Harvard Fundraiser, Sheriff Bill Prim Emphasizes Endorsement — 13 Comments

  1. Why are sitting judges going to political events?

    Now I will never vote vote for Nygren’s pick Twaddelman.

  2. Does he realize how bad Nygren, Lowery, Zinke and their ilk were?

    Thugs, monsters, political hacks, losers, failed dolts – we are still suffering from there egregious and vicious behavior.

  3. Don’t forget, “Twaddleman” was a big Nygren gofer and Zinke endorser.

    What does he have on Prim?

    That’s the $64k question!

    We do not need the further BLM politicization of the Sheriff’s Dept.

  4. I’d like to the guest list. Is anybody running against this rat?

  5. Funny that he had his opponent’s ex-wife and her current husband bank roll the event and then posted pictures of them all over his page to make a statement.

    The ex-wife’s current husband, who overdosed on cocaine and is an amateur porn star, was previously arrested for crimes against Colatorti.

    If this is Tadelman’s character that he’s willing to show now, imagine what it’ll be like if is in power.

    Real classy move….

  6. @Dingo, Tony Colatorti is also running as a Republican for Sheriff.

    I have not heard whether Democrats or Libertarians are going to have people running.

    The primary isn’t for another 10 months though.

    County Board Chairman Mike Buehler has given Tadelman money.

    Readers can determine for themselves whether they think that is a good or bad thing.

    Overall, Tadelman is getting more donations, but Colatorti has more cash on hand due to a large sum of money (20,000 dollars) coming from Cucina Bella (which I think is Colatorti’s restaurant).

  7. any word on how he is going to deal with Illegals / law breakers?

  8. Do you remember the new state law that prohibits what you wish the Sheriff to do/

  9. @overwatch hit the nail on the head.

    Doesn’t speak much to Tadelman’s character.

    Do we really want a Prim clone in the Sheriff Office who is pro BLM and anti 2nd Amendment?

    Funny how in Tadelman’s speech above, he neglected to hit on either of those subjects.

    I think it’s time to drain the swamp at McHenry Co Sheriff Office and get someone with new ideas and direction.

  10. Has Buehler given his own or the Party’s money to this wipe?

    Buehler must go on either count.

  11. Can someone save me time to research? who bankrolled the event? Sounds like too much baggage. Anyone else interested in being Sheriff, perhaps, from another County?

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