Time for Local Governments to Again Relax Outdoor Dining Opportunities

My wife and I ate outside at Jude’s Cocktails and Nosh in Downtown Crystal Lake opposite The Raue Center.

I’m a big fan of their sea bass. (Really hard to find good seafood around here.)

We sat next to the sign you see belo;w:

The sign, apparently on the sidewalk until 4:30 warns drivers not to park in front of the restaurant after 4:30 because people might be eating at the tables set up in the street.

But, what if one wants to eat lunch and the inside is full or patrons don’t want to obey the most recent Pritzker Purgatory edicts?

Why couldn’t the Crystal Lake City Council allow on-street dining starting at 11:30?

Certainly, the mask mandate is going to hurt restaurants, just as it did during the first Pritzker Purgatory.


Time for Local Governments to Again Relax Outdoor Dining Opportunities — 7 Comments

  1. Look,I know you think this “Pritzker’s Purgatory” thing is witty because both words start with P but I fundamentally disagree with you, Cal.

    Purgatory implies neither joy or suffering, but waiting bored and patiently. What the government is doing is closer to hell than purgatory. They ARE punishing people.

  2. Best seafood in McHenry County is at After the Fox on Riverside Drive in McHenry. Every Friday night they have about 8 seafood entrees and frequently have a wonderful Chilean Sea Bass which is delicious. They have both fresh and salt water varieties, and the perch is one of my favorites…wolf fish, walleye, redfish, shrimp, scallops….and more….

  3. Correcting, I disagree.

    There’s plenty of pain in Purgatory…… just like IL.

    But unlike Illinois, there’s hope in the real Purgatory…… someday its denizens will be purified and fit to see God.

  4. Gotta disagree with Cal about the mask mandate’s effect on the restaurants. I doubt that it will affect those of us who are vaccinated and the rest obviously aren’t worried about anything so. . .

    At least they will remain open. Now, it the Gianormous One decrees that the restaurants must shutter or limit occupancy (which so far is not the case) then there’s a problem.

    Then again, so long Prickster and the Democrats are calling the shots, of course there is a problem.

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