UPDATEx3: Catalina Lauf Promotes Elgin Rally Against Mandates for Vaccines, Video and Advocate Aurora Statement

Healthcare professionals rallying against vaccination mandates at Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin August 11, 2021

On Monday, IL-16 Republican candidate Catalina Lauf tweeted out the following to her followers in response to a DeKalb-based woman who wants to do something about the mask and vaccination mandates.

Catalina Lauf

“YES! There will be one on the 31st— I will post more details!!”

Catalina Lauf tweet, 8/30/21


Lauf emailed McHenry County Blog the following information:

“Tuesday, August 31, 11AM CDT

“Advocate Sherman Hospital, Elgin”

Catalina Lauf email, 8/30/21


So the date, time and location is set for the rally against mandates of masks and vaccinations.

Just like on August 11 (picture above), site is the same at 1425 N. Randall Road, Elgin, at 11AM CDT.

If any additional information is received, McHenry County Blog will update this article.


At 12:19AM CDT Tuesday morning, Catalina Lauf tweeted the following for today’s rally in Elgin:

“NO one should be force[d] to obtain a vaccine!”

Catalina Lauf, 8/31/21 tweet


Video of the 100 participants from today’s rally from DeKalb woman whom Catalina Lauf responded with information.

UPDATE 3: Statement from Advocate Aurora Health on Elgin Rally

Official Statement from Advocate Aurora Health, owners and operators of Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin:

“Like many other health systems across the country, we are requiring all of our team members to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by October 15. We continue to believe that requiring vaccines for all our team members is the right thing to do to keep our patients, communities and each other safe and healthy.

“We respect the right to peaceful protest and at that same time our top priority is to provide high quality, safe care for our patients who depend on us.”

Katie Dahlstrom
Public Affairs Coordinator
Advocate Aurora Health


I spoke with Ms. Dahlstrom during the rally in Elgin today, and Advocate Aurora Health will not disclose if any employees of any of their hospitals in Illinois or Wisconsin have left their jobs as result of their August 4 decision to mandate COVID vaccinations.


UPDATEx3: Catalina Lauf Promotes Elgin Rally Against Mandates for Vaccines, Video and Advocate Aurora Statement — 27 Comments

  1. And where are the other politicians we regularly see reports about on this blog ?

  2. Where is Wilcox?








  3. Taddelman, Prim’s protege, has already come out for illegal immigration, and incredibly, the Pritzker-BLM crime bill (which he says he’s ‘bound’ to enforce)……… where is he on the Covid craziness?

  4. Dan Proft WIND radio is on a roll this a.m. about the very people Puckett listed—Republican Leadership, and Republican in legislature, Republicans running, nowhere to be found taking a stand on this matter.

    Laying down for all things Jellybelly Pritzker, because, doggone it “we’re in the minority”.

    Say what you want about Lauf and a lot do, but she’s got what that bunch doesnt, “testicular fortitude”.

    And if Taddelman is going to publicly lay down for Pritzker, throw him in there too.

  5. Very cool. I appreciate the fact that Catalina Lauf and Jack Lombardi, both candidates in the 16th district, have been taking an interest in this issue and have been vocal — even to the point of going to rallies. (I’m assuming Lauf will show up at this event, otherwise she might look kind of silly.) Kinzinger, on the other hand, has mocked people who have concerns.

    Big props for speaking against vax mandates. A lot of politicians won’t do that. It shows courage on Lauf’s part, because that’s not considered politically correct and it can get you cancelled on certain social media platforms. I think that’s how we can separate the good guys from the bad guys. If you want to force these Jim Jones sciencejuice shots, you’re the bad guy. I won’t be supporting politicians, regardless of their party, if they don’t get this issue right. I won’t support businesses that force this stuff either. Too many politicians just want your votes, but don’t really care about issues that voters think are important. That’s a shame.

    Thank you, Gary P! Shout it from the top of the hill. Where are they? Although Gasser is not an elected official anymore and he may have even moved to another state. But otherwise spot on. Where are the McHenry County GOP power players like Wilke, Reick, McConchie, Weber, Buehler, Ugaste, and Wilcox or any of the SIXTEEN Republicans on the county board? Do any of them have thoughts on this stuff? Do any of them care? Will any of them show up to these rallies? Will anybody make statements either at a rally or in their own time and place?

  6. Tadelmann is a Big Friend of his mentor Jacko Franks.

    I challenge “Mazel tov” Tadelmann to disavow Jacko. That may be pretty hard for him considering he went with Jacko up to northern Ontario to fish.

  7. John Jung, a smelly RINO who u’s Big on illegal immigration has publicly Said he supports tre COVID-19 mask mandater for school kids.


  8. In Family Guy Episode ‘Hot Shots’.

    Peter and Lois become anti-vaxxers, after Stewie has to go to hospital Because Peter was chasing a bat in the house.

    In the end, Sean Penn rows into Quahog in his little boat, with vaccinations to save the town.

    Life imitates Art.

  9. Republicans are as useless as Democrats if they don’t advocate for the liberty of their constituents.

    If they’re not furthering the cause of liberty, they’re assisting the cause of tyranny.

    The only good commie is a dead one.

  10. Especially now that Obydumb and his buddy mr. un american Soros now own a medical facility for where the booster serum is being made .. oh yeah more $$ for the pigs… well not for us, we are done… shove it no boosters will go for whats been around for a long time the Pnumonia shots… done with this sheep nose ring crap! no mo.. like most it will stop a person from having to get on a ventilator.

  11. So. What were the results of the Aug 31, 11 am assemblage at Sherman Hospital? Did anybody show up? Pro maskers for little kids? Con maskers?

  12. Bred Winner, as Cal said, please check out the video in Update #2 of the article.

    I was at the rally (article and pics forthcoming) in Elgin yesterday.

    Little over 100 people showed between 11AM and 1PM.

    TV media, including WLS and Fox 32 were onsite and shot video and conducted interviews with the nurses who organized the rally.

    Per Update #3, Ms. Dahlstrom, spox (spokesperson) for Advocate Aurora Health was available outside of Advocate Sherman Hospital in Elgin to answer any questions and she talked to me and emailed the statement to me directly yesterday afternoon after the rally had concluded.

    Similar rallies are being planned for all of Advocate Aurora Health’s hospitals this month, both in Illinois and Wisconsin.

    McHenry County Blog will provide coverage of the additional rallies at nearby hospitals to McHenry County (Advocate Sherman Elgin; Advocate Good Shepherd Barrington; Advocate Hoffman Estates). Advocate Aurora Health does not operate a hospital in McHenry County.

  13. Funny how they won’t lift admitting privileges from the 50-70% of the doctors who refuse vax.

  14. Blog has idiots according to Joseph. So, Joseph how would you describe yourself? An imbecile, moron, cockroach, democrat, liberal, socialist, communist, etc?

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