Darren Bailey at Crystal Lake Home Gathering

From Karen Tirio comes these photos and explanation of the event:

Darren Bailey spoke to folks in Crystal Lake on Wednesday night.
Darren Bailey spoke to folks at a Crystal Lake home Wednesday night.

A Patriotic Pot-luck was held for Darren Bailey hosted by Bonnie & Todd Kassel and local MAGA Moms in Crystal Lake.

Some in attendance at the Crystal Lake gathering.

Brett Corrigan, McHenry County GOPac’s “Outstanding Young Conservative recipient and ‘McHenry County’s favorite son’ was in attendance.

Brett Corrigan with Bailieys and Tirios.

He’s interning for Darren Bailey for Illinois.

Those attending showed their enthusiasm here.

He was awarded a scholarship to Full Armor Christian Academy, the Christian School K-12 that the Bailey’s founded.

The “Moms” surround Brett Corrigan.

The Patriotic Potluck at Kassel’s home in Crystal Lake Wednesday, September 1st, from 5-10pm.

MEGA Moms (with husbands) who organizaed the event.

Almost 100 in attendance.

Darren Bailey speaking to the gathering.

All claimed to be concerned citizens with questions ranging from mask and vaccine mandates to the 2nd Amendment.

A close-up of three of the women and a man in attendance.

Bailey talked for about 15 minutes and said he’d better let people eat and visit to people asking him to talk more.

Another close-up.

He summed it up by saying Joe Tirio, County Clerk and election authority could answer questions about what we can do to get the vote out.

Bailey closed with a heartfelt prayer. 


Darren Bailey at Crystal Lake Home Gathering — 15 Comments

  1. So Crystal Lake’s vibrant celebrity community, is comprised of one Z lister and 100 trivia questions.

  2. The Tirios need to lear to push away from the table before their health keeps them from attending such cool events.

  3. McHenry County’s favorite son?

    Who decided that?

    Never heard of the kid.

    Doesn’t even look old enough to vote.

  4. Did Tirio throw Rabine under the bus?

    I wonder why.

    Did Rabine bring up their ineffectiveness or something?

    Why does Bailey crow we need to import 500,000- 1,000,000 Afghan refugees?

  5. @Cuke, why do you and others keep saying “throw under the bus” when talking about people backing Bailey instead of Rabine?

    That implies 1 Rabine was owed Tirio’s vote or 2 that there was some kind of betrayal or 3 that Tirio badmouthed Rabine.

    The first part is not how politics works and I’m not aware of the the other two happening.

    Tirio may just prefer Bailey to Rabine.

    I wouldn’t consider that throwing anybody under the bus.

    “Did Rabine bring up their ineffectiveness…”

    Did he?

    Why are you asking?

    He either did or didn’t.

    Why imply it?

    Do you have any reason to suspect that happened?

    Why would Rabine say that?

    What would he gain?

    What would he be his motive?

    Almost seems like it would be counterproductive.

    I’m gonna go ahead and press x for doubt until we can get some proof.

    “Why does Bailey crow we need to import…”

    When/where did he say that?

    A lot of people would like to know if that’s his position or not.

    That could be a deal breaker for a lot of people!!!

    I would guess that Paul Schimpf believes we need to take in a lot of Afghan refugees since he’s a neocon.

    I don’t know that for sure; it’s just an educated guess.

    What is Gary Rabine’s position on that issue?

    If what you say about Bailey is true, Rabine has an opportunity to outflank his opponents — assuming he has any sense.

    I believe the Republican who wants to bring in the least amount of refugees will be the most popular.

    I actually would *expect* Karen to support Bailey over Rabine or Schimpf and it wouldn’t surprise me with Joe either.

    I don’t get why people on this blog are acting surprised or outraged about that.

    To keep a long explanation short, Bailey is the favorite of conservatives.

    Furthermore, just because Gary Rabine is from McHenry County doesn’t make him the “favorite son.”

    Voters are more sophisticated than that.

    Nobody in McHenry County owes him anything.

    He has to earn his votes.

    Saying he’s a “businessman” is not going to be enough.

    We remember Bruce Rauner. A

    nd people who do not support Rabine are not by definition throwing him under the bus.

  6. Bailey… who cares other than a bunch of Trump idiots.

    He ain’t gonna win.

  7. Darren Bailey is a businessman too.

    He owns/operates at least 3 businesses and founded his own Christian grade school and high school and is a State Senator.

    Bailey is his own man.

    Doesn’t need to talk about Trump.

    He’s got his own exemplary record and life in which to run on.

  8. Does Darren Bailey have a plan to reduces the size and cost of Illinois’ nation leading almost 9,000 units of local government?

    If not, why should anyone support him?

  9. Yeah, what’s Bailey’s plan on eliminating useless government layers and reversing Sanctuary State coddling it criminal invaders?

  10. Brett is very popular among the republicans, conservatives, MAGA Moms, Moms4Change and other candidates.

    He’s a work horse, race horse.

    And he accomplished a lot during one of the toughest years of his life.

    He’ll be one of the speakers at Kane County Republican potluck picnic on Sept 12 so I guess he’s one of Kane County’s favorite sons too.

  11. That’s awesome. Really.

    Still curious who named him McHenry county’s favorite son.

  12. Joe Tirio has really gotten quilte fat on his gov. job. Look at that photo 4th from the bottom. WOW!

    Is Joe trying to outglutton Pritzker?

  13. Joe Tirio: why are you afraid of paper ballots?

    Mary McClellan made no pretense of being a conservative or even an honest person.

    You, Joe, play act the part pretty good.

    But you are not good at all.

    You could turn the whole cheat by mail thing upside down IF YOU WANTED TO.

    But you don’t want to.

    You want to gain 8 lbs a week!

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