Not Going to Chicago

Read column by Ran Hanania, who lives in the south sunutbs, this week about his unwillingness to drive in Chicago anymore.

His reasons?

A speeding ticket for being nine miles over a speed limit which was caugfht on camera and fear of being shot.

Tuesday, the Chicago Tribune amplified the fear by running an article about a random shooting of an Evergreen Park special education teacher on the Dan Ryan on page 3.


Not Going to Chicago — 7 Comments

  1. “I’m not going to Chicago because I got caught breaking the law and got a warning ticket” is sure an interesting argument.

  2. Hopefully Lightfoot adopts the San Francisco initiative to pay people not to shoot others.

    I have a Chicago address to use and all I’ll need is proof I’m a High Risk For Shooting Someone.

    Extra $300 month a month to toss in a Mutual Fund sounds great!

  3. “Amplifying The Fear”, or recognizing reality for what it is ?

    At any rate, never underestimate the propaganda spin of the Libune.

  4. Awesome!!!

    The Dems need to keep this up.

    My question is why any of the businesses are open?

    We are in the middle of a pandemic.

    Schools continue to stay open.


    This is a life or death situation for the Covidians.

    We need to honor their fear, least we can do.

    And I agree with shake, he broke the law, pay the fine, he should be required to get a booster too. Hey shake, get your booster yet?

    Your vaccine status is questionable.

  5. Let the Black Hole of Chiraq go down in flames.

    FR. Pfleger can’t do a damn thing about it!

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