ComEd Rate Hike Bill in House

From State Senator Sue Rezin, who represents the area where the nuclear power plants which Commonwealth Ediso threatens to close without a huge electric user subsidy:

Senate passes comprehensive energy bill; moves to House

Senate Bill 18, which contained the language, passed the Senate with a 39-16 vote. After its passage, Sen. Rezin issued for the following statement:  

Sue Rezin

“While I don’t agree with every aspect of this legislation, what I do support is the fact that this bill will preserve our nuclear fleet and keep thousands of good-paying jobs in our state.

“Going into tonight, thousands of union workers wondered if they would lose their jobs and be forced to move from the communities that they call home. With the passage of Senate Bill 18, we take an important step in securing a better energy future for Illinois.

“Again, this bill is far from perfect, and is the essence of compromise. All compromise is based on give and take. No good compromise leaves everyone happy. I would like to thank everyone who fought to get this bill across the finish line in order to ensure that our nuclear fleet stays operational and thousands of hard working Illinoisans aren’t forced out of the jobs and communities they love.

“I now urge the House of Representatives to pass this vital legislation.”


ComEd Rate Hike Bill in House — 4 Comments

  1. It’s depressing when someone who calls herself a Republican speaks of saving union jobs.

    Does she think union jobs are somehow more important than nonunion jobs?

    Maybe she’s in the wrong party.

  2. No worries – wind and solar can easily replace atomic energy !

    I know because I heard about it on CNN.

  3. Doesn’t agree with every aspect.

    Like shutting down coal plants?

    How does she look at this bill in its totality and conclude the nuclear power plant subsidies outweigh all the negatives?

    I don’t get why legislators are willing to vote for turd sandwiches of a bill just because someone put their favorite piece of cheese on it.

    “mmm yummy this turd sandwich sure is good. It has cheddar!”

    How much can the Democrats get her to do so that she can have one thing she wants? Are there any limits to how bad the rest of the bill can be as long as she gets one thing?

    I just don’t understand the philosophy of some legislators — but maybe I would be a lousy legislator!

    She should make her own legislation sans the stuff she objects to. It probably wouldn’t go anywhere, but she could at least try. Alternatively, she could propose a stand alone bailout of the nuclear plant if that’s really her only goal. That might be a bad move politically, but that’s the main thing she wants and she concedes there is a lot of stuff in the bill she doesn’t like. I would much prefer if legislators dealt with more piecemeal bills so that they could stay focused and hammer down on the pros and cons of a single issue rather than these enormous and complex monstrosities.

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