Protecting Water Resouces Goal of County Plan

From McHenry County:

McHenry County Releases Water Resources Action Plan

McHenry County is pleased to share its new professionally published Water Resources Action Plan that has just been released and is now available online.

The new plan provides a comprehensive review of water resource issues relevant to McHenry County.

The county and its residents are fortunate to have high-quality water resources such as lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands, as well as several groundwater aquifers that are the sole source of drinking water in the county.

Although seemingly abundant, our water resources are vulnerable, and can be depleted or polluted depending on how water, land, and other resources are used or managed.

The first version of the WRAP was adopted by the County Board in 2011.

The Planning and Development Department completely updated it with assistance from a task force of more than 160 contributors, and the County Board adopted this new version last November.

By incorporating the latest science, trends, and analyses, the new plan will help empower communities in McHenry County to protect, preserve, and enhance water resources for current and future generations.

The lighter colors (yellow, gold, brown) are areas of sand and gravel that can serve as recharge zones or aquifers. Darker colors (blue, green) are silts or clays that are less permeable or impermeable.  The thick pink layer at the bottom is the limestone bedrock.

Featuring rich graphics and representative photos from around the county, the new plan shows where McHenry County’s water comes from, the threats that challenge water quality and quantity, and how we can protect our water resources.

The online plan, which you can find online at, also features bookmarks that help to quickly locate the topics you are most interested in.

For more information contact Scott Kuykendall, McHenry County Water Resources Specialist, at


Protecting Water Resouces Goal of County Plan — 5 Comments

  1. How about an EPA Superfund?

    Would like to submit all my plumbing receipts for all that ‘high-quality’ Love’s Canal Water, that’s damaged pipes, valves and fixtures in my properties.

  2. If Joanna Colletti had anything to do with this then it screws the residents.

    Can the county board please remove her from her position.

    She does more harm than good to the county.

    If I remember correctly she was ran out of Lake County, so now Mchenery is stuck with her.

    And while the board is at it can you get rid of Dan Sandquest too?

    They have driven more businesses and residents out of this county.

    These two are more power hungry then reasonable for the real development of the county.

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