Lake County Parents Organize Against Pritzker Purgatory — 12 Comments

  1. Ponder this… Israel also has just about the highest vaccination rate in the world.

    So we’ve obviously been duped, folks.

    The mRNA gene modification “vaccine” does not work.

    And with both false positives and false negatives, PCR testing doesn’t work.

    Masks do not work.

    Socialist distancing doesn’t work.

    Nothing works.

    The Plandemic Wu Flu has a 99.75% recovery rate for those under age 70, yet the peoples of the once-Free World have surrendered their freedom, their right to travel, their right to visit their dying loved ones, their economic vitality, and their once-robust supply chain.

    For what?

    I think that the people of France have the right idea.

    Ditto for The Netherlands.

    Mass protests!

    And if need be, change governments.

    Vote the bastiches out.

  2. Industrial Hygienists are the real experts on masks.
    They are the experts in personal protection that the Media refers to but never actually interviews, in the areas of masks, respirators, and protection from toxic, biological, or hazardous materials.

    Doctors don’t make masks or PPE.

  3. Biden is introducing a “six point plan” today (9-9).

    Can these occult goons be more obvious with their numerology?

    More Saturn worshiping gibberish from the death cult.

    Watch out for that number 6.

    Saturn is the sixth planet.

    Saturn is associated with man’s decay, limitations, and death.

    To be Saturnine is to be gloomy.

    Saturn is “The Great Malefic” planet.

    A six sided geometric shape is a hexagram.

    Hex means 6.

    A hex is also a curse in witchcraft.

    Saturn the Roman god is depicted carrying a scythe — he is known as the “Father of Time” (Kronos in Greek) and is the inspiration for “the grim reaper.”

    In ancient times, Saturn was considered the farthest planet away from the sun, so it is the furthest from light.

    The world is run by a Saturnian death cult. It has been that way for thousands of years.

    Adding to Abe’s comment, they have literal isolation camps in Australia.

    But does anybody remember when that chick from New Jersey had EBOLA and she was jogging around in the neighborhood and people were like “well there’s nothing we can do!”

    yet for COVID, which has stats more similar to the flu than Ebola, New Jersey is out there flying drones with robot voices commanding people en masse to not leave their houses.

    I bring that up to illustrate how illogical and backwards the world has become, but that’s to be expected when there are death worshipers running the world.

    Today they are expected to announce a new set of rules aimed at unvaccinated people, after the last few months of saying masks should be worn by vaxxed and uvaxxed, which was after they said only unvaxxed would need them, and after original statements last year that nobody would need them because they aren’t effective.

    The science is settled, the science has changed.

    It’s not supposed to make sense.

    The less sense it makes the better.

    That is what propaganda and brainwashing researchers learned long ago.

    It’s about breaking the spirit of people.

    This is psychological and spiritual warfare.

    We are in a dystopian nightmare and will be until these sicko overlords are overthrown.

    I believe things are getting worse because they are afraid that they are losing soft power/influence/respect when the conditions of discourse are freer and more ideas can be presented, so these totalitarian moves are a last ditch effort to stay in power.

    For example, they wouldn’t need to censor people if they had better arguments.

    They wouldn’t need Silicon Valley to write algorithms and create bots for them.

    But as Saturn worshipers, they are very much into ruling and limiting mankind.

    You can not refute this.

  4. The plagiarist, liar, doofus, buffoon, senile, inept, incompetent, dope, chump Biden will be making a speech today at 4 PM.

    News preview of what he will mumble says that he will require all federal employees to get the vaccine for the Chinese Virus.

    We will see/hear if he makes some kind of response to reporters such as in the past, “I will get in trouble if……”.

    What have Susan Rice Kamelia Harris cooked up for this 4 PM speech by their puppet.

  5. I was just at Farm & Feet and Maomart this AM.

    There was a sign that said everyone entering must wear a mask
    so naturally I refused, no store employee dared to confront me.

  6. I refused to mask at CL Panera, Woodstock Walmart, and NW train to and From Chirac From Pinegree sta.


  7. Good to see people are waking up based on the posts so far.

    I have a spouse that teaches in Lake County. I have been in contact with Mark Pfister (Executive Director – Lake County Health Dept) and Tim Sashko (Board President – Elected Position – Hired Mark) all day long via email.

    Her district is requiring her to sign over all her HIPPA rights for the pleasure of working in the district or go on unpaid leave.

    We can take a Walgreens test at the drive thru without signing HIPPA and be complying.

    The terms of service for registering for the Walgreens test in a roundabout way the gov’t is collecting your data using PWNHealth to rocess and provide the test results.

    PWNH could release data to the government per this statement under their TOS >>>

    “…may use your health information and disclose it to appropriate persons, authorities and agencies, as allowed by federal and state law.”

    We are being slowly segregated on vaccination status with loopholes built in to quickly figure it out.

    LCHD created a document using CDC Guidance (not Pritzker’s EO) and called it “Test to Stay” protocol.

    In that document a BinaxNow at home self test can be used “in the school” but it can not be used at home and provided to the school nurse.

    The reason why is basically PC wording saying in an email response in my possession is that “There is no way we to know who took the test and the results are not reported to IDPH.” (IL Dept of Health)

    In other words the BinaxNow test can be used (not at home) but people who protect and teach children in Lake County with decades of service under their belts can not be trusted to give an honest self test result from home and only reveal the result to the school nurse.

    LCDH and your district does not trust teachers or people working in their districts. That says alot.

    I told them that trust goes both ways.

    I also told Tim Sashko people no longer have short memories anymore around election time and this will be brought to light at that time.

    When are those AZ audit results coming out?

    fyi I am 100% convinced Durham is bigfoot and nothing but a psy op distraction at this point.

    The march to become Nazi Germany is unfolding before your eyes.

    Look at Australia.

    Remember Patriots, WWGOWGA.

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