Rabine Comments on New Rich Guy Running for GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

From Gary Rabine, McHenry County businessman running for the Republican nomination for Governor:

Gary Rabine’s statement on Jesse Sullivan entering the race for Governor

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine, a candidate for Governor, is issuing the following statement on Jesse Sullivan declaring his candidacy for Illinois Governor.

Gary Rabine at McHenry County event in 2014.

“It is important for Illinois Republican voters to choose a candidate who best reflects the values of this party and the working class families of our state.

“Most all of Mr Sullivan’s campaign cash has come from Silicon Valley. 

“The values of Silicon Valley are not the values of the Republican Party here in the heartland.

“To defeat Pritzker’s War on Families, Illinois will elect a candidate who is vested in the culture of small businesses and families in Illinois, not California.

“While Jesse Sullivan has been partnered with Silicon Valley elites, I have been creating jobs for working families right here in Illinois.

“I have been at the forefront of recruiting and funding initiatives to support leaders in freedom and small business for a long time.

“I have been in the trenches since the beginning of great national organizations, such as Job Creators Network and TPUSA, supporting the fight against socialism and bad regulations that kill small businesses.

“Republican voters know I am the candidate best able to end the war on families in Illinois.”


Rabine Comments on New Rich Guy Running for GOP Gubernatorial Nomination — 14 Comments

  1. +1 Rabine on that source of income… we all know where those cheatin dirty lying bucks come from…

  2. 80 IQ Rabine battling 85 IQ Pritzker seems like a total loss for the state of Illinois.

    Anyone in politics who is smart enough to run the state is corrupt as hell, like Mike Madigan.

    No wonder this state is so awful.

  3. Hey Batman,

    How many successful companies have you run and how many jobs have you created?

    Rabine has been running the companies his father created company, expanding the business and is creating good paying jobs?

    I believe the 80IQ should be directed at you.

    This Sullivan guy sounds like just another BigTech and Soros shill who will do everything to bring us into the NWO just like JB is doing as we right before our eyes.

    I think Batman will be fine in his role as a slave unless of course he shot that graphene oxide in his veins.

    Pfizer Batman.

    In that case his bad decisions will put him on the path of endless Covid booster shots which he will gladly comply with and shorten his life span greatly.

  4. If you listen to the man speak, it’s extremely obvious he’s dim.

    Succeeding in business isn’t an intelligence test.

    Governing isn’t, either.

    All other things being equal though, we deserve a governor who isn’t a moron.

  5. Don’t interpret that as me shilling for any of the other losers running in the primary.

    They are all garbage.

    Illinois GOP has a knack for putting up sure losers to hand winnable offices to the Dems — just ask all the Oberweis supporters.

  6. Batman – have you been out and met with the people of Illinois?

    They definitely deserve a governor who is a moron.

  7. Sullivan is like Crenshaw and Kinzinger, smelly pieces of you know what.

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