Higher Unemployment Compensation Taxes, Maybe Much Higher, Coming to Illinois Business

It doesn’t matter whether or not an Illinois budiness kept all of its empllyees during the Covironavirus pandemic.

The State of Illinois borrowed $4.2 billion and will have to start ;paying interest next year, if it is not repaid.

Ohio decided to repay its loan, accoridng to the publication “Route 50.”

Ohio similarly sought to avoid a tax hike on employers by putting off repayment. Gov. Mike DeWine said the state used $1.5 billion in ARPA funds to pay back the loans.

“By repaying this loan in full, we ensure that Ohio businesses won’t see increases in their federal unemployment payroll taxes,” DeWine said in a statement. “Without this added tax burden, our employers can invest more money into their businesses and hire more staff.”

Employers in the state would have faced a 50% hike in federal unemployment payroll taxes next year had the loan not been repaid, according to Steve Stivers, President of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. [Emphasis added.]

Illinois Democrats seem not to care whether business are saddled with a huge new tax.


Higher Unemployment Compensation Taxes, Maybe Much Higher, Coming to Illinois Business — 11 Comments

  1. And more businesses and families leaving Lord Jumbo Boy’s utopia plaything called Illinois.

    Hug a DEMOCRAT if you like higher taxes.

  2. Hey Dumbo Jumbo best start giving them 10K giveaways to the Loans you have burdened this state with!!! no mo hot dogs for you until YOU pay it back not us!!

  3. It’s called income redistribution ….. from the productive to the parasitic.

  4. And Illegal border jumper parasites that are the new Democrat voting block.

    Yes, they are allowed to vote in Chicago.

    Prove me wrong

  5. Pritzker has no interest or no clue in how to save jobs and small businesses in Illinois, if he did he would have done like all smart governors and reduced our spending and stopped paying bonuses for people not working.

    Instead Pritzker’s answer is 24 more taxes and fees as he and Biden strategize on how to dictate mandates best.

  6. What’s your plan Gary?

    Hindsight is easy, what does your foresight tell you?

    Cuke, try Alabama or Mississippi, you will fit in well with all the other redneck crackers.

  7. Stephen,

    A trust fund baby who spent 170m of his own trust fund wealth to be hired to a job that pays 170k per year.

    That would be JB Stephen.

    I trust a guy who knows the difference between a balance sheet and income statement over a guy who has lawyers to explain what they are as he eats a big piece of prime rib over a 500 dollar bottle of wine on Rush Street.

    Gary isn’t a trust fund baby hiding his wealth in an LLC in Turks and Caicos unless you have proof.

    Get a clue Stephen.

    Once we get the cheat machines out of IL your voice will be silenced by people with common sense, not feelings and emotion.

    Pay your taxes and inflated gas prices.

    Your leader will only tax the rich.

    Did you realize that means you?

  8. Someone who has made a fortune elsewhere understands that it is not necessary to overgraze the commons to succeed.

    Illinois succeeds in perpetuating incestuous corruption due to the willingness of local participants.

    Someone who has been in the greater world can see the potential in reclaiming the salted earth of Illinois for benefit of honest risk-takers who create value.

    Illinois is undervalued solely due to the corrupt political industry.

    There are frontier fortunes to be made here by pioneers willing to stand up to the ruling class mob.

    To the point: IDES is corrupt and inept.

    Fraudulent claims will not be recouped by IDES because so doing would expose their own secrets.

    Illinois Employers will be made to recoup tax dollars lost due to fraud.

    Employers could therefore kill birds and save stones by filing a qui tam lawsuit against fraudulent claimants.

    This would entitle Illinois employers to discovery of data which IDES has denied producing to FOIA requests.

    And if an honest judiciary outcome could be had, the actual damaged parties (employers who paid in to unemployment insurance fund) would actually be compensated in part for some of their losses, rather than having fines and recaptures disappear into the black hole of Illinois government accounts.

  9. Rabine dug himself into a ravine.

    He doesn’t understand the first thing about local government.

    Is he a moonshiner, too?

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