Rabine Receives Law Enforcement Endorsements

From the campaign of Republican gubernatorial aspirant Garyu Rabine:

Gary Rabine receives key law enforcement endorsements

McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim and former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran endorse Rabine for Governor

Woodstock, IL – Gary Rabine’s campaign for Governor received a boost today as both McHenry County Sheriff Bill Prim and former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran have formally endorsed his campaign.

“Gary is a personal friend, and he has always been a friend to law enforcement,” Prim said.

“Illinois needs a true outsider who will change the culture of corruption in Springfield. Gary is the leader we need to create jobs, lower taxes and end the decades of bad policies that are hurting working families.”

Curran said he is supporting Gary because he is the candidate best suited to take on JB Pritzker in the 2022 General Election.

“I have known Gary Rabine for 20 years and I admire him as a wonderful family man, friend and business owner,” Curran said. “Gary Rabine’s success story is inspirational. Gary made it happen unlike the current Governor that was given everything. I believe Gary will end Pritzker’s War on Families.” 


Rabine Receives Law Enforcement Endorsements — 12 Comments

  1. Without forensic auditing of election results, it’s a crooked game.

    Shane in Tirio for his part in the sham.

  2. Not a huge fan of either of these sheriffs but their endorsements are probably net positives for Rabine.

    I do wonder what he’s doing to get his message out to people who don’t live in the Chicago area.

    Seems when you’re downstate people don’t know who he is, and a lot of Republicans live downstate…

    He needs to win in the metro area and have a decent showing downstate.

    If he gets blown out down state, he’ll still lose even if he carries the Chicago area.

  3. Beep beep, the Tirio’s don’t like our local candidate, he’ll probably lose this county during the primary.

  4. Glad to see others on the board understand the ES&S machines used in McHenry County can be used to cheat in elections.

    Mr. Tirio will deny it until the ends of the earth and for legal reason refuse to provide the manuals for the ES&S machines.

    File a FOIA he said.

    Mr. Tirio, our tax dollars which pay your salary and bought those cheat machines and are subject to inspection including the manuals.

    What are you hiding?

    I already know Joe I just wanted to see how difficult you would make it for a constituent to review a document he paid for.

    You failed that test.

    Unfortunately Mr. Tirio, it appears we are waking up to how our votes are being negated in every election.

    BTW, I voted for Joe.

    As Hixon said, full forensic audit of the 2020 election including Underwood’s middle of the night victory in McHenry County Joe.

    What are you afraid of?

    That is something I would be willing to help pay for.

  5. Correcting:

    Prim deports illegals from McHenry County.

    I’m not sure what your dissatisfaction with him is.

    Are you not behind getting lawbreakers out of the county?

    I am.

    Now the rights violating Keneally is a whole other can of worms.

    That guy needs to go.

  6. I am disappointed they back Bailey.

    I am angry Joe won’t clean house about voting irregularities and scams

  7. Joe Tirio sez “The voting machines are kinda good. There’s some anomalies in the tabulations, but so what? It’s all good. Oberweis is a big crybaby, don’t listen to him!”

  8. JPMatthews, Tirio’s ARE Conservative!

    You know of anyone else who would work as hard?

    Two jobs for the county at one salary.

    Hosting pro-first/second amendment rallies, hosting Pro-Life Picnic, attending protests/rallies where no other elected officials have the guts and his wife works for the Republican Party in the County. geez.

    what do you want?

    Their first-born?

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