Messages of the Day: Jesse Sullivan, San Francisco and Gavin Newsom

Jesse Sullivan

What is one to think when an Illinois gubernatorial candidate feels he must publish a video like this after first entering the race and raising $10.8 million prior to his formal campaign launch?

Answering Sullivan’s message, something I wouldn’t do is use corn to explain my residency, and I don’t mean the kernels that were counted at the Illinois State Fair last month.

But here is the more sobering message to Sullivan’s rivals. When launching this campaign, Sullivan’s team issued a press package, which included this slide that should chill all of his Republican primary rivals, particularly the major candidates like Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine and Paul Schimpf to the bone:

From Sullivan press kit, obtained via POLITICO

Note, Sullivan believes the minimal amount of money he needs to win the Republican nomination is $15 million, and while he had commitments for $5 million, he received over twice the originally committed amount.

Translation, over 9 months out from the primary, Sullivan has raised over 2/3 the amount he says he needs to win prior to his campaign’s launch. $10.8 million raised will do that for you.

Next campaign disclosure reports are due for the 3rd Quarter to the Illinois State Board of Elections on October 15, and will any of the Republicans be able to match Sullivan’s millions?

Gavin Newsom

But the news isn’t all that good for Sullivan.

Tomorrow’s California Recall election of Governor Gavin Newsom is expected to fail, if all of the latest polling is to be believed.

Governor Newsom was the state’s lieutenant governor during Sullivan’s time earning his MBA at Stanford in Silicon Valley. Prior to being governor lite, Newsom was mayor of San Francisco, where Sullivan’s rivals are painting him to be really from, in spite of the video issued above.

If the Newsom recall fails tomorrow as expected, some might start asking what did Sullivan, and his business and educational ties, do to help recall Newsom?

Might be a good question to ask all the Republican candidates running for governor.

But an even more important question, given several keys to Newsom’s political comeback has to do with all of the issues the Republican candidates are trying to use against IL Governor JB Pritzker, a Newsom win tomorrow could be a portend of the governor’s race next year in Illinois, especially when one compares the tens of millions of dollars Newsom and his allies have spent to defeat the recall.

If Illinois voters come out in support of mask and vaccine mandates as voters have done in California, what will be left to run against Governor Pritzker next year, given the policies the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento are similar to the ones the Democratic supermajority in Springfield has implemented.

Something else, besides Sullivan’s business headquarters, Illinoisans need to think about should Newsom survive tomorrow’s recall.


Messages of the Day: Jesse Sullivan, San Francisco and Gavin Newsom — 10 Comments

  1. So what you are saying is that Illinois residents support the mandates and mask wearing during the pandemic like those in California?

    Maybe the GOP shouldn’t continue trying to make pandemic safety responses a wedge issue for 2022?

    By then the pandemic will (fingers crossed) be over and we can all look back on the jobs that the blue states and counties did in contrast to the red states and counties where the ICU’s are bursting.

    And the data will be fully in that Red state and county voters were responsible for dragging the pandemic out long enough for more difficult variants to mutate and spread due to, you know, “Evolution and natural selection”.

    Those GOP voters who are left that is.

  2. I smell the unmistakable stench of a RINO carpetbagger trying to weasel his way into
    power much as Kingstinker is attempting to do.

    The only difference is Sullivan has the questionable
    financial backing coming from outside of Illinois, and that’s a huge red flag.

  3. Are you people retarded?

    Sullivan is a put up shill, by JB.

    JB wants to our first Jewish President.

    He needs to win re-election as Governor.

    Controlled opposition is his sick scam.

    Sullivan is only there to screw up the GOP

  4. Cryptocurrency, foreign interests, and uber-rich backers make me think of…well…You Know…

  5. It’s bad when your first order of business is to try convincing people in Illinois that you’re a “real” Illinoisan and not an alien.

    And John I’d take the part you said even further.

    You mentioned asking him and his donors about what they did to recall Newsom.

    I’d take it a step further by investigating whether he or his donors actively contributed to Newsom.

    Some time last week you revealed through campaign disclosures that a big donor to Sullivan also donated to Liz Cheney and to the junior U.S. Senator in California who is a Democrat.

    Why would Silicon Valley schmoes want Newsom to be recalled?

    I’m starting to believe this theory expressed by CPTKangaroo and others on this blog that Sullivan isn’t just some out of touch guy who spent a lot of time in California but that he is actually a Pritzker plant.

    Even if he doesn’t win, it will cause other candidates to waste more money, and it will draw more media attention to the primary so they can write more hit pieces on Republican candidates.

    I found some articles you might find informative, John.

  6. You’re all nuts. Nobody is going to be “elected” to anything. Obama and Susan Rice are seeing to it that there IS NO country left. The total collapse is imminent.

  7. Cindy!!!!! the sky is falling. Go hide in your bunker and put on your tin foil hat. Hurry!!!

  8. Cindy, I think it’s time Joseph asked you on a date. He is obviously stalking you and I have been here less than 10 days. LOL.

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